10 Best Remote Monitoring Software (Pros and Cons Included)

Having a reliable IT team is very critical in helping your business run smoothly and ensure that your customers enjoy high-quality service delivery. Some years back the IT team’s physical presence was required for checks on network services, routine maintenance and troubleshooting. With the advances in software development, we now have remote monitoring software.

With remote monitoring software, the IT team need not be physically present in clients’ facility before they can do their jobs. Usually, instant performance reports are transmitted and accessed remotely usually from any part of the world.

What is Remote Monitoring Software?

Remote monitoring is an IT term which means monitoring your clients’ activities without being physically present at their location.

Remote monitoring also involves remote management because the essence of monitoring is to manage the network or computers. Remote administration, therefore, is the act of managing a computer or network from any other place apart from the exact location of the computer or server.
Remote monitoring and management software is often used by Managed service providers (MSPs) to offer efficient and more comprehensive IT support services to their clien

What Can Remote Monitoring Tools Help to Do?

Remote monitoring software is used to achieve some key objectives that could directly or indirectly impact business growth. These benefits include:

1. Remote and Automated Maintenance

Lots of time that could have been wasted in commuting and carrying out routine checks manually is saved. Managed service providers (MSPs) can simply install updates, run maintenance scripts and troubleshoot without moving the IT staff over to their clients’ location. This ensures a faster response to the client’s need and also saves the cost of operation for the IT firm.

2. Improved System Security

Ensuring network and data security remains a top priority for businesses, regardless of their size. Remote monitoring software help to identify security threats faster and effect security upgrades to quickly counter such threats.

The IT team can easily deploy software patches to take care of software vulnerabilities and boost client confidence in their services.

3. Backup and Recovery

Most remote monitoring software comes with data tracking and cloud backup and recovery services. It is easier to keep track of how files are moving and the changes effected on each file as it is transferred from one computer to the other. This helps to forestall events of data loss that may lead to serious financial and managerial consequences.

10 Best RMM Software for Your to Use

Remote PC monitoring software gives the user access to real-time reports on clients network and what is happening on their end devices. Below is the list of 10 top-rated remote monitoring software that is compatible with your pc.


We choose Atera as the number one remote monitoring software because of its versatility. It is an all-in-one software tool for ticketing, automating customer services, remote pc monitoring and management.

It also makes spotting security flaws in updating software easier and faster. It supports Mac, Linux, Windows and web. The application is also available on iOS and Android devices.

atera picture


  • Very versatile and packs lots of features.
  • Works well on major PC and mobile devices.


  • Quite expensive at $79/month for each technician.
  • It may take a while to be able to fully utilize the capacities of Atera.


Glasswire offers free remote pc monitoring solutions. It comes with excellent network monitoring and connection detection tools. Its graph and time sliders it easier to keep track of and trace network activities over a wide range of time intervals. It also comes with warning alarms to alert users of threats. Glasswire is compatible with lots of pcs and has a native version for Android devices.

glasswire picture


  • Free to use or pay $37/month for better services.
  • Can work on many PCs and on Android.


  • The free account has significant limitations. You need to upgrade to get full access.
  • Native app yet to be available for iOS devices.


Zoho Assist is unique for its two-way file sharing solution which makes it easier and faster to share files across different devices. It is very customizable and offers high-quality remote monitoring tools plus live chat feature to ease communication and collaborative work.

zoho assist picture


  • Free to use or pay $8/month for better services.
  • Features 2-directional file sharing solution.


  • It’s less versatile compared to top remote monitoring software.


If your organisation values strict adherence to protocols, InterGuard may be the best remote computer monitoring software for you. There are four modules to utilize, depending on what your needs are. There is a module for monitoring and investigating employees, another mode for web filtering, one for remote endpoint lockdown and lastly, data security module.

inter guard


  • Suitable paid plan for small and big businesses.
  • Very strong security features.
  • Businesses can acquire the location-based version.


  • Offers less customization.

5. SolarWinds RMM

The pricing for this software is quote-based. SolarWinds offer ticketing, workflow management and lots of remote monitoring and management tools. It supports Windows and Mac pcs. The native version is available for Android devices.

solarwinds rmm picture


  • Suitable paid plan for small and big businesses.
  • Very versatile and packs lots of features.


  • Only Mac and Windows PCs are supported


Specially designed for efficient network monitoring in large and small businesses. IT staff can easily map network facilities for efficient troubleshooting and management. It also gives instant reports on all devices within the network.

whatsup gold picture


  • Highly efficient network management tools.
  • Reporting tools can be customized to suit user preferences.


  • Quite expensive to procure a license.

7. TeamViewer

TeamViewer offers very flexible remote desktop monitoring software. You can remotely control your network from pcs and mobile. You can also control access to different devices by creating specific access controls. It also features customizable network monitoring tools.

teamviewer picture


  • Cheaper cost of the software license.
  • Suitable paid plan for small and big businesses.


  • Options for network security are a bit limited.

8. ManageEngine OpManager

Offers very simple remote employee monitoring solutions that even a novice can work with. Specially designed to monitor heterogeneous networks remotely. It can monitor all routers, servers, LAN and all other connected network devices. Its reporting template is easy to read and customize. It supports Mac, Linux, Windows and web. The application is also available on iOS and Android devices.

manageengine opmanager picture


  • Flexible pricing plans to choose from.
  • Extremely simple interface.


  • It is not as versatile as many top-rated remote PC monitoring software.

9. EventLog Analyzer

This is a very versatile remote desktop monitoring software. It stores internet data and encrypts data for future use. It is easier to sift through lots of data, detect and counter security threats.
It supports Linus, Mac and windows. It does not have a native app for iOS and Android devices.

eventlog analyzer picture


  • Suitable paid plan for small and big businesses.
  • Very versatile and packs lots of features.


  • It does not have a native app for iOS and Android devices.


This is a free remote pc monitoring tool for different network devices. It is open source and easy to customize, install and integrate. It is entirely web-based and can be monitored using internet-enabled devices.

zabbix picture


  • Free to use.
  • Easy integration and installation.


  • Not as versatile as paid RMM software.


Choose the best rmm software based on the needs of your business and clients. If you prefer those that offer multiple device access Atera, Zoho Assist and Solarwinds may be good options to consider.

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