mSpy Reviews: Why It Is Said to Be the Best Tracking App

With the digital world evolving at such a fast pace, we all are blessed today with a range of apps available for our smartphones. We are introduced daily with the new apps designed for fulfilling various purposes. One of the purposes includes monitoring our loved ones and protecting them from any illegal activity going online. Moreover, how many times have you experienced an abnormal behaviour from your spouse? Or seeing your kids glued to their Smartphone the entire day might fill you with curiosity. A number of questions our mind may pose about the activities of your children. Or imagine what would you do if your spouse is cheating on you? Got confused? No more need to be! The monitoring apps like mSpy can help you serve the purpose easily. In this article, we are going to provide you with the fundamentals of this app by giving an in-depth review on it. So, without a further ado, let’s start the mSpy reviews.

What is mSpy

mSpy, as hidden in the name, aims to spy on others. Putting in simple words, it is an app that is beneficial for the parents and employers to keep an eye on their kids and employees respectively. In case you sense any suspicious activity from the one whose safety is utmost important to you, this app can allow you to access their device and you can save them from any of the illegal stuff. A plenty of good features are supported with this app.

mSpy comes with a range of price packages. One can choose license according to their considerations and suitability. A user can opt for a licence for 1 month, 3 months or a year. Here is the detailed structure of how much mSpy can cost.

  • Basic Package: $29.99 for 1 month, $59.99 for 3 months and $99.99 for a year.
  • Premium Package: $69.99 for 1 month, $119.99 for 3 months and $199.99 for a year.
  • Family Kit Package: It is expensive and allows you to monitor 3 devices at the same moment. The price goes $359.97 for 6 months and $479.97 for a year.
Key Features:

While reviewing mSpy or any other app, not telling the features will not make any sense. So here they are:

  • Manage Calls/Text Messages/Emails: From the target device, you can get the complete information related to calls, read messages being sent and received as well as read the email information.
  • GPS/Geo-fencing: You can easily track locations of the target person as well as set the boundaries for them. If they cross the level, you will get to know.
  • Keyword alert and Keylogger: A list of keywords can be set by you such as porn, drugs etc. With this, you will be alerted if your kid uses any sort of such words in chats or browser. Also, with keylogger feature, mSpy records all the keystrokes types by the user.
  • Monitor Media Files: The parents can easily monitor videos and photos being shared on the devices.
  • Oversee Internet Activities: Look what websites your kids are visiting and check from search history for any doubt.
  • Blocking Feature: With this, you can block inappropriate website and apps. Also, incoming calls from certain numbers can also be blocked.
  1. Comes with 24/7 multi-language support
  2. Completely safe to use
  3. Can work on jailbroken/rooted or un-jaibroken/unrooted devices
  4. Works in stealth mode
  1. It lacks in some advanced monitoring features like recording, listening surroundings etc.
  2. Other phones like Blackberry or Nokia Symbian aren’t supported
  3. You may not be able to avail some features if your device is not jailbroken/rooted.

Is It Legit?

Yes, according to the website itself, they claim that the use of this app is absolutely legal as long as your intentions meet the legal requirements. Basically mSpy is made for the purpose of parental guidance and if you are using the app for the safety of your children, the app is legit to use. Also, using the app to supervise as the company owner, provided that your employees have knowledge of it is perfectly fine.

Now, the vital point to know is that you are totally responsible to have knowledge on the authorization of device monitoring. You must know what disclosures or agreements are needed in your jurisdiction to make use of such app. Moreover, you can contact the legal counsel in case you have any questions about the legitimacy of mSpy. To look for mSpy for any legal advice will go in vain.

How Does mSpy Work

Here is the main part of mSpy reviews. You should be aware of how it works. Well! When you install the app on the target device, it starts collecting the data from it. The data then is displayed on the Control panel on your system or device. Here, you can access the activities from the target device.

You are required to check the compatibility of the target device. It is necessary to know that mSpy supports the OS of the device or not. Thereupon, you should go for a subscription plan as well as purchase it. A login and password will be sent to your email which will be needed later. When you will have the proper authorization of the target device, you can visit the browser in there and install the app from the link. Upon confirming the purpose of using the app, you can proceed as it will allow monitoring legally.

How to Use mSpy

In this part of mSpy review, let us get to know how to use this software and app. Pay attention to the step below:

Step 1: Make Account and Go for Purchasing

First things first! Create an mSpy account. You are then required to choose one of the subscriptions to initiate the process. Once you choose, fill the order form. You can then fulfil the payment part followed by looking at your email for the installation details.

mspy reviews picture

Step 2: Install the App and Do Setup

Further with downloading mSpy and grab the target device to install this app on it. Make sure to know that you need to root your Android device or jailbreak the iOS in case you are using Premium features.

mspy reviews picture

Step 3: Begin to track your Kids

Finally, you can use the details that you got on the email to login the Control Panel. Once entered the credentials successfully, you can easily monitor calls, texts, WhatsApp, location and so on.

BTW, if you want to know how to install mSpy without the target device, check the video below:

Is mSpy the Most Worthy Tracking App?

If we summarize the whole mSpy review, we believe that it is one of the most considerable apps that understand the need of kids’ safety and the distractions on which they can be spoilt easily. Whether it is professional use or for family use, it works flexibly. It also allows one to opt for non-jailbreak features so if anyone isn’t comfortable in rooting or jailbreaking their device, they can surely opt for mSpy. All in all, mSpy is reliable software and you should not be hesitant to use it.


It is always helpful to know better about an app or anything prior to using it. And reading mSpy reviews is worthy and can be of great assistance for your understanding. Therefore, we have reviewed mSpy fully and provided you with every essentials of it. We hope that you have read the article carefully and grasp the nitty-gritty of mSpy. For more reviews and stuff like this, please stay tuned with us and get updated with the interesting apps and software.

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