Top 10 Android Remote Control Methods (2019 Latest)

Have you ever heard about Android remote control? Surely, you might have heard about it somewhere around you. You can control your Android device through the remote control app. This enables you to access each and everything on the Android device through the app.

Many apps and tools are available online which offer such remote control features so that you can access the target Android device physically accessing the device. Some of these apps are free of cost while others are available a different packages for which you have to pay. You should opt for the tool which fulfills your requirements and needs.

Is It Possible to Remote Control Android?

Android devices are common everywhere. Modern day technology has advanced so much. There are no boundaries left to be crossed when it comes to accessing the target devices. All you need is the help of effective tools and apps to make this happen. With the use of such apps, you can easily remote control Android phone.

You can not only access the device remotely, but can also control all the features of the Android device without physically accessing the device.

10 Ways to Remote Control Android Phone

Many apps and tools are available online which will enable you to remote controlling Android phone. Some apps prove to be costly while others are free of cost. Following 10 apps are the best in this regard:

1. TeamViewer

One of the most popular Android remote control software is TeamViewer. It is used for personal as well as commercial uses. This tool is popular and effective due to its safe file sharing and remote access features. All you have to do is to install the tool on your PC and install the QuickSupport app on the target device. Once done, you can easily remote control the Android device.

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If you are purchasing this tool for the business purposes, then the packages are too expensive as compared to other such tools.

2. LogMeIn Rescue

It is another effective Android remote control app for the users. Like other such apps, it also allows you to access the target device remotely. You can also configure the system settings of the device without physically accessing it. You can connect to the target device within 20 seconds.

logmeln picture

Although you get a free trial for your satisfaction, still the packages of this tool are way too expensive. The basic annual package costs $108 per month which is quite expensive as compared to other tools.

3. AirDroid

This is yet another popular tool to remote control Android device. It is available in various packages. Each package offers a variety of features. You can transfer the bulk amount of files and folders from the target device using this tool. You can also control the camera of the target device using this tool.

airdroid picture

  • The issue that arises while using this app is the network issue.
  • You might face the network error over and over again while uploading the files. You will also have to turn off your Bluetooth before using this app.
  • This restriction causes inconvenience to many people.

4. Mobizen

This tool is unique due to its diverse features. You can record the video of the target device screen using this tool. You can also take the screenshots of the target device. If your PC has touch screen, then you can use the same touch screen feature on the remote device. All you have to do is to drag and drop the files that you want to transfer.

mobizen picture

This app sometimes gets stuck while using some of its features like video recording. You may also face audio recording issues while recording your video through this app.

5. STF

If you want to run the shell commands remotely, then STF is the best solution for this purpose. It not only gives the access to the target device, but also you can detect the possible issues in the remote device using this tool. You are allowed to completely transfer the files from the remote device to your PC.

stf picture

The user interface of this tool is not very easy to understand, especially if you are a non-tech person. There is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the interface design of this tool.

6. BBQScreen

Another effective and popular Android remote control tool is BBQScreen. It allows you to access the target device without any interruption in the connection. It offers HD video and clear audio for an amazing experience. This tool is free of cost and requires a simple download to be used.

bbqscreen picture

This app has compatibility issues on various devices. If you are using a device which does not support this app well, then you won’t be able to use it at all.

7. Monitordroid

One of the most versatile tools is Monitordroid, which enables you to access the target device in all possible manners. You can send SMS, make calls and can also lock the remote device for security reasons. You can have complete access to the data inside the remote device.

monitordroid picture

8. MoboRobo

MoboRobo offers a complete access and control to remote device where you can not only share the files, but can also download and run the applications on the target device. You can make the backup of the data in order to prevent any data loss.

moborobo picture

  • You might face the issue while transferring the apps from the remote device to your PC.
  • Also, the updates may cause your app to become less functional and you might find some features to become non-functional.

9. SureMDM

It is a very powerful Android remote control tool which offers the feature of tracking the location of the target device.

suremdm picture

  • You can get access to the remote device and can control the device using the dashboard of this tool.
  • You can view the statistics of the device through this tool which is quite a unique feature. You won’t find bugs and issues in this app.

10. SideSync

SideSync is another tool which allows you to control the remote device. You can make calls and can also send messages from the remote device using this tool. The interface of this tool is simple to use and free from any complexity.

sidesync picture

The file transfer feature of this app sometimes causes a lot of issues. Your app may get freeze while transferring the files.


GIf you wish to remotely access any Android device, then all this is possible with the help of tools and apps available online for this purpose. You can also control the features like phone calls, SMS, system settings and many others using such tools. Data backups of the remote device can be made to prevent any data loss. All the available apps have some issues. You should conduct a proper research before buying any one of them. You have to choose the right tool for your use. You can share files and folders from the remote device.

Most of such remote control apps and tools are free of cost. All you have to do is to download a suitable one and use the dashboard to control the remote device without any interruption.

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