Top 10 Flawless Android Monitoring Apps You Must Know

You might have heard about the android monitoring app somewhere. It’s quite intriguing, right? One question might have struck your mind that what actually is the functionality of this app. Following article will provide you with all the necessary information about this app.

What is Android Monitoring App?

As the name suggests, this app is used to monitor the activities of someone’s android device. It helps you in tracking all the messages, calls, web history as well as location. You can also track the activities of the apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook and many others.

Different android monitoring apps offer different levels of monitoring. Some apps are confined to only chats and messages while others even allow you to take screenshots through the android device you are tracking.

The Right Use of Android Monitoring App

You might be wondering that these apps are used for malicious purposes. But, that is not the case when it comes to their use. These apps are mainly used for the following purposes:

Parental Control

Kids are always immature and prone to potential technological threats. Many online factors can cause them harm or can affect their mentality. Parents are always worried about such possible issues.

These apps are used by the parents to monitor the activities of their kids. Kids may misuse the android device. To ensure that the activities are free from any bad practice, parents use these android monitoring apps.

Employee Control

An organization has hundreds of employees. It is not possible to monitor all the employees due to the large scale working.

It is always a concern for the manager whether the employees are doing their job in their working hours or not. To ensure that the employees are not using the company devices inappropriately, employees can be monitored through these apps.

Best 10 Android Monitoring Apps

Internet is full of such apps which allow you to monitor other android devices. Among these apps, a few are very popular and stand out from others in terms of their functionality.

1. SpyEra

Spyera monitoring app is for mobile phones, tablets as well as PC. It is a very powerful tool when it comes to monitoring as it is undetectable by all means. This app has been developed for the business purposes as well as parental control.

It offers complete tracking and monitoring package to the managers and higher authorities who want to monitor the employee activities.

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This app does not allow the user to block websites. In this way, you cannot control the web platforms that may be malicious.

2. MobileSpy

This app takes the monitoring to the next level. You can not only view the screen and location, but also lock the device with an alarm. You can use this app as a trial for 7 days. You can also find your stolen item through this app as it tracks the location of the target device.

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If you are looking for a monitoring app with tons of features, then XNSPY is the best choice for you in this regard. The best feature of this app is its XNSPY ANALYTICS section which views you all the recent activities of the target device whether it is about calls or messages.

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It also has a key Logger feature in it which makes the monitoring more safe and effective at the same time. You can remote control a mobile device through this app which is a quite amazing feature as compared to other android monitoring apps.

4. Spyic

This app comes with 30 monitoring features like WhatsApp, Facebook and many others. The most prominent feature of Spyic is the extensive data export that it allows. You get no restriction of exporting the data and get a complete control of all the device activities.

spyic app

A new Timeline feature has also been introduced in the new update of this app through which you can get all the phone activities at a glance.

Note: If you can not visit this site, please simply choose to use other software.

5. Highster Mobile

If you are planning to monitor a mobile that stays updated and needs to be monitored even after updates, then Highster Mobile is the best in this regard. It offers remote access to the mobile activities and is also compatible with android as well as iOS platforms.

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It requires access to the target mobile for at least 45 seconds for installation and Apple ID and password for iPhones. After all this is done, you can easily access the device and monitor all the activities.

6. PhoneSheriff

If you are worried about the potential threat to your kids from someone and want to save them, then this app will allow you to block the phone number from inbound and outbound calls.

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If you are worried about the potential threat to your kids from someone and want to save them, then this app will allow you to block the phone number from inbound and outbound calls.

7. FlexiSPY

FlexiSpy is unique in its features as it offers you the option of handling multiple devices at the same time using different dashboards. It enables you to get a complete behind the scenes access to the device.

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The issue is with its costly packages. Also, you cannot block the phone calls if the device is based on dual SIM feature.

8. TheTruthSpy

This app is also available in many different packages to help you spy your kids, spouse or employees. You can have a 2 day trial version of this app for your satisfaction.

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This app has a few drawbacks that the users have to encounter while they use it for monitoring. It can make the monitored person doubtful about the illegal activity. It also does not offer good customer service in case of any issue.

9. AppMia

This is another popular spying app which allows you to monitor the device of your choice by accessing each and everything. It includes tracking location, listening to calls, reading all the messages and even accessing the camera.

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It does not allow the user to block anything which is its major drawback. Most of the spying apps allow this feature, but this app has no such feature at all.

10. Norton Family Parental Control

This app is specially designed for the parents to monitor the activities of their kids and keep their kids safe from any harm or malicious activity. It will enable your kids to explore the world of internet without any bounds.

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You may face the issues of monitoring the search history of your child. The video feature of this app also does not work for the android.


The safety of the kids has always been the priority of the parents. If you are a manager in the enterprise, then surely you would not like to have malicious or illegal activities being performed in your company. To keep each and everything under check, mobile monitoring apps are available online which can help you monitor all the activities of the target device.

These apps enable you to track messages, listen to calls, block numbers and export the data of many social media platforms. You can ensure the safety of the desired person as well as supervise any unethical or illegal act being done. Many apps are available online and it depends upon your level of monitoring that which app you opt for.

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