The Complete Answer about Facebook Parental Controls 2020

If you want to know how to keep an eye on your children while they are surfing over Facebook what they are up to and whom they are talking to, or you want to someone restrict their freedom to use Facebook to keep them safe from all the negativity around them, even strangers. We have to admit that the world is filled with strange people filled with strange thoughts. Facebook, in itself self, is a separate world where people communicate with each other. Some people share videos, pictures, and even post what’s on their mind. But its not always all sunshine and rainbows.

For this very purpose, Facebook has provided us with Facebook parental controls. Where we can have full control over our kids what they do and to restrict them from certain things.

Part 1: Are There Parental Controls on Facebook?

Parents have this fear of whether their kids are safe or not using Facebook. The answer to your question is here. Yes! They are completely safe. Monitoring your kids use on a computer is a decision left entirely to parents. Parental control for Facebook messenger gives parents the power to monitor their kids, not only for blocking explicit content but enabling controls to how much shall a computer is to be used for younger users. Facebook has also provided us with Facebook messenger parental control messenger is just as same as Facebook, but an app used to make texts and call easy for the users.

Part 2: How to Use Facebook Parental Controls

1. The Official Facebook Parental Controls

Step 1: Enter the username or email of the account and then the password. Upon entering the correct details, you may have full access to the person’s account.

login facebook

Step 2: After you have access to the account, you may see an arrow pointing down right next to the notifications option. Click on that arrow and a variety of options will pop up. You will see settings as one of those options, click on it. After that, you’ll find a variety of settings options where you can change the total antics of the whole account. The next step is to click on Privacy settings.

select privacy

Step 3: Here you can find different options to control the account, such as.

  • Who can add you as a friend?
  • Who can tag you in posts?
  • Who can message you privately?
  • Who can see your posts?
  • If you want search engines outside of Facebook to line the account
  • Who can look you up on Facebook using email?
  • Who can see your friends list?

control option

Step 4: You can click on the custom settings option to make any changes that you like to suit your needs. You can control the intense city of how much you want to secure the account and how lenient you are. It’s all up to you.

custom settings

Step 5: Finally, after you have made all your desired settings, you can save all of them. Click on the save changes option, which would reload the page, and your all set to go.

save changes

2. Other Facebook Parental Controls Methods

To know what your kid is up to online on various websites. It can be really hard to track and control what they are up to, but there is a way to keep an eye on them. Other apps are used to use for Facebook messenger parental control.

1. FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor is a great tool to parental control Facebook, it is highly recommended by users and many media reviews, here you can find the detailed steps to use it.

fonemonitor reviews picture

  1. Download all from the play store and create an account on it, it’s pretty easy and quick and free of cost. The registration is done by providing a valid email address and password, and you are done.
  2. Install the app after it has been downloaded and target the apps you want to restrict. Allow the permissions requested by the app, and you are done. You can track the phone easily.
  3. Let the FoneMonitor sync with the phone after the sync is complete you are ready.

2. Parental Control on Messenger

Facebook has already announced to release a new Facebook parental control to allow parents to control and access their kid’s online activities remotely. It’s a child version of a messenger app that has all the features of a normal messenger app but has restricted any options which are deemed not fit for children.

parental controls on messenger

3. Spyic Facebook Parental Control Tool

This option is very easy to use. It doesn’t require downloading any app, but rather the parents are required to create an account on Spyic and verify the id on the target phone. It provides us with features like monitoring calls, messages, checks emails, and web history.

spyic app

The only drawback of Spyic is sometimes its lags.

Note: please be more careful about this site as we find that it cannot be opened recently, you may need to try other apps.

4. NetNanny

The best part about NetNanny is it works om both Android and iOS devices. But some people prefer to use it in iOS devices. It provides a range of options from filtering messages, filtering contents, block unwanted websites, manage item slots, set alerts, and monitor anything your kid does daily. The main purpose of such websites is to protect kids from indecent content.

netnanny reviews picture

4. Qustodio Facebook Messenger Parental Control

Qustodio is most likely the easiest way to monitor kids’ activities online. First, you will have to create an account, and then you will have access to several features. It consists of a free plan and also a premium plan.

qustodio reviews picture

The most important con of Qustodio is that it does not send notifications.

5. KidsGuard Pro

This application is considered as the most reliable Parental Control for Facebook messenger. Parents can use this application to keep an eye on their kids, how they use their phone and what they do on their Facebook accounts.

kidsguard reviews picture

  • It’s capable of checking all the messages sent and received Facebook or messenger app.
  • A sensitive keyword searching is also provided to spot any inappropriate content or texts directly.
  • Furthermore, you can also have a view of all the notifications received and the recent activities.
  • Other features provided by KidsGuard Pro are real-time location, geofencing, and more.

Part 3: Why It’s Important to Use Facebook Parental Controls

The parental controls can help you monitor your kid’s devices. The internet is filled with information and knowledge which they could gain and learn from. But there are certain things which could be harmful to our children’s wellbeing.

  1. It helps Parents control the search engine and manage it.
  2. The parental control can block certain unwanted pages, which we do not want them to be seen by them.
  3. Protect your kids from features such as online Games.
  4. May allow you to track kids’ location.
  5. It may help to have good cyber safety habits.
  6. In a set screen limits.
  7. Help defend online reputation.
  8. Can teach cyber etiquette.


Kids have a young mind. They pick things easily as they are in at a leading age. They may be vulnerable to such things on the internet, which could be harmful to them and their overall personality as a civilized person. It may not seem to them as anything bad because of the age they are in; they are not mature enough to know what is right from wrong. The online world adds to a long list of concerns a parent has for their kids.

Hence parents must take the proper measures to protect their child from any harmful contents and monitor their activities on the Internet, especially on popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc

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