A Guide on the Best Website Blockers for Studying

Every now and then, whenever the study season hits, one needs to limit the number of distractions and really focus on studying. When this is the case, you need to make sure you take certain steps that fully help you block distractions.

One of the biggest distractions is the usage of unnecessary phones; you swipe from one media to another and another and keep doing so. In this process, you tend to lose a lot of time that you could have spent studying. This is why website blockers are extremely important when it is time to study or do any important work.

What Is the Use of Website Blocker For Studying?

Website blockers tend to be of great value at the time of studying simply because they can block a website from the source. Because it would take some effort to unblock a site again, most people would give up the habit of going on the site itself. Here are some of the uses of the website blocker.

  • Helps you stay focused on the task
  • Allows you to spend more time on studying
  • Minimum distractions, more productivity
  • Freedom from toxic and unnecessary phone use
  • It helps you stay motivated and consistent on the task.

The 10 Most Recommended Website Blockers For Studying

Even though there are many amazing website blockers out there. Our experts have picked out the ten best website blockers to narrow down the list and help you pick the effective ones that suit studying needs the best.

Let’s keep moving.

1. Spyic Site Blocker for Studying

When we talk about the website blockers, Spyic is a name that most of us are well aware of. It is among the top-notch and the best website blockers that aid in the studying process. Many website blockers often talk about delivering results but fail to do so, Spyzic is a website blocker that does what it’s supposed to do. This is why it is so well known. Additional features include tracking, monitoring all activities, including calls, messages, etc.

spyic picture


  1. Easy to install
  2. Compatible with both IOS and Android
  3. Does what it is supposed to do
  4. Effective against Website blocking


  1. Technical Support Problems

Download Address: You may cannot download it from the last week as the site is forbidden by Google, please try other ways.

2. iKeymonitor Website Blocker for Studying

iKeyMonitor not only allows you to block all types of websites but is present on the phone without ever letting the other person know. So if you are someone who wants to block certain websites when your child is studying, iKeymonitor can help you in the best way possible. It can not only block sites but also allow you to use them with limited screen time. This allows you to use an application without crossing the limit where you waste unnecessary time. Moreover, there are additional features like call and SMS tracking. You can use iKeymonitor to track down your loved ones.

ikeymonitor picture


  1. App blocker is included
  2. Screen time for a website can also be limited with this website blocker
  3. Easy to use and does not leave any traces


  1. Some features require rooting your device
  2. Price per month is a little high

Download Address: You can download iKeymonitor by clicking here.

3. Freedom For Mac/ Windows:

Freedom for Mac or windows is an amazing interactive software that helps block websites when you’re studying or trying to focus on any task. It is an all in one blocker from all distractions you’ve ever encountered online. Get in more control as you download this amazing website.

freedom picture


  1. It allows you to have control over all your devices; you can purchase for as many devices as you want by getting the premium package。
  2. All devices are compatible with this software, be it Mac, Windows, or Android.
  3. Whitelisting features lets you block all websites and only allow the few you like.


  1. Even though it is a good website blocker for studying, it is still in the process of development in terms of other features

Download Address: Download Freedom website blocker by clicking here.

4. Waste No Time

Both Safari and Chrome users should buckle up if they need to add a website blocking extension to their PCs because Waste no Time is an amazing extension available for website blocking, which does best what it says.

waste no time


  1. Perfect study partner which drives you in focus
  2. Available for free
  3. The screen limit option makes it the best


  1. It works only as an extension

Download Address: Click here to download Waste No Time.

5. Limit Temporarily Block Websites to Study

The limit is an extension available for a Chrome browser extension, which allows you to limit the time you spend on distracting websites in times of study and other tasks. It helps to bring back focus and cut out all the time you would waste into browsing, therefore bringing back the productivity.

limit picture


  1. Limits screen time by adding different minutes
  2. Simple and easy to use


  1. It only works as an extension in Chrome Browser

Download Address: You can download limit by clicking here.

6. LeechBlock

For both Firefox and Chrome users, Leechblock is a great extension and a goof block websites on chrome for studying to install on your PCs. When it comes to the working principle and functions, it can be very similar to that of Stay focused; however, there are other cool features that you can take benefit from while studying.

leechblock picture


  1. The free version of this website blocker offers a lot of features that many others won’t offer
  2. In case you want to reach the website in an emergency, there is an override option available.


  1. It only works as an extension
  2. Screen time feature is not available

Download Address: Download Leechblock by clicking here.

7. Block Site

Block Site is a great website blocker, it is not only available for Android and Windows but only as an extension to Chrome and Firefox. Therefore you can use it on all the devices you like. This website blocker can also block adult sites very effectively. You can also use this blocker to block websites with its Work Timer.

block site


  1. Easily schedule website blocks
  2. There is a lack of time spent on each website


  1. Premium version is a little pricey

Download Address: You can download Block Site by clicking here.

8. FamiSafe

It is yet another great website blocker for studying. FamiSafe as a parental control application packed with cool and awesome features. This website blocker is capable of blocking websites and other content on the internet, which may cause a distraction as you study.

famisafe picture


  1. Simple in installation and run time
  2. You can also monitor other devices with it


  1. It is a little pricey

Download Address: Download FamiSafe by clicking here.

9. Zero Willpower

Zero Willpower is an amazing website blocker when it comes to studying. Many people use this website blocker because of its awesome and easy features. Easily concentrate on your work with Zero Willpower at your service.

zero willpower


  1. Simple and interactive interface
  2. Available on App Store and Play Store


  1. It can only block websites

Download Address: Click here to Download Zero Willpower.

10. Focal Filter

The focal filter is a study website blocker that works only in Windows computers. The working principle is very simple, and it has a user-friendly interface that can be easily operated.

focal filter


  1. Minimalistic designs
  2. Has all the basic functions
  3. Easy to use


  1. This website blocker can only work on Windows devices
  2. There might be some issues while you run it on windows 8.
  3. Lacks advance functions

Download Address: Click here to download the Focal Filter.


We hope that you found the best website blockers for studying guide informative and useful. Let us know what you think in the comments bar below.

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