The Best Website Blocker Tools You Must Know

You might have seen a lot of website blockers online. You might also be looking for the ways to restrict some online content or information, but don’t know exactly the tools to make that happen. All this blocking can be done through website blocker. Website blockers are commonly used online for safety as well as privacy matters.

What is Website Blocker?

A website blocker is a software tool or browser extension, which allows the user to restrict some specific online content or information. This website blocker will not allow you or the person using your device to access the blocked website.

Website blockers are easily available online for use. You can use these website blockers for blocking any website which may seem to you as malicious or harmful.

Why People Need Website Blocker?

The purpose of the website blocker software is clear. It is used to block website contents for safety purposes. But, the use of website blockers may vary from person to person. Organizations as well as individuals use website blockers for the prevention from the malicious content and resources.

1. Parental Control

Kids always love to explore things regardless of the outcomes. They are immature and cannot understand the harmful effects of online content. Parents use website blockers to restrict certain websites to keep their children safe from unsafe and inappropriate content.

2. Cyber Security

If you are running an organization, then you must be very concerned about the safety of your information. Individuals also try to prevent any external agent to access their information unethically. All such online threats can be avoided using website blockers. You can block such website which may aim at accessing your personal information for malicious purposes.

3. Spam Minimization

Modern online platforms are full of spams and frauds which are always active to capture the attention of people who are unaware of such acts. Website blocking software offer safety from such spams.

4. Maintaining Focus

Many people find it difficult to focus while they work. All this is due to the online contents and notifications which divert attention and do not let you focus on your current task. These software to block websites help you block such attention seeking websites.

The Best 10 Website Blocker Software

You will find a large number of website blocker software online which offer safety from online harmful content. Following are the best website blocker software tools for personal as well as business purposes:

1. Serene

Available for the Mac platform, this software allows the user to block the websites as well as apps for online safety. This software is available free online. This software offers the required online security without any cost.

This tool operates on the sessions. Once the session starts, all the unwanted and distracting stuff remains closed till the end of the session.

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2. Freedom

If you search for the best website blocker online, then Freedom will be among the top suggestions. Freedom is available for iOS, Windows and Mac. You can block websites and malicious apps for keeping yourself safe from any unsafe content.

freedom picture

3. Focus

If you are a Mac user and Facebook and other such websites cause you a lot of distraction, then Focus is the best option for you to ensure the increase in your productivity. It is human nature to get easily distracted from external agents during the work. This software is costly, but proves to be quite helpful in keeping your focus.

focus picture

4. Zero Willpower

Zero Willpower is available for iOS Safari. It enables the user to block the unwanted websites to avoid the adverse effects of harmful websites. All you have to do is to enlist the websites which you find harmful for yourself as well as for others. It won’t allow you to access the enlisted websites.

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5. Y-Productive

Y-Productive is not a typical website blocking software. It allows you to keep track of all the performance related to your working. It will show you the distractions which are diverting your attention while you work and will allow you to block them right away

If you want to improve your productivity, then Y-Productive is your tool. It will make you aware of the possible distractions along with the option of blocking them.

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6. Mindful Browsing

You are always prone to harmful content while you surf through the internet. There are malware and other such malicious agents that can bring you harm. Mindful Browsing is an extension that asks for your permission in order to open the website. In this way, you can stay aware of what you are proceeding with.

It will also keep reminding you each after each interval of 10 minutes. This reminder is about the task which you should focus upon instead of being on the website.

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7. Cold Turkey

Whether you are a user of MacOS or Windows, Cold Turkey is one of the best website blocking tools which enable you to websites as well as applications which can bring you distractions. It has free version and also paid version.

You can also view the statistics to keep a track of your activities. This will make you aware of the entities which prove to be a waste of your time.

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8. StayFocused

Available free on the internet, StayFocused is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to block entire websites as well as specific pages. If you feel that you need to spend a specific amount of time on a certain website, then you can set the timer. This timer will keep you safe from the extensive use of unsafe and unwanted websites.

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9. InterGuard

This is the employee monitoring software which is quite prevalent in many firms. You can view and track the web and search activities of your employees. If you feel that your employees are wasting their precious time on some unwanted websites, then you can block such online platforms through this software.

This software is meant for the entire monitoring of all the activities. Web filtering is one of its features. Using this software, you can save the time of your employees

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10. Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a feature-rich website and app blocker software. It gives you the control over the access of certain websites and apps which may prove to be harmful for you or your children. Parents can use such safe software to keep their children away from the malicious online content.

This software is available in 3 different packages depending upon on the number of devices on which web filtering can be done.

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The internet has revolutionized the way information spreads among the people. You can search whatever you want to know. Nothing seems to be hidden from anyone. But, this freedom also brings harms with it. Spams, malware and other such online threats are very common on the internet. To ensure the safety from such harmful agents, website blocker software offer safety features.

The use of such blocking tools depends upon your needs and requirements. You can block websites and apps which you may find inappropriate and unsafe. Website blocker software and tools are available online, but not all of them offer the desired safety from the malicious websites. You can block websites and pages to stay safe.

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