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Following program history and observing the long range interpersonal communication, applications were never this simple. FoneMonitor is presenting the bundle of stunning highlights at a sensible cost. It is one of the few applications that you could have on your desktop, portable computer or mobile browser. Using the application, you’ll be able to track the activities in no time. From decision logs to messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and alternative notable social media sites. FoneMonitor ensures that you check on the content all in one place, while not bothering anybody else to act on behalf of you.

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  • FoneMonitor is highly regarded as the most reliable and simple iPhone monitoring solution through which you can track all the activities on either kids’ or employees’ iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices.
  • One of the attractive features is that you don’t need to jailbreak or install any other application to use it. Whenever a network connection is available, FoneMonitor can easily be setup from any browser to different locations.

Salient Features of FoneMonitor


The dashboard is the outline of the device under observation. The device information like last familiar location, battery level and standing of the GPS are mentioned in the dashboard. Additionally, you can see last call, last message, five most line contacts and five most electronic communication contacts.

Track Call, Messages, Contacts

Timing, duration, and if the decision was incoming or outgoing. You can also veiw all the contact names with their signs, all sent and received messages in FoneMonitor application.

Tracking GPS Location

Now if you just have contracted the device you’re observing, finding the precise location of it is straightforward. You can also take the route history of the target into consideration.

Key Logger

Key logger records the entire input files created by the users as encrypted log files. You can monitor calendar, reminders and skim memos, making it simple to track Android and iOS devices with FoneMonitor.

Tracking Internet or Browser History

As mentioned earlier, tracing the history of calls is a remarkable feature of FoneMonitor. You will be able to get the information about the users’ interests through the browser history.

Capture Screenshot

Using FoneMonitor you will be able to capture screenshot of the active device. You can use it to point out your worker or kid to realize them their mistakes hence making their performance better.

Recording of the Calls

All the dialled and received calls get automatically recorded on your account and you would even get data about the call time, call length and all the relevant details of caller.

Social Apps

Monitoring the applications during work hours is extremely necessary as several workers waste their time on social media applications or maybe play games throughout work. FoneMonitor monitors and shows the most frequent applications so that you can keep an eye on your child’s social media accounts and see what they’re sharing or with whom they are chatting. You will even be able to transfer photos from apps.

Schedule Restrictions

With the assistance of FoneMonitor, you can limit the device usage by the children. The Schedule restriction permits you to schedule all the activities amongst children and the employees.

Why People Need It?

Below are the reasons why people use the software like FoneMonitor widely:

  • It becomes possible to monitor kids’ activities and protect them using FoneMonitor app while staying away from home.
  • For iOS users there is no jail breaking to use the app, it doesn’t drain much battery of the target device.
  • Employer can monitor activities of employees via FoneMonitor and can adjust work for them.
  • Browser history, multimedia data, WhatsApp, text messages and calls all can be monitored.
  • As the browser history can be viewed, it becomes easy to find user’s interest and suggest her the trending stories according to her interest.
  • You cannot carry your computer all over, thus it’s nice that this tool can be used on your phone’s browser. Also, each folks can monitor their children’s activity from 2 completely different devices.
  • Simple and easy to use, can be set up easily in just three steps.

How to Use FoneMonitor

The first step is to create an account by providing details, like name, email address and choosing a subscription plan, it can either be an ultimate edition or the premium edition. The price is different for both of the editions with different features.

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Once you are registered, the next step is to install App on the target device where the information about the target device’s owner is required, including age, OS of the target device (android, iPhone).

After which you can download the FoneMonitor app and install it. Once you have installed it, you can set-up the security features and settings in it.

In the last step, login with the registered account click on monitor device and select any activity you want to monitor. To monitor or spy Apps, click on “Applications” from the panel available on left side where you will be able to see all installed Apps on the monitored device with the App name and icon.

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There is a “search” feature available on dashboard allowing you to find the target App if it contains a lot of installed applications. If you want to know more about FoneMonitor, just check the video review below:

Current Plans and Pricing in FoneMonitor App

Premium Android Edition:

The Premium edition has some limited features available, the available features are: Call Logs, GPS Location, Apps, Browser History, Photos, Contacts, Text Messages, Calendar activities, Bookmarks, Videos.

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The missing features in Premium Edition are: Sim Tracker, Wifi, Email, Voice Memos, Key Logger, WhatsApp, Documents, Skype, Line, Kik, Viber, Tinder, Instagram, QQ, Hangouts and Web Chat.

Ultimate Android Edition:

This ultimate edition provides all the features. i.e., Call Logs, GPS Location, Apps, Browser History, Photos, Contacts, Text Messages, Calendar activities, Bookmarks, Videos, Sim Tracker, WIFI, Email, Voice Memos, Key Logger, WhatsApp, Documents, Skype, Line, Kik, Viber, Tinder, Instagram, QQ, Hangouts and Web Chat.

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iOS Pricing in FoneMonitor App

1 month subscription package is $39.99.

The available features are:

Call Logs, Text Messages, iMessages, WhatsApp, Contacts, Apps, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Browser History, Location History, Bookmarks, Photos and video from Third-party Apps, Voice Memos and LINE Messages.

Cons of FoneMonitor App

Some Apps that kill an excessive amount of time for youths like YouTube weren’t visible within the ‘Applications’ section.


The FoneMonitor tool has nearly everything that a spying parent asks for. There are such a big amount of advanced options on it like keyword alerts, interference apps, Geofence, etc. These options are useful not simply watching your child but additionally stopping them from doing superfluous activities. For instance, you can set a hard and fast time for him/her to check and simply block all the apps or modify schedule restrictions.

Tracking browser history and watching the social networking apps were never such easy. FoneMonitor is providing the package of wonderful options at an inexpensive value. With all the above-named options, simple integration and usefulness, it’s quite obvious that the majority would suggest the use of FoneMonitor as a useful and necessary app.

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