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Google Home Parental Controls

Google Home is the product by Google for a smart home, where everything could be connected to the internet and controlled by voice commands. There is now a range of things that can be connected to Google, from light bulbs to door bells, from...

TikTok Parental Controls for Your Kids

When it comes to TikTok, everyone knows how useful it is in terms of creativity and connection. TikTok is used by almost 700 million people worldwide and is available in 40 different languages. However, using it for a long time can be bad for your...

How to Block Apps on iPad

Are you a concerned parent asking how do I block apps on my child’s iPad? Or do you want to understand all that is there to know on how to restrict apps on iPad? Blocking specific apps and sites on your Apple iPad is a skill at various points...

ghost mode snapchat

Ghost Mode Snapchat: Things to Know

We live in a digital world where privacy is something that is breached every now and then. Nevertheless, Snapchat provides a certain charm in this regard, giving you the control of whether you want to share your location, and if yes, then with whom...


How to Block Someone on Discord

Launched in 2015, discord is a place where people connect and communicate with others, for gaming or other purposes. Sometimes you might want to block someone in order to keep them from bothering you and keeping a healthy environment in your chat...

Handy Tips to Block Website on Firefox

Are you intended to block a website on Firefox due to any reason? The reasons can be that the website consists of offensive content, and you wanted to protect your children from it. Many methods and tools are available that help their users block a...


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