Kids Addicted to Fortnite? What Should Parents Do?

In this modern world, it’s easy to see kids addicted to Fortnite. With the huge rate at which kids are engaged with the game, one may begin to seek the reason why kids are addicted to Fortnite. Instead of combing the internet for answers to such a question, spend a few minutes to read this article.

Why Are Kids Addicted to Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the hottest games in the world today. It’s a game being played by over 78.3 million people. This game was originally launched as a disk in July 2017. After some transformations, the game became a free-to-download game in September. The major forms of this game are: ‘Battle Royale’, ‘Save The World’ and ‘Playground’.

Considering the huge number of people playing it across the world, one must really inquire into the reason why people are addicted to it. Some notable reasons why kids are addicted to this game include :

  • 1. The need to lose weight: Teens are extraordinarily addicted to this kind of game because they believe that playing it long won’t make them eat frequently.
  • 2. Hanging out purposes: This constitutes another strong reason why kids are obsessed with playing Fortnite game. The need to have rankings and feel accomplishment among peers made kids be addicted to the game.
  • 3. It is free: Unlike other kinds of game, Fortnite is free to play. Children are more attached to something that comes with no cost. So far they are getting pleasure from it, they don’t mind spending the chunk of their time on Fortnite.
  • This game addiction is seriously having negative impacts on kids. Some of these bad impacts are:

    • 1. It’s causing children to become violent everywhere they go.
    • 2. The game is influencing children to drop out of social activities.
    • 3. This game is also reducing the sleeping time of kids.

    How to Stop Kids Addicted to Fortnite?

    By now, you should have known how kids or teens get addicted to Fortnite. If your kids are also addicted to the game, there are ways to solve the challenge. These solutions are briefly explained below :

    1. Question your screen use

    Children often follow in the footsteps of their parents. Once they notice that you’re also glued to your phone, they would prefer to focus on their games. As a parent, you’re expected to discourage extreme attention to screens.

    2. Play a video game with your child

    You can help your kid overcome game addiction by simply playing the game with him/her. Kids are always eager to have a fun time with their parents. They tend to obey their parent when there is a good parent-kid relationship. By playing games with them, you will easily be able to set rules for your kids and also educate your kids on reasons to play fewer games.

    3. Create a pleasant household environment

    Children sometimes play games because of the poor environment of their homes. When a home is full of strife and fights, children often seek alternatives that would help them eliminate unnecessary stressors. They thus resolve to use games as a thought blocker so they can cope with stress. You can help reduce their addiction to game by simply creating a good home environment for your kids.

    4. Allow your kids to interact with the world outside their front door

    Staying indoor can cause your kids to become addicted to the game. In fact, it causes boredom for kids. In that regard, kids will be looking for an avenue to alleviate the tedium. That could motivate them to stay in front of the game 24/7. However, when you let them interact with other kids outside your home, they create lesser time for games.

    5. Engage them with house chores

    You can also consider creating some house chores for your kids. Activities like sweeping, cloth washings and other home hygienic activities can help reduce the time they have for games.

    How to Better Perform Parental Control?

    With kids getting addicted to Fortnite, parents are now seeking a good number of alternatives to deal with the game addiction. Today, some software has been developed to assist a parent in such a struggle. Notable ones include :

    1. Spyera

    This is Parental Control Software gives parents the peace of mind that their children are safe. It’s a powerful monitoring app that lets children install apps on a child’s phone, computer, or tablet. This app keeps kids safe from online predators, inappropriate content, and cyberbullies. This app allows SMS and text messages as well as e-mail reading. This app also SpyEra also offers the user the option of GPS tracking location.

    2. FlexiSpy

    FlexiSpy is another safe parental control app that works on mobile phones, computers, and even tablets. It read emails as well as popular chat application conversations. You can use this app to track your phone location with GPS perhaps there is an emergency. It’s indeed helpful for viewing call logs, contact information, and notes.

    3. mSpy

    mSpy is a must-have tool for parents who desire to stay on top of their kids` smartphone activities. It’s also useful for preventing kids from online dangers and unwanted exposure. This app developer continually releases new updates and also launches new features that will let you enjoy peace of mind in the stormy area of the Net.

    4. iKeyMonitor

    iKeyMonitor is an easy-to-use parental control app for both iPhone and Android users. It permits parents to monitor their kids’ text messages, calls, websites visited, current GPS location, and lots more. As far as the GPS functionality of this app is concerned, parents can easily keep track of their children’s cell phone activities. While they do that, they will protect their kids from acts like cyberbullying, violence, surfing suicide websites, and lots more.

    5. Spyic

    Spyic offers parents a unique way to secretly monitor their kids’ activities on the internet. It has a stealth mode which works in the background after configuring the app on their phone. There is an online dashboard that can show parents the real-time location of their kids. The control panel of the app works with all browsers. In that regard, there won’t be a need to rely on an internet connection to log in.

    spyic picture


    There is no doubt about the fact that kids are addicted to Fortnite. Rather than punishing your kids for such an addiction, consider using a parental control app. These apps contain a series of features that let you manage the time your kids spend on the internet.

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