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There is a wide scope of conduct among parental control and monitoring programs. Norton is an enormous name in the antivirus world, so it’s not astounding that it has perhaps the most grounded offering in parental-control programming. Norton Family Premier urges guardians to draw in with their kids and make them mindful of precisely what rules are set up. Norton Family offers management over a boundless number of gadgets and lets you screen the entirety of your children’s action from the well-structured web and portable applications.

What is Norton Family Premier?

If you are looking for a Norton family premier review then you are at the right place. The Norton family premier is a free programming bundle application from Symantec Security Company. The product has a full bundle of hostile to infection, gives you web security and assurance that are based on the product.

norton family premier

The benefit of having the Norton family premier is that it will run on most working frameworks. It will run on iPhones, Android telephones windows, and Macs. Norton Family Premier lets you design rules and view your kid’s movement from web support just as parental applications for both Android and iOS. You introduce a neighborhood kid application on each observed gadget to uphold rules and screen movement. Norton Family can screen Windows, Android, and iOS gadgets, yet Macs are past its capacity.

Pros, Cons, and Price of Norton Family Premier

Here you will find a complete Norton online family premier review. At the point when you first sign in to the Norton Family Premier dashboard, you have to make profiles for every child you wish to screen or monitor. To add a kid, mention a name, and a limitation level (low, moderate, high, and extremely high). Next, you need to mention the gadget or device name on which you need to introduce Norton Family Premier and adhere to the guidelines for that stage. Introducing Norton Family on a Windows account is simpler.

The arrangement is taken care of through a Norton Family Downloader application. You simply sign in to your record and pick which account on the machine should be overseen. When you complete the establishment, the child sees a notice plate symbol advising them that they are being observed. The price of the tool is € 39.99. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Norton family premier are as follows:


  • It is inexpensive and easy to set up and install.
  • It contains a great web dashboard.
  • It can track the location of your child.
  • One can get an unlimited number of PC licenses.


  • It does not provide support for Mac platform.
  • One can easily stop the web extension.
  • Some of the features are platform dependent.

It’s Worthy Trying Norton Family Premier?

Keeping your children more secure online requires more than overseeing screen time. Norton Family encourages you to oversee and deal with your children’s online exercises. It helps square unsatisfactory destinations while your children are surfing the Internet. It enables you to see what sites they’re visiting and what they are looking for, thus significantly more. Using a Norton Family Premier to keep account of your child’s online safety is completely worth it. It provides you peace of mind by keeping a check on your child’s online activities.

Alternatives of Norton Family Premier

Some of the applications and websites that can be used as an alternative to this software are as follows:

1. Qustodio

Qustodio is one of the best parental control applications. It is easy-to-manage and highly configurable. It helps in keeping track of your child’s activity on Mac, iOS, Android devices, and Windows, though it comes at a first-rate price. One can handle all monitoring and configuration through Qustodio’s online dashboard. One can easily set principles and audit their kid’s actions from anyplace. Although it is costly and needs solid online life following devices, Qustodio’s wide scope of highlights and amazing adaptability secure it an Editors’ Choice honor for parental control programming.

2. BrowseControl

BrowseControl is simple to use Internet Control programming that limits the Internet get to and authorizes web use approaches over your system. It can be used as an alternative to Norton Family Premier. It takes complete control of your system’s Internet access by utilizing BrowseControl Web Filter to implement diverse Internet limitation strategies on a PC or client premise.

3. Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a content-control programming suite promoted basically towards guardians as an approach to screen and control their child’s PC and telephone action. Net Nanny has extended past its web channel roots and offers new instruments for blocking applications and limiting a kid’s screen time. These abilities work fine, yet the web channels are dependent upon simple workarounds and the administration is missing geofencing instruments, as well.

norton family premier

4. Pluckeye

Pluckeye software is used by individuals who want to limit their internet access. The most well-known explanation behind utilizing Pluckeye is to restrain or wipe out the measure of time spent on watching porn, addictive games, gambling online, using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

5. DansGuardian

DansGuardian is intended to be adaptable and permits you to tailor the sifting to your definite needs. DansGuardian is an award-winning Open Source web content channel which at present sudden spikes in demand for Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Mac OS X, HP-UX, and Solaris. The default settings are outfitted towards what a grade school may need yet DansGuardian places you in charge of what you need to square. It channels the real substance of pages dependent on numerous techniques including phrase coordinating, PICS separating, and URL sifting.


There are many software and applications by the use of which parents can manage the online activities of their child. If you are looking for a review of Norton family premier then this article is for you. Norton family premier is one of the best software used to keep account of your child’s online activities. It enables you to control/block the content which you don’t want your child to see.

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