A Complete Guide on How to Block Texts on Android

An Android smartphone is one of the most versatile and customizable devices in the modern world. You can use different background photos, change your phone’s cover and even install a launcher than operates to your liking. There are thousands upon thousands of apps you can install to make your smartphone as functional as possible.

In terms of customization and choice, Android phones allows you to pick and use applications to get in touch with almost everyone around the world. With its numerous features, you can bet that you can also ban people from contacting you through calls and text messages. However, sometime, people still want to know how to block texts on Android.

Why You Might Want to Block Text Messages Android

Not sure why you would want to block sms android? Check out these reasons.

1. Avoid Spam

The number one reason that people use their phones sms blocker app is to avoid receiving spam messages. You know those automated messages some bots keep sending you every once in a while? What about those you receive more than once every single day? These spam messages can be annoying and frustrating, especially if you are eagerly waiting for an important and legitimate message. The text blocking feature in your smartphone is a great way to keep these spammy texts from flooding your inbox.

2. Block Unsolicited Messages

Another reason why people want to block text messages android is unsolicited messages. There are times when you give your number to the wrong person and they proceed to send you unwanted messages, or worse, photos. The best thing you can do to prevent this person from contacting you is to ban them on your smartphone.

3. Deter Stalkers

Having a stalker is a terrifying experience. These individuals often send inappropriate and even threatening texts. The thing is, they will not stop sending you these messages even if you ask them to. The best solution is blocking them. This can discourage them from sending such messages, while also protecting your safety.

4.Protect Your Children

Aside from protecting yourself, this feature can also be used to protect your children. By monitoring your kids texting activities, you can find inappropriate texts and ban these numbers to prevent your children from receiving anything from the number.

Simple Ways to Block Text Messages Android

Now that you know how this feature can benefit you, you may find reasons to make use of it. Check out the best ways to do so on different popular smartphone brands and carriers.

1. How to Block Text Messages on samsung

There are two ways to ban and unban texts on a Samsung phone.

  1. First, you can enter the native messaging app, tap on the three dots and select Block numbers and messages.
  2. From there, you can enter Block numbers then key in the number you want to ban.
  3. You can also pick a number from your contact list.

block text on samsung

The second method is by blocking through the conversation thread. Simply head to your messaging app, tap on the three dots, then select Block number and press confirm.

2. How to Block Text Messages on Google Phone, Nexus and Pixel Phones

  1. For Google devices such as Nexus and Pixel phones, you can block numbers by simply going to the messaging application and press the three-dot menu button.
  2. Then, pick People & options.
  3. There, you can click Block & Report Spam and confirm the process.

block text on google

3. How to Block Messages on Android LG Phone

LG users also enjoy an easy blocking feature.

  1. You just need to go to messages, press the menu button, then select Spam manager.
  2. Then, tap on Spam settings and see if you have enabled the block spam option.
  3. Go to Spam numbers to enter or remove a number.

block text on lg

4. How to Block Texts on HTC

HTC smartphones also have their own blockers.

  1. You can access this function by opening the Messages app.
  2. Simply press and hold a contact or a number, then select Block contact.
  3. You can also enter more than one numbers by simply pressing on the three-dot menu button and selecting Block contacts.

5. Block Texts on Carrier

Aside from using phones native text blocker, you can also get help from your mobile carrier. Here are some of the most common carriers and their blocking services.


T-Mobile enables users to block numbers through their website and the My T-Mobile application. You simply have to register and log in using a primary account. Then, go to the Profile Blocking feature, select Message Blocking and enter the number you want to be blocked. You can also reach out to their tech support at 1-877-453-1304.


This carrier also allows you to block messages through its website and the Verizon Smart Family app. You just need to select Plan, enter Block and pick Block calls & messages. From there, you can enter the numbers you want to ban. Or, simply talk to a representative at 1-800-922-0204.


For Sprint, the best option is to visit the sprint website and log in using your account. Then, simply click the My preferences tab, then the Limits and Permissions options. There, you will see the Block text feature. Otherwise, give them a call at 1-888-211-4727.


AT&T offers its blocking services only through the AT&T Call Protect application. Simply download, register and login on the app, then you will find the Block option. You can also give them a call at 1-800-331-0500.

A Few Tips You Need to Know When Blocking Texts

If you are intent on blocking text messages on android, here are some tips to make the feature more effective.

1. You can install a third-party application

If you are not satisfied with your phone’s native blocker, you can simply go to the Play Store and install a third-party app. There are free applications to help you secure your peace of mind, or you can purchase a paid app for more features.

2. Get on the Do Not Call Registry

Those who hate receiving messages from telemarketers can get on the phone with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Then, you can request to have your number placed on the Do Not Call Registry. This way, your number cannot be contacted by telemarketers.

3. Choose the correct number

To ensure that you will not receive any messages from a specific contact, it is important to double-check that you entered the correct number. If you are picking from your contact list, then make sure to pick the right entry.

4. Use the correct words and phrases

Some phones and apps allow you to filter incoming messages based on blocked words and phrases. If you are planning to use this, you want to make sure that you use words and phrases that will cover the messages you do not want to receive, while also letting important and personal ones to go through.


Safety and peace of mind should be a top priority when it comes to using any smart device. Make your Android phone a much more functional and less stressful one by making use of the text blocking feature. Through this option, you can also prevent blocked contacts from calling you. Just make sure that you are fully aware of the consequences of blocking contacts and you will definitely appreciate what these blockers have to offer.

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