iKeyMonitor Reviews: Is It Legal and Really Useful?

For any concerned parent, it’s impaired to know everything their kid is doing on their phone. With the increased use of the internet, we never know what our kids are doing on their smartphones. Statistics have shown that 60% of teenage kids are prone to getting involved in drug deals and porn. So, won’t it be safe for your kids if you knew the kind of company they kept?

The iKeyMonitor is here to help. You can keep an eye on what your kids do while they are spending time on screens. And prevent them from getting involved in unethical activities after learn the iKeymonitor Reviews.

Is It A Good Idea to Spy on Your Kids?

We know the idea of spying on your kids itself seems unethical. Some people consider it to be a good idea while others think invading a child’s privacy isn’t something that should be promoted.

But if you tell your kids beforehand that you will be keeping tabs on their online engagement, don’t you think it will settle things down and won’t be morally wrong? We suggest it won’t be. If your kid has been made aware of the parental check, then he won’t be indulging in any unethical activities otherwise and you can keep your kid safe from inappropriate information.

Back in 2013, in a survey conducted by BBC, 43% of the parents said their kids knew they were keeping a proper check on their phone activities.

What is iKeymonitor?

iKeyMonitor is spying software that properly monitors all the activity going on in a smartphone. It has to be connected through a target phone and once that’s done, the person who is spying will keep tabs on the keystrokes, track the phone and capture text messages.

With the help of this application, the user can easily recover files and all sorts of data even if it has already been deleted on the other phone.

What Can iKeymonitor Do?

iKeyMonitor is compatible with both, Apple and Android phones so don’t worry, if you want it, you can have it either way. it won’t matter what version of Android, iPhone, iPod or iPad you’re using, the application will work perfectly fine. With the help of this application, you can do all the things enlisted down below:

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  • Track calls – The iKeyMonitor will track all the calls made from the target phone. You will also be able to see who your child interacts with the most on his phone.
  • Emails – With the help of this application, you will get access to all the emails your kid has sent and received.
  • Voice messages – You will also be able to listen to all the voice messages that your child receives on a daily basis.
  • GPS – The GPS function on the application is mind-blowing. It will keep you informed regarding your child’s whereabouts and you will also know who your kid mostly hangout with. The ikeyMonitor Application will also let you know about the exact location of your kid at an exact point whenever you need to know.
  • Clipboard – This is a piece of information copied from anywhere which remains safe on the phone. You will also get access to that.
  • SMS – If you happen to be someone who you child texts most of the time? iKeyMonitor will grant you access to not only the messages that your kid sends but also the ones he receives.
  • Games – The application will also let you know the kind of games your child plays.
  • Applications – This is another thing that iKeyMonitor will keep you informed on. You will know the kind of applications he keeps on his phone.
  • Websites – Perhaps, this is by far the most important aspect a parent wants to know about his child since everything bad and good happens on the internet. You will have access to all the web-browsing history on your kid’s phone through iKeyMonitor. You will see the list of the websites even if the history has been deleted from the phone.

Is It Safe to Use iKeyMonitor?

iKeyMonitor is completely safe to use. It is from all kinds of SpyWare and comes as a paid application. It is free of malware as well. So, yes. This application is thoroughly safe to use.

How to Use iKeyMonitor

Most of the spying applications out there aren’t really credible because they limit your spying tactics. You cannot completely make use of it and there are always glitches.

However, iKeyMonitor allows you to completely and utterly keep an eye on the target phone. Doesn’t matter which platform you’re using, the application works just fine on Android, iPod, iPhone, and iPad. You can use different methods to keep the spying going on all these devices.

The application gives you the option of viewing all the activity, deleted and undeleted on the phone. You can also connect an internet-enabled device through the LAN network and monitor activity from a different device instead of using the same one.

You can also track the device from a cloud account. You will get all the information on this account and we consider it to be the best option since you won’t have to take the phone from your kid and monitor activity remotely.

Here is the Complete Installation Guide

Step 1 – Disable Google Play Protect

Go to Settings, then navigate to Google and tap on it, then tap on Security and turn “OFF” the toggle for Scan device for security threats and Improve harmful app detection (1,2,3)

disable google play protect

Step 2 – Disable Google Play Protect Notification

  • On Android version 7.x – Go to Settings, tap on Notifications, then on Google Play Store and turn “ON” the toggle for Block all (1,2,3)
  • disable google play protect notification

  • On Android 8.x – Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps > Google Play Store > App notifications > High priority (1,2,3)
    Set to “OFF“

disable on android 8x

In case you have installed the application already and you have been notified, “Uninstall harmful app“, then Long press the notification and Turn the notification to “OFF“.

turn off notification

Step 3 – Installing

Give permission to the application to install from “Unknown Sources”, go to Settings, tap on Security, then check the box for “Unknown sources”. You will see “iKeyMonitor-Android.apk” downloaded on your phone, tap on it.

Note: If you tap “Done” after installation, locate and tap on the iKeyMonitor icon on the device screen to launch the software.

Step 4 – 4-ways to open iKeyMonitor

Once you have installed the application and you have begun using it, you will see that icon of the app will appear on the Home Screen and Navigation Bar. To have a better user experience, there are two options, either you keep them on your home screen or disable them completely.

  1. Visit https://ikeymonitor.com/openapp with the phone browser (Hidden Mode)
  2. Dial PIN #8888* with the call dialing pad (Hidden Mode)
  3. Tap on iKeyMonitor icon on your phone’s notification bar (Visible Mode)
  4. Tap on iKeyMonitor icon on your phone’s home screen (Visible Mode)

Follow the above steps and you will be able to open/disable it.

What’s the Price of iKeyMonitor?

Unfortunately, there is no free version of iKeyMonitor and it costs $59.99 per month. You will have to buy the version after a 1-day free trial.

The application can be easily purchased from Google Play or App Store. You will need a Visa card or a Master card for that purpose.

Online iKeyMonitor Reviews

Most of the users have found iKeyMonitor to be highly functional and useful. The application is thoroughly compatible with all the devices and doesn’t bug a bit.

The only complain that users have is that it is paid and doesn’t come with a free version.


  • They keystroke recording is great
  • You can easily access all the passwords
  • Monitors screen activity
  • Multiple-language support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Requires jailbreak
  • The free trial duration is very limited
  • It’s pretty expensive


So, if you’re looking for that perfect application to monitor all your child’s activity and keep an eye out for what he or she is up-to, then iKeyMonitor will be the perfect application for you to make use of.

You do need to buy it but once you do, you can ensure your kid doesn’t fall prey to unethical immoral activities at any cost.

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