[Solved] How Do I Stop Someone from Tracking My Phone

Security and privacy is often a significant issue in today’s hyperconnected world. While access to smartphones and other handheld devices allows us to communicate in real-time, it also opens opportunities for criminals to compromise your privacy. To keep your lives private, you need to know the techniques that can help detect people who spy on your phone. You must also learn how to stop someone from tracking your phone by removing hidden tracking apps on your phone.

Dangers of Being Tracked

There’s nothing more annoying than knowing that someone is monitoring your every move. There are some instances when snooping on someone’s device can be beneficial, such as tracking the smartphone activities of children and employers. But still, spying is generally a repulsive act that can cause devastating issues, such as:

  • Accessing your financial accounts – Phishing or hacking allows attackers to use credit or debit card details to make financial transactions without your knowledge. Sophisticated spy apps can monitor your confidential messages related to your finances. It can also record your purchases that contain your credit/debit card account, passwords, and other details. These features can then enable attackers to make purchases using your card.
  • Ability to blackmail and carry out other forms of exploitation – Attackers can use spy apps to access sensitive information and content. They can then use compiled text, audio, image, or video content for blackmailing. If you’re not careful, they can expose your personal affairs and other intimate conversations to the public in exchange for money or other demands.
  • Leak confidential company information to your competitors – Spy apps don’t only endanger your identity. These applications can also expose secrets and other internal activities of your company to your business rivals. If not stopped immediately, these illicit activities recorded in your calls and messages can put your company in danger.
  • Emotional and psychological burden – The feeling of being tracked or that your phone is likely under surveillance can lead to intense stress. It would feel as if like you’re consistently followed by a stalker or a physical spy.

How to Find out If Someone Is Tracking Your Phone

After knowing the dangers of being tracked, you should also learn how to find out if someone is tracking your phone through these methods.
1.Unusually High Data Consumption

If your monthly data usage is surprisingly high, there’s a considerable possibility someone has installed a spy app on your device. Many inferior spy apps use a significant amount of data to send the collated information from your cell phone. Check the history of monthly data use and find out if it spiked during a specific period even if there’s no change in your Internet use.

2.Unexpected and Frequent Reboots

Does your smartphone reboot automatically or restarts without any apparent reason on many occasions? If it does, there is a big possibility that someone has unauthorized remote access to your phone.

3.Strange Sounds During Calls

If you hear background voices and other odd sounds in the background, there’s a likelihood that your conversation is being tapped or monitored.

4.Weird Text Messages

Low-quality spying apps use odd-looking text messages that look like a code or encryption to communicate with its target phone. But sometimes, due to malfunctions, the weird code is sent as a text message. If you receive this kind of message from an unknown source, have your phone checked for possible breach.

5.Deteriorating Battery Life

Spyware force your device to overwork, which can shorten its battery life. When the app is recording videos or calls, it will drain a significant chunk of your phone’s battery. So the next time you see your battery draining even if it’s idle most of the time, it could be a sign of spyware.

6.Increasing Battery Temperature in Idle Mode

Many smartphones are known for their heating batteries when they are frequently used. But devices with spy apps can experience hot battery temperature, even when you’re not using your phone.

7.Difficulty Shutting Down Your Device

If it would take you minutes to shut down your device, it could be a sign that your smartphone is under surveillance. Typically, spy software remains operational in the background that may prevent you from shutting down your device quickly. If the backlight of your cell phone does not switch off to a completely black screen, there is a possibility that a spy app is running in your device.

8.Your Cell Phone Functionalities Get Slower

The latest smartphone models have powerful hardware and software that can run many different apps simultaneously. If your mobile device suddenly shows signs of a significant drop in speed, an application might be controlling and monitoring it from afar.

How to Stop Someone from Tracking Your Phone

You can take the following actions to know how to stop someone from tracking your phone:

  • Turn off the cellular and Wi-Fi connections on your phone – The most convenient way to do this is to turn on your phone’s “Airplane Mode” feature. This functionality will shut down both your cell radios as well as the Wi-Fi radio installed in your smartphone, which would prevent them from connecting online.
  • enable airplane mode

  • Disable GPS – Some smartphones have GPS on as a default setting. On other phones, the GPS setting is bundled into menus like Privacy or Location Settings. Turning off your phone’s location-based features can prevent your GPS from getting activated, which would keep it from providing your phone’s location. On some models, enabling the “Airplane Mode” will also turn off the GPS. For exact instructions, check your device’s user manual.
  • Turn Off Location Services – To do this on iPhones or iPads, go to the Settings tab then select Privacy. From there, click on Location Services. You’ll see a series of apps that use location services. You may disable them all by tapping the slider at the top or disable location services for specific apps.
    On Android devices, open the App Drawer, go into Settings, tap Location, then enter Google Location Settings. Here, you can disable Location Reporting and Location History.
  • Turn off the phone and remove the battery – If an expert tracks you, you should shut down the device and remove its battery. This method comes with the cost; it prevents you from using your phone. But this is the easiest and safest way to stop the spying. If you should access any data on your phone, you must back it up to a desktop or laptop before powering down your device.
  • How to Remove Hidden Tracking Apps from My Phone

    You can remove tracking software even without the assistance of technicians or experts.

    • On Android devices, you can remove spy software by going to the Settings then proceeding to Applications. From there, go to Running Services and find out what services are currently running. If you see any unknown service, tap it and uninstall it after you cleared the cache. You can also detect spying software in the Manage Application screen and follow the same process if you encounter any malicious tool.
    • To remove spy apps from iOS, all you need is to update your iOS. This action will render all third-party applications useless.

    update ios

    Mobile phone tracking on iOS devices is not as easy as on Android devices. Most iPhone spyware requires jailbreaking. So, if you notice a suspicious app that you can’t find in the Apple Store, there is a considerable probability that someone has hacked your iPhone.

    Some Tips to Protect My Phone from Getting Tracked

    If you’re cautious about your mobile phone use, installing your phone can be difficult. Here are some ways to enhance the protection of your device:

    • Use strong and complex passwords: Many spy apps get installed because users don’t take passwords seriously. Because of using standard and quickly detected passwords, hackers can easily access their devices. A secure password can not only keep your phone protected, but also secure installing spying tools difficult or impossible.
    • Install security applications: Some security applications both on iOS and Android can notify you whenever there is a new application downloaded on your phone. With this app, you can easily remove unwanted or unfamiliar applications.
    • Always use anti-malware: Most malicious software like spy apps are quite hard to detect and remove. You need a reliable anti-malware tool to secure your smartphones from any malicious third-party applications, including spyware.


    Spyware enables hackers to track your activities and expose your files. By carrying out the tips mentioned above, you can prevent others from invading your sensitive information for your sake and your company’s.

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