A Review of the Best Parental App: Secureteen Parental Control

In this modern era of massive technological advancements, the internet has very much become part and parcel of our daily lives. And even more so for the present Millenials kids of today, as they spend most of their time surfing the internet. The internet, no doubt, has its advantages, but it also comes with some disadvantages.

Cyberbullying and stalking are quite rampant these days. All the more reason why parents have sought out parental apps in the software market. This is where Secureteen parental control comes in.

What is Secureteen Parental Control?

This is a comprehensive software application developed for parents who want to monitor the internet activities of their kids on smartphones or desktop devices. Through this, parents are able to protect their kids from a number of internet-related crimes such as cyberbullying and child pornography.

secureteen parental control

You can easily install this application on any of your devices and view the online activities of your children without them knowing. This is made possible with the stealth mode function.

The great thing about this application is that it is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac operating systems.

Other features of this amazing secureteen child app include:

Unwanted Sites Blockage

Parents can make use of this powerful control app to ensure they safely make use of the internet at any time. Sites that are not healthy for kids, such as pornographic and gambling websites, are effectively blocked by the app.

Time Management

This feature allows parents to strictly monitor the amount of time their kids spend on surfing the internet. This allows kids to focus on other important activities such as meal times, school assignments, social interactions, and sports. Daily quota usage can be set as well using this feature.

Monitoring of All Social Media Chat Messengers

Routine monitoring of all the popular social media chat messengers such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat on smartphone devices is made possible with the secureteen parental control app.

Monitoring of Calls and Text Messages

Parents can easily monitor all inbound and outbound calls and text messages on the smartphones of their children. The app saves all details and sends them to the secureteen login account of parents for easy viewing at a later time.

GPS Tracking

The secureteen child app enables parents to easily know the exact location of their kids. With this feature, you would always get a live alert notification whenever your child is not where you expected he/she to be. Even when the GPS is not activated on the smartphone, location tracking is still possible. This feature is functional on all versions of Android and iOS devices.

Gmail Activity

With the secureteen parental control application, remote access of all Gmail activities, one tracked device is possible. Sent and received emails, sender, and recipient, as well as the date and time of all emails, are easily viewed by parents. This function is compatible with all Android smartphones.


This feature works only on Android devices, performing the function of recording all keystrokes.

Web Browsing History

Viewing of all the websites visited by kids is monitored by this application. All installed apps, contacts and pictures on the device can also be viewed.


  • The application works in stealth mode.
  • It is compatible with the popular operating systems.
  • Helps to block harmful web contents.
  • It prevents kids from playing games that are quite violent.
  • Installation of the app is very easy.
  • Effective internet security.
  • Cons

    • Most of the features on the applications work on Android devices only, with other other operating systems having limited features.
    • It does not have Geofencing as part of its GPS tracking capabilities.
    • Video and audio files cannot be assessed.
    • Devices cannot be locked at particular times.

    How to Use Secureteen Parental Control

    The secureteen parental application is very easy to install on a device with its user-friendly interface. The easy installation steps are as follows:

    1. From Secureteen webiste, download the installation file and manually install it on your Android device.
    2. Go about configuring the secureteen.
    3. User settings customization.
    4. Create secure teen login details.
    5. Login to secureteen dashboard to begin remote monitoring of all online activities.

    secureteen parental control

    Reviews of Secureteen Parental Control

    There are positive as well as negative Secureteen reviews by customers. The positive reviews are:

    • One of the best parental control apps out there: A lot of parents in their secureteen review have advised other parents to try out the control app because of the exciting features it has. You would fall in love with the location tracking feature and website history monitoring.
    • A useful application: Another popular secureteen review is the usefulness of the app in monitoring all the online activities of your kids. The website blocking feature of this application is so effective in blocking unwanted websites.
    • Effective time management: The secureteen parental app is quite effective in helping parents plan the amount of time their kids spend surfing. This enables more social interaction, more time to engage in physical activities such as sports or domestic chores.

    Among the negative reviews of this app are:

    • Very bad customer service support: The customer service support team is not reliable, as it takes them more than 24 hours for them to respond. Solving technical issues also seemed to be a problem for them. The live location alert updates practically like nonexistent.
    • Does not work on iPhone: Contrary to what is said, this app does not work when installed on the iPhone. It does not track calls and text messages or track locations and send them to the secureteen dashboard at all.
    • Prevents phone access: After the trial period, if you do not upgrade the software to the latest version, the phone locks the user out. It does not recognize parents Secureteen login details after the expiration of the trial period.

    Some Frequently Asked Questions about Secureteen Parental Control

    1. Is It Free?

    The Secureteen child app is not free. You have to subscribe for an affordable fee of $39.99 for a year, with which you would be able to track up to 3 devices.

    2. Can It be Used on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac?

    Yes, it can. It supports all models and versions of Android and iOS devices. Windows and Mac operating systems are also supported.

    3. Is It Safe/Legal to Use?

    The secureteen parental control application is very safe and easy to install and use.

    4. If I Use It, Will My Child Find It?

    The application works in stealth mode, so you can have it installed but keep it hidden from the homepage screen.


    The secure teen parental control is a software application that helps parents to control what their children can do and view on the internet. The use of this app suits the needs of parents because of some features such as the screen timeout function, which automatically locks the Android device used in connecting with the internet.

    In comparison with other parental monitoring apps in the market, it is very affordable, coming at a price of $39.99 annually. You can have it installed on your Android, iOS, Windows and Mac systems.

    Looking for an app to adequately monitor the activities of your children online? Secureteen parental control is an excellent choice.

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