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Do you want to keep an eye on what your kids, employees, or any individual is doing with their mobile phone? If so, here is the right place for you. There are some mobile tracking applications which will let you monitor what the target person is doing with their mobile phones. Technology is evolving day by day, and all the credit goes to technology for giving us a chance to keep track of anyone who we think needs to be monitored. One such application is FlexiSPY. This is a powerful monitoring software tool which can be used on any device. For example, mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Through this FlexiSPY reviews, you will now know everything that your target person does on his or her smartphone and even track the computer.

What is FlexiSPY?

What is FlexiSPY It is a program suite which offers better monitoring than any other mobile tracking application. Of course, it comes with a few standard features which are reading all sent as well as received messages and the few foolproof features, which include call recording, record the ambience of the target, and comes with call intersection feature.
Let’s take a look at some of its exciting features in details:
  • You can use this application to monitor every Android as well as iPhone devices for audio Communications.
  • You can now monitor everything that happens on the Mac, smartphone, or a PC.
  • The remote installation service is hassle-free.
  • You can take photos remotely.
  • It comes with ambient recording.
  • You can listen to live phone surroundings.

What is the Price of FlexiSPY?

Well, FlexiSPY is not that cheap. However, they do have multiple packages to suit your requirement and budget. Here is the detailed information about their prices:

FlexiSPY extreme back: you will have to pay $199 for 3 months, and if you want to buy it for one year, then the cost will be $349.

extreme price

FlexiSPY premium pack: you can use the premium pack for one month by paying $68, otherwise, for 3 months you will have to pay 99 dollars, and for one year it will cost you 149 dollars.

premium price

FlexiSPY computers pack: for one month it will cost you $68, for 3 months it will cost you $99, and for one year it is $149.

computer price

We feel that FlexiSPY premium is the best value for money deal because it comes with a lot of features and you get to try it for one month as well. The extreme back is quite expensive; however, once you start using the extreme pack, you will understand why it has been priced so high. Readers may note that FlexiSPY comes with a free 24-hour premium trial packs, and it gives you 10 days money back guarantee.

How to Get FlexiSPY

If you want to get FlexiSPY, then always get it from their official website to stay away from scams. Also, FlexiSPY is not available on Google Play Store neither on the Apple app store. Here is the link to download it- https://www.flexispy.com/.

Some important tips before you install it:

  • Keep the target device with you physically. Which means, if the device has a password, then you must be aware of the password to open it.
  • No matter what device your target is using you must jailbreak it first before you install the application.
  • If the target is using an Android phone, then you will require root access.
  • We will strongly recommend you to keep a backup of the target device before you even begin the jailbreaking process.
  • Check the internet connectivity of your computer and log in to your FlexiSPY online portal for you to start the installation process.

How to Use FlexiSPY

In order to use FlexiSPY, you will first have to purchase a 12 months licence for the target phone. After buying the application, you will receive a confirmation email to your registered email ID which will contain all the information about login, as well as the step-by-step instructions which will help you to install the app easily.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Visit the FlexiSPY website from your device; then you select the device that you wish to track.
Step 2: Now install FlexiSPY application on that device.
Step 3: Make sure to choose the correct version of your operating system.
Step 4: After you have successfully installed the application on the targets mobile phone, then all the data is sent through the FlexiSPY server to your device.

flexispy reviews picture

Step 5: You can use any device to check the activity report on FlexiSPY portal.

You can also check how to use FlexiSPY with the video below:

Some Tips to Know More about FlexiSPY

Is FlexiSPY Legal?

Mobile phone tracking has become common in most of the countries. Parents use these applications to keep an eye on their kids’ mobile phones. Even employers are now using a monitoring application to check their employees’ device. From state-to-state, laws may vary, the handset is better to check the local laws before installing the FlexiSPY application. It is not illegal for parents to use this application to monitor the children’s phone. But, to be on the safer side, it is better to know about the local laws before using such an application. Our FlexiSPY reviews cannot give you a certain answer.

Can Anyone Detect FlexiSPY?

When you download the FlexiSPY app, it is evident that you will not want the target to know that you have installed a mobile tracker application on the device. FlexiSPY gives you a choice to make it visible or utterly invisible to the target. No matter why you would want the application to be hidden, this option is absolutely available with FlexiSPY.

  • Once you install the FlexiSPY software, no icon will appear on the targets phone.
  • All traces of jailbreaking as well as the installation process will be hidden.
  • Plus, FlexiSPY application will never appear in any application list.

What to Do If You Face Problems with FlexiSPY?

If at any time you face a problem with FlexiSPY, then feel free to use their 24 x7 live chat support, email ticketing support, as well as phone support. The best part about FlexiSPY reviews is that they are pretty quick in solving customer problems.


Even though FlexiSPY is a bit costlier than any other spying applications, the features that FlexiSPY offers is superb and not to forget they have a superior Customer Service Department. If you do not mind paying a little extra for a reliable Spy application, then you can definitely go ahead with FlexiSPY.

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