2020 Best Study Timer App and Detailed Features

In the world today, a higher percentage of children are more addicted to their phones than their studies. This could be bad for their overall academics and their productivity in their future. This is the reason why there has been the introduction of the best study timer app for students worldwide.

These study apps allow students to set time for studying and devote a higher amount of time for their academic work. Also, these study apps provide near full concentration on studying while discarding their phones and social media.

What is the Study Timer App?

The study timer app is an application that enables students to have more time for their studies and shun being on their phones. These apps are all over the internet, and you can download any of them to begin studying.

Using the study app allows you to dedicate a more extended time towards studying, which will offer high productivity in the coming years. The limitations set on the study time app will provide students with more than enough reasons to study rather than being distracted by their phones.

Besides, study time apps are numerous, and they assist students in staying motivated and concentrated on their studies. Simply set the timer for studies and keep track of your daily progress of study with the app.

What Can A Study Timer App Help to Do?

A study timer app can help children and adults to carry out several tasks relating to their studies. These tasks include:

  1. It helps them to set time for their studies. This will improve productivity among students.
  2. The app can also help in preventing you from opening other applications that can distract you from your studies.
  3. The study clock app can also help with shunning procrastination among students.
  4. The app helps students to develop more time for their studies and less time for their phones.

10 Best Study Timer App (User Recommended)

Being on your phones too much can have a negative effect on your education as a student. Limiting the use of our phones could make use of productive educationally. The below includes the list of the 10 best study timer for students.

1. Productivity Challenge Timer

This is one of the timer for studying app for students who have decided to make their studies an integral part of themselves. The Productivity Challenge Timer app would dare students to adopt intense reading by allowing them to watch or follow the amount of time they have used on their phones. The last time you can set for study sessions on this app is 10 minutes.

timer for studying app productivity challenge timer


  • It helps students to be more productive.
  • It challenges students to read their study books more.

2. FamiGuard Parental Control App

This is the second timer app for studying on our list. Anyone seeking to have full focus on their studies should opt for the famiguard parental control app. This app for studying features a series of remarkable features that give support students to use their phones for better things.

timer app for studying famiguard


  • You can block common apps on your phone and set minimum time to use the common apps.
  • You can lock your phone to read.
  • When the time limit is fixed, children cannot terminate the time limits. Only parents can do it.

3. Brain Focus Productivity Timer

With the brain focus productivity timer, you can have a good studying experience and have less time for your phone. This study timing app is capable of pausing and continuing study session anytime you want it. What’s more? You can block some applications to prevent disturbances while the study session is ongoing.

study timing app brain focus productivity timer


  • It has a superb interface.
  • You can pause and resume study sessions.
  • It is an amazing timer app for studying.

4. Focus To-Do Application

This is one of the best apps for study focus timer. The focus to-do application is easy to use, and it has the best time management setting. In this way, your children can use their time wisely while studying rather than going on their phones.

best apps for study focus timer


  • It has the common Pomodoro technique to assist your children in reading their books.
  • You can set a reminder for your children to study.
  • See information after each day of study.

5. Achieve Application

The achieve app is an easy and trusted application for studying timing app. It features a built-in timer, which is suitable for offering productivity every day. You can set a study cycle to rest and study anytime you wish.

achieve studying timing app


  • It has the feature of a study cycle.
  • It is easy to use.
  • This app is perfect for having enough time to study.

6. Goodtime Application

The Goodtime App offers its users the chance to study without distraction. In this app, you can set study session time for your children and the time for their rest via the schedule section. Instead of postponing the time to study, your children would be compelled to pick up their books to study.

goodtime app


  • It does not cost anything to download.
  • It has the best features for study.
  • You can set time for a study session and rest.

7. Engross App

The engross app is one of the best timer app for studying. This app is the ideal choice for you to ensure that your children study their books and drop their phones. Your children will have immense productivity from the study sessions set on the engross app.

engross app best timer app for studying


  • You can follow the development of your studies.
  • Set study session time.
  • Allows you to be in control of your study time.

8. FLIP App

This flip app is among the best app for studying. Manage the time you use and spend more time studying your books through the use of the flip app. This app allows you to concentrate on your studies while forgoing any likely distraction which may come up.

best app for studying flip


  • You can check your study progress every day or every month.
  • Focus and spend more time on your study with this app.
  • Set your schedule to study.

9. Focus Keeper App

The focus keeper is an application that reminds you that you have a study session at hand and you have to forgo every other thing you are currently doing. It is very simple to use when installed on your device. Set the time to study and begin studying.

focus keeper app


  • This app reminds you that you have to study.
  • It has a simple interface, and it is easy to use.
  • There is a count-down time to challenge you to study for as long as you want.

10. Be Focused App

The “be focused” is the final timer app for studying on our list. This app allows you to set a study session that will be helpful for you to follow to attain productivity. There are different alarm options you can choose from to get notified of break time or time to commence studying.

timer app for studying


  • It has several alarm sounds to choose.
  • It allows you the chance to track your study session.
  • This app is easy to use.


The apps for studying timer app listed in this article are proven to be effective when followed duly. Parents and guardians are urged to encourage their children/wards to use these study apps to set time for their studies. This will improve productivity in your children’s way of thinking and their overall academic abilities.

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