How to Enhance Internet Security with a Password Generator

These days, hacking, skimming, identity theft, and other forms of privacy violations tend to happen left and right. Because of this, having a strong password provides enhanced security and protection against attackers. After all, one of the easiest and most common ways that hackers peruse to gain access to personal information is by guessing passwords.

While some passwords remain personal and deeply rooted or connected with your relationships, these can somehow give hackers insight to your personal details. To refrain from enabling intruders from gaining access to these and taking over your accounts and devices, using a password generator is your best bet.

What is a Password Generator?

A password generator is a program which generates a unique set of passwords for each individual. This type of software provides users with random or customized passwords that make for stronger and more protected accounts. Without any discernible pattern, these passwords add another layer of protection.

What Can a Password Generator Do?

These programs can do more than just its basic function. To know more about what these software applications can provide, read on.

  1. Generate Long, ‘Random’ Passwords

    Using complex, programmed algorithms, password generators have the capacity to churn out a strong and unique password using a combination of numbers and characters from the available sets presented to their system. This means that the results generated aren’t exactly ‘random’ per se. Instead, these results are permutations from one of the numerous possible combinations using letters, numbers, and other special characters.
  2. Reduce Password Randomness

    Users and other individuals who look to this program can reduce password randomness. By extension, people also have the ability to choose results or even passwords they can easily remember. However, to do this, individuals must choose or apply settings that possess either a higher password length, include select character types, and so on. This way, generated results are less random than one would assume.
  3. Less Margin for User Error

    These programs usually come with password managers which allow users to store passwords for all their accounts. Complete with encryption and top-of-the-line security protection, software applications provide you with a safe place where you can instantly store your generated passwords.

The Top 8 Password Generators in 2019

1. Random Password Generator

This software is as simple as it gets. Available on desktop and mobile devices, this program can be utilized by almost all individuals. What users may find annoying, however, is the relatively slow generating time. Likewise, it also makes use of fewer numbers and letters, even removing the number 1 and the small letter ‘l’ to avoid confusing users.

random password generator

2. Strong Password Generator

Strong is a program which can only be accessed online. On its website, it provides guidelines for the makings of a strong password, giving you an idea the type of standards it upholds. Not to mention, it gives custom results without the long waiting period.

strong password generator

While it has yet to create a separate application made for Android and Apple devices, it does offer a comprehensive guide to creating passwords. At the same time, it does without password sharing to help you stay safe online.

3. Norton Password Generator

Marketed as the Norton Password Manager, this cloud-based password manager comes with its built-in password generator for maximum convenience. It takes pride in allowing you to create strong and complex passwords. It also boasts of its secure credit storing facility equipped with encryption capabilities.

norton password generator

Cons: The only major gripes people have with this extension are its capacity to sync across all other accounts within the system and its wonky integration within the Google/Chrome ecosystem.

4. LastPass Password Generator

LastPass is a software tool combined with a password management application. It allows users to house their passwords. Coming with programs fit for desktop, online, and mobile use, this application is designed to work with anyone’s convenience. What makes this great is that the software also gives individuals the option to improve their passwords, customizing it one’s preferences and capabilities.

lastpass password generator


  • However, despite creators providing mobile access, the software may experience glitches from time to time.
  • In addition, users of the mobile version say the programs tend to lag and stop in its tracks, thereby requiring users to log in multiple times into their accounts.

5. Passphrase Generator

If straightforward functionality is what you wish for, you certainly can get this from the Passphrase Generator application. Its simple and easy-to-use interface makes it navigable for first-time users. What sets this apart from others is that it contains multiple word dictionaries to choose from, helping you pick one that suits your tastes and needs.

passphrase password generator


  • Despite the convenience it brings, the mobile application is limited to Android users.
  • Apple users may just have to wait a while longer before creators roll out one of Apple devices.

6. Google Password Generator

Many individuals use Google Chrome today, which is why it isn’t so surprising to see Google coming up with a program of its own. Under this software, individuals using their computers, Android phones, and iPhones and iPads may easily generate a secure password which can be applied for all their online accounts.

Cons: Though Google ensures account protection and encryption using its services, visiting compromised websites could lead to hacking incidents, so make sure to keep your Chrome protected and free from viruses and malware.

7. Dashlane Password Generator

Dashlane is a free application that securely generates and remembers passwords. Moreover, it also provides a password management tool to help users easily log on to their accounts. Like some of its peers, the software provides customizability for its patrons, including changing letters, numbers, symbols, and the overall length.

dashlane password generator

Cons: The only downside Dashlane presents is that its auto-fill function sometimes crashes with that of Chrome or Safari. However, this minor ‘flaw’ may easily be overlooked by fixing the settings of your Google or Apple account.

8. Norton by Symantec Password Generator

Last but certainly not least, the Norton by Symantec program is one the best in the market today. Handling Norton, this is one of the most trusted brands and companies on the technical market and rightly so. With a wide range of functionalities, the Norton by Symantec tool is an excellent addition to any and all individuals. For one, it has the ability to give reports about the generated passwords and their strength. In addition to the basic management and generation features, the program also highlights its real-time report system about the websites you visit and its respective security features, giving you updates on the potential risks you face.


  • Norton came out with a free version available for its users. However, users who wish to continue availing its services may be required to purchase the full version.
  • Another aspect which patrons may see as a downside are the form fill limitations and its lack of macOS services.


There is no sure-fire way to protect yourself, your personal information, and your accounts from hackers and other malicious attackers. But, by using the programs found in this article, you can improve your account protection for all your accounts. In creating passwords, make sure to remember that security matters. With these acting as your account’s first line of defense, ensuring you have the right security measures will finally become a breeze.

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