Everything You Need to Know about Baby Monitor App

Every parent wants their baby to be safe and sound in the crib, right? With sophisticated technological advancements, today, we have state-of-the-art tools and apps to do anything, including the monitoring of our babies. One way to monitor your baby is through the use of the smartphone. You read it right – yes, a “smartphone.”

Thanks to the development of advanced apps, your smartphone can now work as a baby monitor app. Often times, we use our smartphones for teleconferencing, Skype, and enjoy videos with our family and friends. At the same time, the good news is that you can turn your phone into an eye-keeping device to monitor your child.

How to Turn a Phone into a Baby Monitor

In this section, we will tell you how to turn your phone into a baby monitor. There are a couple of steps you need to follow. So, we recommend you to read it carefully and follow the steps.

1. Grab an Old Phone

The first step is to have an old smartphone. It may not necessarily be flashy or fancy. However, it should work accurately and all functions must be active. Likewise, you need a usable-screen, decently-sized, and Wi-Fi support feature so that you can download a monitoring app and upload a live video stream.

2. Download a Baby Monitor App

The second step is to down a baby monitor app on both phones, i.e. your old smartphone and the one you are using currently. After downloading the app, you need to follow the installation instructions in order to get started. Make sure you download an app that is password-protected. The purpose is to avoid others using your phone.

3. Set Up the Old Phone

The third and final step is to set up the old smartphone in the room where you want to monitor your baby. You need to ensure that the smartphone faces the baby or the crib in which he or she is laying.

The positioning of the phone is very necessary. You need to find a location from where you can easily monitor your baby’s crib. Always keep the phone plugged in with the charger so that it doesn’t go out of charge.

The old smartphone will act as a baby monitor while your personal smartphone will be with you through which you can monitor the baby’s movement and sounds from remote areas.

The Best 10 Baby Monitor App

A baby monitor app on your smartphone is a great addition to the current baby monitor if you desire to cover more angles in the baby’s room. So, what are the best 10 baby monitor apps? Read on!

1. Baby Monitor for iPhone

The first app on our list is “Baby Monitor for iPhone.” This app helps you monitor your baby, for instance, every time your baby wakes up, it will send you an SMS. Similarly, we recommend you to purchase the premium version of the app, which allows adding a live video stream signal.

baby monitor for iphone

The app comes with talkback, lullabies, and remote flashlight options. This app is highly beneficial and will inform you immediately after it detects a certain level of noise in your baby’s bedroom. This way, it will alert you, for example, if your baby is crying.

2. Baby Monitor & Alarm

This app is for both iPhone and Android phones. This app is not free. However, there are no monthly subscriptions and you only have to pay once. Always check your device’s compatibility before using this app.

baby monitor and alarm

This app plays lullabies automatically when the baby wakes up at nighttime. Baby Monitor & Alarm also allows you to record your own voice. Another feature of the app is “activity tracker,” which shows you different events occurred at night in complete detail.

3. Ahgoo Baby Monitor

This app uses your 3G or Wi-Fi connection. It uses a QR code system to connect the parent monitor with the baby camera. You can soothe your baby by playing playback lullabies.

ahgoo baby monitor

4. Cloud Baby Monitor

In addition to lullabies, you have the option to play white noises. Cloud Baby Monitor app has a talkback feature. You can likewise adjust the night light and brightness in order to avoid sleep disturbance.

cloud baby monitor

This app can be connected with two parent units, which means you can monitor up to two babies. The industrial standard encryption of the app protects both video and audio streams.

5. Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

This app is similar to the aforementioned apps as it offers both video and audio feed as well as a talkback option. At the same time, the app supports both humidity and temperature sensors in your baby’s bedroom.

wifi baby monitor

6. Universal Baby Monitor

Universal Baby Monitor comes with the good video quality. It offers a high-quality talkback option. This app is great for your baby’s sleep as it comes with a good selection of twelve different animal shapes on the screen.

universal baby monitor

However, this feature is not recommended by experts as an active screen in the baby’s bedroom can have a harmful effect. Not only does this app offer to turn on a flashlight to see in the dark but also the camera if needed.

7. Dormi Baby Monitor

You can connect this app over the internet – i.e. Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G. It also offers connectivity without internet. This app offers secure data transfer, can detect noise smartly, connectivity with multiple parent devices, adaptive audio enhancement, as well as hardware acceleration.

dormi baby monitor

This app comes with talkback option, which is used to calm or soothe your baby remotely. When the baby cries, your smartphone will vibrate to notify you – even if you are on the call.

8. Baby Monitor 3G (Android and iOS)

This app does not come with multiple cameras support – nonetheless, the biggest advantage of this app is the “easy-to-use” feature. You just need a few steps to set up your baby’s camera with your monitor, it will just take 30 seconds to completely set up everything.

baby monitor 3g

The nightlight feature of the app brightens the baby camera, so, it’s quite handy at nighttime. In addition, the app uses an activity log to track your baby’s sleep.

9. Baby Monitor Annie

Baby Monitor Annie has a talkback option, which can be used to calm or soothe your baby, even if there is no one in the bedroom. This app allows you to play lullabies on the baby unit, and this is great for your child’s sleep.

baby monitor annie

The encrypted signal of the app establishes a safe connection with your baby. It has industry-standard encryption, which ensures that only you (parent) can access the audio and video feed.

10. Facetime

Facetime is a default video-calling app from Apple. You can use it to monitor your baby’s bedroom through a live video stream. You need to dim down the baby unit screen and only allows the cameras to be visible. This way, you can avoid distracting your baby.


Cons You Need to Know Baby Monitor Apps

  • Feeling anxious and helicoptering too much
  • The system can fail
  • False Sense of Security
  • Some apps lack night vision feature
  • Dependency on the internet or Wi-Fi for connectivity
  • Lack of support for multi-parent units

Tips to Use a Baby Monitor App

  • Always download the app from the apple store or play store. Don’t use third-party APK files.
  • Follow the installation instructions and set up the app user guide.
  • Synchronize app with your baby monitor and position it in a safe location.
  • The app features must not distract your baby’s sleep.
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