Complete Review of Kids Place App: Uses, Features and Alternatives

Are you concerned about your child’s safety while he/she uses the internet? Do you want to save the apple of your eyes from getting affected by the many dangers of the internet? Want to keep a track of what your ankle-biter is watching or surfing on the web? If yes, you will find Kids Place App extremely handy. In fact, using a parental control app such as a Kids Place App for the safety of your family and staying alert of any harmful activity is truly useful.

Through this app, you can also manage the amount of screen time your little one is having as it allows you to set limits. In addition to this, too much screen time also affect the amount of physical activity and quality sleep children are having. And, this is what leads to obesity, mental health issues, poor academic performance, and more. Let’s delve into this cool app below:

What is Kids Place App?

It’s an Android-based parental control app launcher, comes with many impressive features and has secured great reviews on the app store. Let’s have a look at how this app helps parents in controlling their children’s activity:

  • It comes with a child lock allowing you to control the activity of your kids on your smartphone.
  • This easy to use app aids in restricting your children to the apps and data that you choose and approve of.
  • It protects your private data by limiting any activity, for instance, making phone calls, downloading apps, texting/messaging and doing any harmful activity.
  • Not only this but Kids Place app has to offer you a lot more such as the auto app restart as it is helpful if your children are too young and they mistakenly exit any of the launched apps while playing with your phone.
  • Best of all, you can download it easily on your Android device from Google play.

The Key Features of Kids Place:

This amazing app is equipped with a number of captivating features some of which are as follows:

  1. Custom home screen showing only those applications that parents have chosen
  2. Block app stores for the prevention of downloading new applications as well as purchases
  3. Timer lock allows stopping apps after a specified time period
  4. Easy to make and administer multiple user profiles
  5. Convenient for parents having kids of all age groups i.e., from toddlers to teenagers
  6. Adaptable for companies who want minimizing company resource’s waste
  7. Plugins for photo and video control as well as for filtering of Website content

Thinking of its cost? Well, initially, downloading and installing kids place app is free and thereafter it costs £8.99 monthly.

  • User-friendly interface and easy to use setting controls for both you and your kids
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Allows killing all background running applications in a single go
  • Numerous features helping you in managing how your kids control their devices
  • Your children are unable to disable the application, even if they restart it
  • Customizable wallpaper and launcher’s visuals
  • Limited features in comparison to other parental control apps
  • Require accessing kid’s device for making changes in the settings
  • Annoys you for purchasing the full version

How to Use Kid Place Parental Control

To the delight of users, working with Kids Place app is just a breeze. Get this app from Google Play Store, then, download the app launcher and there you have it. Following are the steps of using this easy-breezy application:

The first step is visiting the Google Play Store to get the app.

Next, accept the license and download the Kids Place app for Android.

Then there comes entering a 4 digit PIN twice and updating it.

enter 4 pin

After have entered the 4 digit PIN number, click on “Update PIN”.

After setting the PIN, choose applications for Kids Place.

Next, by tapping on the apps, choose the apps for displaying in Kids Place.

choose apps

After selecting the applications, tap on the three dots in the top right corner as shown in the figure below.

tap three dots

After tapping, click on “settings”.

click settings

After doing so, you will need inserting a 4 digit number PIN that you’ll be already having by default. The next step will be tapping on “Lock Home Button” and then tapping and selecting Kids Place. And, there you go!

Some Alternatives of Kids Place Parental Control

Looking for alternatives? Well, you can have other options too in case you don’t want to use the kids place app. Read on to know more.

1. Parental Control Board

It works well and allows ease of downloading as well as installing to track your child’s activities.

parental control board

Key Features:
  • Allows setting time limits on content and application’s usage
  • Block unwanted apps and unknown calls
  • MMS and SMS logging
  • Generate reports

2. Famisafe

Parents can have automatic alerts on potential cyberbullying risk, harassment, `unsuitable adult content, and more in text conversations of your kids.


Key Features:
  • Prevent Cyberbullying
  • Track locations
  • App Blocking
  • Web Filtering
  • Controls Screen Time

3. Kids Mode Parental Control

It offers the first digital playground for your child ensuring child-safe content.

Key Features:
  • Animated Home screen
  • Customizable characters and user-friendly interface
  • Secure and safe from unintentional in-app purchases
  • Exclusively designed for children with the coloring book, fun camera, and voice change

4. Screen Time Parental Control

This parental control app enables you to supervise the time and content that your kids access on smartphones.

screen time parental control

Key Features:
  • Blocks games and at the same time enables reading apps
  • Application Timer for setting a daily time limit
  • Block apps, social applications as well as games
  • Option with parents for getting the children timed out from their phones/pcs
  • Custom notifications

5. Norton Family Parental Control

This is yet another great app which avoids inappropriate content from being accessed by the children and offers a world of features.

norton family parental control

Key Features:
  • Enables setting up rules and type of content that you would prefer your children to gain access to
  • Enables monitoring the YouTube videos viewed or being watched by the children
  • Activity log for the previous 90 days
  • Options for disabling apps, games, web browsers, etc.
  • Notifies you when children attempt visiting blocked sites


Now, that you are aware of what features does kids place app has, its pluses and downsides and its alternatives also, the choice is totally yours. Just pick the one you find better suited to your requirements for controlling your kid’s activities online. Being a parent, it’s your job to take care of your family and keep them safe by putting in all your efforts. Those little minds are not matured enough to understand everything in its true essence. Therefore, they are always at risk of being threatened or harmed by the dangers of the internet. This is where you can save them and provide them with only the right content with the help of various parental controlling apps. Be watchful, stay protected, and stay happy!

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