Top 10 Computer Monitor Software to Control Your Mac and Windows PC

Computer monitor finds applications in various instances. It can be used from monitoring what your kids do with their computers to ensuring that your employees spend their time actually working instead of surfing Facebook. However, there’s the threat of cybercriminals. If you run a business that makes use of private and sensitive client data, you will need to find a way to monitor your employees’ online habits so that they will not put your company at risk. The same goes for families, our kids are more likely to spill information that could potentially hurt us to strangers on the internet. Computer monitor helps mitigate all that.

Why People Need Computer Monitoring Software?

There are a bunch of computer monitoring programs out there, most of them are specialized for employee monitoring. In this article, we will share some of our 10 favorites. But first, here are some reasons why you should definitely get a computer monitoring software.

  • Protect valuable digital assets from the reach of malicious software and cybercriminals.
  • Improve productivity. In organizations where the employees know that they are being monitored, they are more likely to resist the temptation to browse social media during work time.
  • Protect your kids from inappropriate content. Some computer monitoring software come with web filtering features which let you restrict the content that your kids can access.

The Best 10 Computer Monitor Apps

Here are the top 10 best computer monitoring applications, read and find the most suitable one for yourself.

1. SpyAgent

SpyAgent by spytech is one of the best there is. This app comes with a lot of monitoring and web filtering features. It records email history, tracks social media activity, and internet usage. Using SpyAgent’s varying degrees of web filtering features, you can block access to any website in a simple way.

spyagent picture


  • SpyAgent records a lot, including webcam activity and keystrokes. Awesome!
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • It can work in Stealth mode. Your kids or employees won’t know they are being monitored.


  • Doesn’t support mobile.
  • It doesn’t hide profane words.

2. Qustodio

Qustodio comes with robust features for keeping track of anyone’s activity on any platform. It can be easily configured and managed. You can get the ability to block websites and apps. You also will get a detailed report of the target’s activity.

qustodio picture


  • It supports popular platforms.
  • Doesn’t depend on the browser being used.
  • Tracks location of the target device.
  • It can schedule internet time.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Only tracks Facebook activity.
  • Has limited functionality on iOS.
  • The user interface of its web portal is not as refined as other options.

3. ActivTrak

If you value aesthetics, ActivTrak is the one for you. It has a beautiful user interface that lays out all the important information in a simple way. ActivTrak lets you monitor the activities on the target computer in real-time. For me, ActivTrak’s unique selling point is the way it presents data. You get to see daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports.

activtrak picture


  • It provides you with relevant information in a clean and intuitive interface.
  • It has excellent web filtering features and even goes as far as letting you block pop-ups.


  • Not cheap.
  • Doesn’t record keystrokes.

4. Kickidler

Kickidler, just like ActivTrak presents information to the admin in a visually appealing manner. It records the screen of the user and plays it back for you to review. Furthermore, the software notifies you if anyone violates any of your laid down computer usage rules.

kickidler picture


  • Grants remote access of the target’s computer to the admin.
  • When used in an organization, you get to see the exact amount of time employees spent working and the number of breaks they took.


  • It doesn’t track email activity.
  • You can’t see the documents that were printed from the computer.

5. DeskTime Pro

DeskTime Pro is easily accessible price-wise. This software is excellent for monitoring computers, especially in corporate settings. Besides, it has some noteworthy features as regards time and project tracking. It also supports to monitor application and deliver comprehensive reports.

desktime picture


  • Tracks apps and URLs.
  • Delivers reports that can be tailored to suit your needs.
  • Can be integrated with Google and Outlook calendar.
  • Time tracking.
  • Provides metrics that give a good sense of the rate of productivity.


  • Doesn’t support to log keystrokes.
  • Doesn’t track keywords.
  • It doesn’t provide notifications.
  • Can’t track documents.

6. Teramind

According to enterprise users, Teramind holds the NO.1 spot in terms of computer monitoring for business and corporate applications. Teramind offers user activity monitoring, data loss prevention, and user behavior analytics. Many companies rely on its robust feature set for the smooth running of their businesses.

teramind picture


  • Can work in stealth mode.
  • Has the ability to log keystrokes.
  • Can record the screen of the user and present it to the admin.
  • Will notify you if anyone violates your rules.


  • Its feature-packed nature can sometimes make it inaccessible to a regular computer user.

7. InterGuard

Although its user interface may not be winning any awards, its customization abilities will. InterGuard provides features for monitoring employee productivity, protecting high-value digital assets, web filtering and many more. The great feature of this software is that all can be done remotely.

interguard picture


  • A lot of useful features including geolocation, keystroke logging, keyword tracking and many more.
  • Has a mobile app.
  • Provides notifications and reports.
  • You can extend the functionality of InterGuard by adding modules.
  • Offers file tracking.


  • Not the easiest to set up.
  • User interface is not so good.

8. HubStaff

HubStaff has a suite of internet monitoring features that let you see the websites a user visited and how long they spent on the website. You also get a preview of how the website looks. In work settings, you can get a clearer picture of employee habits, then you can see exactly how the productive members of your team get work done and how the less-productive members waste time.

hubstaff picture


  • Logs keystrokes and can take screenshots of the user’s screen.
  • Comes with employees’ time management features.


  • It doesn’t provide comprehensive reports.
  • Its web filtering features are only useful at the browser level.

9. VeriClock

As a computer monitor, where VeriClock shines is in monitoring the employee attendance and time on the job, especially employees that work off-site. It gives employers the ability to easily manage their employees and pay them what is due.

vericlock picture


  • Simple and easy to understand.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Easily customized.
  • A plethora of computer monitoring features.


  • The user interface could be better.
  • As an admin user, you can only store 1GB of data.

10. TimeDoctor

TimeDoctor offers monitoring, project management, and time tracking. It does a great job as monitoring software. It can take screenshots, monitor social media chatting, web and app usage. Besides, this app is also available for popular platforms.

timedoctor picture


  • Robust monitoring features.
  • Available for both desktop and mobile.


  • The user interface looks like something from the past.
  • Requires some add-ons to work at full capacity.


In a word, you know the details of the 10 best computer monitors here. Anyone you choose is capable of delivering excellent results. Just customize it to fit your needs. Cheers.

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