How Can You Block Websites On Safari on iPhone and Mac

These days, the internet is a big source of distraction. Just as there are websites with valuable bits of information for productiveness, we also have a good number that is time wasters. Parents and companies often make use of the web browser, Safari, to surf the internet. They have often sought out how to block a website on Safari, so there is very safe browsing for kids and to promote workers’ productivity.

To prevent access to such websites on Safari, we would enlighten you on how to block websites on Safari iPhone and how to block websites In Safari on Mac.

How to Block Websites on Safari

1. How to Block Websites on Safari on iPhone

As a parent who uses an iPhone, you are probably wondering how to block a site on Safari. There are a number of ways you can use if you are a parent looking for how to block websites on Safari iPhone.

Make Use of a Website Blocker App

Looking for how to block websites on Safari iPhone? Utilizing software applications that are specifically designed to block websites is a sure way. Zero Willpower is an example. Your iPhone device would have to be running on the iOS 9.0 version for it to make use of this software. To make use of Zero willpower, follow these steps:

zero willpower app

  1. Download and install the iOS version of the application
  2. Launch the app
  3. Tap the iPhone settings and switch the default content blocker to the app
  4. Add the sites you want to be blocked
  5. Tap did

Use the Website Restriction Settings

You can prevent your children from assessing inappropriate adult websites by utilizing the iPhone restriction settings. Follow the below-listed steps if you want to know how to block a website on Safari iPhone using this method.

  1. Open iPhone settings
  2. Tap the Screen time option
  3. Tap Content and privacy restrictions
  4. Choose content restrictions
  5. Tap the web content option then limit adult websites
  6. Tap add “website” under the NEVER ALLOW option
  7. Input the website domain you want to be blocked
  8. Tap did

Repeat these steps for every website you add to the block list.

2. How to Block Websites on Safari on Mac

Use a Website Blocker Software

Making use of a software application that denies access to certain websites, is a great way of how to block websites on MacBook. This can be done with the use of multipurpose, user-friendly website blockers such as Y-productive. With website blockers, you not only block and unblock websites you can also lock some applications with passwords and have your time effectively managed.

y productive app

Then steps listed below will show you how to block websites in Safari on mac:

  1. Download the website blocker software
  2. Install the software on your MacBook
  3. Click the website blocking button, WebBlock
  4. Add the websites you do not want to be accessed in the blacklist.

Once the websites are blocked, they would remain inaccessible until you unblock them.

Parental Controls

Another way of how to block websites in Safari on a mac is through the parental control settings. With this, you will be able to restrict access to inappropriate websites for kids. Take the following steps:

parental control

On the menu bar at the top, click the Apple logo. Select system preferences and choose parental controls:

  1. Create a new account or make use of the one on the system to activate restrictions
  2. Click on the Web button and enable the “Try to limit access to adult websites” link
  3. Click the Customize button and input the website domains you want to block
  4. Click OK

You can add or remove websites from your customized list as often as you like.

Using a Terminal

This is a more technical method of how to block websites on MacBook. If you are conversant with how to block websites on Windows, you would know what is called the hosts’ file. Tweaking the hosts’ file can enable the blocking of some websites. To do this, you would have to:

  1. Locate the Terminal app and launch it
  2. Type the command: ‘Sudo nano /etc/hosts’, and click enter after entering your password
  3. On a new line, type followed by a space, then by the website domain, you want to block. E.g.
  4. Continue inputting the websites to block by sticking to the aforementioned format
  5. Press Control + O keys to save the file of blocked websites.
  6. Exit the editing file using the Control + X keys
  7. When you return to the terminal app homepage, remove the cache files by typing the command: ‘Sudo dscacheutil -flushcache’
  8. Click finish

If you are not technically savvy, you can try out the other methods discussed above on how to block websites in Safari on Mac.

How to Unblock Websites on Safari

1. How to Unblock Websites on Safari on iPhone

The following steps would teach you how to unblock sites on iPhone Safari if you are using a website blocker application.

  1. Tap the software app
  2. Go to the block list
  3. Remove the websites you want unblocked
  4. Save

2. How to Unblock Websites on Safari on Mac

The following steps would teach you how to unblock sites in Safari on mac when using a website blocker app

  1. Click on the web blocker software app icon
  2. Select the disable web block button
  3. Input your password
  4. Click Enter

The websites that were blocked earlier are now accessible.

If you blocked websites using the Terminal app method, you can unblock them by:

  1. Launching the Terminal app
  2. Type the command ‘sudo pico /etc/hosts’
  3. Edit the blocked list
  4. Press the Control + O keys
  5. Return to the home page

Apps Used in Blocking Websites for Safari

1. For iPhone

Zero willpower

This is a website blocker app through and through. However, this software app can only be used in blocking websites on the Safari browser. You can set a time schedule to block websites. After the expiration of the timer, you can choose to unblock them. A one-time payment of $1.99 is all that is needed.

Features: Website blocking


This is a great app for parents who use iPhone devices when they want their children not to have access to specific sites. There is a trial version, a monthly payment of $2.24-$6.99 or a one-time payment of $129.99 to have it permanently.

freedom app


  1. Websites blocking
  2. Block access to the internet
  3. Apps blockage
  4. Provides blocking across various devices
  5. The time duration for blocking access
  6. Locked mode

Rescue Time

This is not only a website blocking app, but it also helps iPhone users to plan out their time. This time management feature comes in handy as applications cannot be blocked with this software, but you can put a time limit on how long you can use them.

rescue time app


  1. Time management
  2. Websites blocking
  3. Apps usage management

2. For MacBooks


Apart from being a website blocking app, Y-productive helps you to make good use of your time in productive ways. This it does by giving you a detailed progressive report of what you have accomplished during your work hours. This app is very popular among Mac OS users.


  1. Behavioural analysis
  2. Focus mode
  3. Performance reports
  4. Work statistics
  5. Time scheduling


This app is specifically used to block entire websites or specific webpages. You can set the amount of time you spend on applications and get a detailed report on how you are progressing in attaining your goals. You can access this app either by paying a monthly fee of $9.99 or a yearly payment of $99.99.

focus app


  1. Target blocking
  2. Drag and drop websites to be blocked
  3. Time management
  4. Leisure mode
  5. Inspirational quotes on blocked websites
  6. Set goals tracker


This app is great for blocking websites on the mac OS. You can use this app for free or get more advanced features such as website category blocking when you pay a monthly fee of $0.99.


  1. Website blockage
  2. Apps blocking
  3. Time duration


To improve productivity either at school or in the workplace, parents and employers who are looking for ways on how to block certain websites on Safari can make use of the ways we have highlighted above. They are the recommended ways on how to block websites on Safari iPhone for parents who make use of iPhone devices and also provide employers with the knowledge on how to block websites on Safari on Mac.

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