Best Online Shooting Games and How to Block Shooting Games

Online shooting games have a restriction of the required age to play it. However, since it is not like the ones sold in stores, it is difficult to keep track of the games played by children. This is why parents globally are urged to take up the devices of their children and block violent games, especially the ones that involve shooting.

The Most Popular Online Shooting Games

Online shooting games are rapidly becoming a stable production trend for smartphones and PC users.

There are numerous online shooting games on the internet. These games can be downloaded on all devices ranging from Android to Apple devices. They include:

1. Call of Duty

Undoubtedly, call of duty is one of the most popular online shooting games. In COD, the multiplayer action option features a competitive match of 5 gamers against another 5 gamers.

call of duty online shooting games

There are different modes you can select when playing COD like Frontline and team deathmatch.


This is another online shooting game that gamers can key into. It features a PvP Battle Royale mode that deploys about 100 gamers that will battle against one another on a large island. This large island will be full of ammo, vehicles of all kinds, and weapons.

pubg shooting game

3. Modern Strike Online: PvP FPS

This online shooting game offers players around the world the chance to meet under one platform and challenge one another. With the inclusion of about 8 game modes, you are sure to get the best experience while playing modern strike online. Among the 8 modes are team battle, duel, and team bomb battle.

modern strike online shooting game

4. Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS

Modern Combat 5 is another popular online shooting game available for download. Storm the battlefield and join your team members in battling against the other team to gain victory.

modern combat shooting game

You can also play on your own and shoot your way to victory while undergoing several missions. There are modern weapons in this game that you need to shoot your opponents and attain triumph.

5. Infinity Ops

With games modes like hardcore, custom game, and team deathmatch, you are sure to get the best online shooting experience playing Infinity Ops. This game features impressive 3D graphics that will make you play for as long as you have an internet connection.

infinity ops online shooting game

Why Parents Need to Block Shooting Games Onlines

There are some reasons why shooting games need to be blocked on different devices. Several studies carried out over the past 20 years have pointed out the negative effect of shooting games on young adults. Some of the reasons to do this include:

  1. To prevent aggressive actions: In almost all shooting games, there is the presence of violence, adult language, and other harmful contents which your children are not expected to know at this point. Stop them from playing shooting games so that they will not exhibit what they have learned while playing the game.
  2. Attraction to guns: We must have heard how children of 14 years and below acquire guns and shoot their colleagues. After playing a shooting game, they will like to practice what they have learned. Prevent them from playing shooting games by blocking it on their devices, and this point will be less likely to happen.

How to Block Shooting Games on iPhone/Android/Windows PC and Mac

The following depicts the way on how to go about blocking shooting games in different devices:

How to Block Shooting Games on iPhone

There are 2 ways you can prevent shooting games on an iPhone. While one is known as Guided access, the other is called Restriction.

1. Use Guided Access

The guided access feature permits you to block all apps on your iPhone, leaving one free. To set this feature, follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch the Settings app and tap “General.”
  2. Move to Accessibility and Guided Access.
  3. Activate the Guided Access feature and set up a password.
  4. Launch the app you want to be locked and immediately press the home button on three occasions to allow the access screen show. Then enter pin.

2. Use Restriction

You can set a particular restriction to prevent children from opening some applications. To set the restrictions on an iPhone, follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch the Settings app and tap General.
  2. Move to Restriction/Screen Time and activate this feature.
  3. Enter a new pin to enable Restriction.
  4. Lock the apps you want to be restricted, and there you go.

Shooting Block Games on Android

You can only block shooting games on Android through the use of a parental control application. However, there are numerous parental control applications all over the internet, which you can choose from and download.

Some of these include mobile fence parental control, secure teen parental control, and screen time parental control. Install any of them and follow the instructions below:

  1. Download any parental control app from Google Play Store.
  2. Install the parental control app and open the application from the home screen.
  3. Create a pin code that is needed to add unrestricted applications and alter the settings.
  4. Proceed to select the menu button and choose “Create Pin.” Then you can type in any pin of your choice and tap ‘OK’ to confirm.
  5. Enter the child’s information like age, gender, and name. Proceed to tap ‘OK’ to save it.
  6. Open the settings menu and tap the chosen applications options. Also, tap on the applications you want your child to use.

How to Block Shooting Games on Windows PC

Below are the detailed steps to achieve this:

  1. Launch the control panel and click on system and security.
  2. Open the firewall part and choose to “Allow a program through Windows Firewall.”
  3. Proceed to block a game by unchecking the box located at the left-hand side of the app name.
  4. If the game you wish to block is not listed in the above part, simply click the “allow another program” option. Then choose the game and click “add” to block them.

Block Shooting Games Online on Mac

You need to install a locker app on your MAC to block applications. The most used one is known as Cisdem AppCrypt. Download it and follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Cisdem AppCrypt and set up a password. Then click to submit the password.
  2. Click “add application” located on the left side of the menu bar. This will allow the selected apps to be locked. Only a password can open a locked app.
  3. The Cisdem AppCrypt has a few extra features. Some of these features can take pictures of strangers with the selfie camera.


The best online shooting games are out there for you to download and play. But as we do this, endeavour not to allow children to watch us while playing the shooting games. Also, block all access for them to download any shooting game so that they would not imbibe the act of imitating the negative effect they learn.

Online shooting games are fun to play as you challenge other people from around the world in a bid to win and assume control over others.

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