[Reviewed!]10 Best GPS Key Finder 2020

Getting the best key finder will mean that you don’t have to waste much time to find your lost key. If you’ve ever been looking for the best GPS key finder, this is the article for you to read. It contains the things you needed to find the right finder.

Is There a GPS Tracker for Keys?

Yes, there is a GPS tracker for keys. If you’ve been struggling to find your keys, it’s high time you consider using key finder GPS. These keys are extremely important in this modern age. They can save you from the issue of getting late for your work, meetings, date, and any other appointments. The key finder GPS ensures that you never lose your keys. They have amazing tracking features that make them work without any failure.

What Is the Best GPS Key Finder?

There are numerous key finders people regarded as the best ones. However, not all of them are the best. There are some essential factors you must consider before regarding any key finder as the best ones. The factors are:

Design: In most cases, the best key finder has simple and intuitive designs. They have a compact size which makes them easy to carry. Their portability makes them easy to attach to your desired keys.

Usability: Best key finders are easier to configure. They are a multipurpose device. You can use them for a broad range of functions.

Performance: They can locate items wherever they are. The best key finders have strong tracking capabilities that make finding your keys much easier.

The top 10 GPS key finders that are notable for the above-stated features include:

1. Click ‘n Dig Model D2 Key Finder

The Click ‘n Dig Model D2 has dual key ring attachments. It also has a transmitter, two key receivers, and extra batteries. It’s unique for its bell-shaped and sturdy design. This key GPS finder doesn’t need the internet, wireless network, or smartphone for its functioning. It has a transmitter’s radio frequency that can penetrate through cushions, walls, etc. With this functionality, you can easily track your device at any moment and angle of your home.

Price : $28.60


  • It’s attractive
  • It has a louder beep of up to 90 decibels
  • It has no screws for easy access to the batteries

Cons: It can add some bulk to your keys if you have a car clicker plus a finder on your keyring.

2. KeyRinger XL Key Finder

This is one of the loudest key finders in the market today. It has a keyring XL Key Finder which makes it an excellent choice for people. Also, this key finder GPS locator has 2 receivers you can attach to your keys and other daily items. Its hard plastic cases make it durable for people. The included lithium battery has an extended life.

Price: $29.95


  • It doesn’t require any setup
  • It can work over a 300 feet range
  • It has a flashing light and loud beeping noise
  • Cons:

    • It is big
    • It’s loud
    • 3. Esky Wireless Key Finder

      This is another best GPS key finder. It has LED lights that make the process of finding your key easy in low-light conditions. The key finder also comes with a remote stand. This affords you the opportunity of placing your transmitter safe when you are not using it.

      Price: $22.99


      • It’s designed for multiple items
      • It has a series of replaceable batteries
      • It notable for a 100 feet range
        • Cons:

          • You will need to remember the color of your lost key
          • It is not compact

          4. Tile Pro Key Finder

          The Tile Pro Key Finder is a durable key finder GPS app. It’s fairly well made and has waterproof. You won’t need to worry about losing track of your most prized possessions in wet conditions. The compact design of this device lets you attach, put, or stick it into your key comfortably.

          Price : $32.98


          • It has a durable construction and waterproof design
          • It great for its 200 feet range

          Cons: This device has non-replaceable battery.

          5. Rinex Bluetooth Key Finder

          The Rinex Bluetooth Key Finder is available in three different color options – White, Orange, and green. Its thin nature let you can easily slip the device into your luggage or wallet without taking much space.

          Price : $40


          • Up to 150 feet range
          • Proximity and phone finder alarm
          • iPhone finder feature and shutter button for the camera


          • Short battery life
          • Needs reconnecting when the phone restarts

          6. KeySmart Pro Key Finder

          The KeySmart has a tile tracking feature that allows you to ring or view your keys’ location on a map using the Tile app. It holds up to 10 keys and keeps them in a particular order so you can find them immediately.

          Price : $50


          • It has multi-tool features
          • It helps keep your keys organized
          • It’s rechargeable

          Cons: It holds limited number of keys

          7. Chipolo One Key Finder

          This key finder has a lot of amazing features. Once you’ve connected the finder to your phone, you can ring the finder or see your device last location on a map. The tracker is super thin and has a water-resistant design.This make it a durable lost key finder gps.

          Price : $25


          • Out-of-range notifications
          • Compatible with voice assistants
          • Loud ringer

          Cons: Its battery drains quickly

          8. Orbit Key Finder

          The device itself is made from aluminum and has a waterproof build to protect against day-to-day damage. It’s about two inches across and has a built-in loop that you can thread your key ring through.

          Price : $25


          • It doubles as smartphone selfie remote
          • It has waterproof design

          Cons: Its battery drains quickly

          9. Mynt ES

          Mynt ES is another GPS key finder with a decent range. It got a good digital leash feature.

          Price : $20


          • Cheap
          • Decent range


          • Confusing documentation
          • Battery is hard to replace

          10. Cube Tracker Key Finder – Most Versatile Key Finder

          The Cube is a smart and durable tracking device that can connect to a Smartphone. Once the app is activated, it can be used to keep tabs on a wide range of items.

          Price : $89


          • It’s made of durable and high-grade material
          • It works even when the app isn’t running

          Cons: This model is rather heavy.

          We talked about the best GPS key finder on this page. All of them has pros and cons. You will need to evaluate them and choose the one that indeed suits your demands.

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