[Answered!]Can Someone Track My Phone without Me Knowing?

Can Someone Track My Phone without Me Knowing? So much privacy has been invaded simply because of phone tracking. Some sensitive data have been leaked to third parties’ hands. This circumstance is increasing daily and anyone who wants to avoid being a victim must learn the best way guard against phone tracking. This article is meant to help you out.

Question: Why Someone Can Track My Phone without Me Knowing?

Tracking someone phone is an extremely unpleasant invasion of privacy. It’s an illegal way of retrieving information about a person. It usually involves the use of wireless signals to triangulate people’s position between cell towers.

It’s not something that happens in movies only. It happens to people in real life. As a matter of fact, a lot of people have been a great victim of this incident. Hackers have used people’s phones to know where their loved ones are. Some employers use phone tracking to monitor their employees.

Other reasons why people track your phone without you knowing include:

  • Accessing important business data
  • spouse wants to find out if you have a potential affair
  • people want to know the status of your account.

Apple has an app named “Find Friends”. This iOS app allows iPhone and iPad users to share their location with the contacts of their choice. Also, they can spot the location of certain contacts they invite and approve as friends. Meanwhile, those whom they didn’t approve as friends in this app can’t see their location.

On Android, it may be possible for some apps to track your location. Indeed, such an app may share your location with other individuals. In that case, you need to be reasonably cautious about the apps you download and install on your device. You have to avoid the installation of apps that specifically promise to “share your exact location with other people”.

Although you won’t have a choice with some app preferences, yet you need to be careful. Apps like Facebook might require your location so it can help you find friends that are near you. However, there is some layer of privacy protection provided by these apps. The app won’t show your exact location to anyone. It’s generally fine to use, and you can always turn off your location permissions at any time.

[10 Tips]How Do I Know When Someone Is Tracking Me?

There are several things you will notice when someone is tracking you. The top 10 things to observe are:

1.Seeing Applications You Didn’t Install

This is one crucial thing you will notice on your device. Anyone spying your phone will install a tracking software package on your device. So, when you notice an app you didn’t install it on your phone, know that someone is already tracking you.

2.Abnormal High Data Consumption

Whenever you notice a high monthly data usage on your device, you need to start considering the fact that your device is being monitored. There is a great chance that someone has installed a spy app on your device. Such an app uses a significant amount of data to transmit the collected information from your cell phone.

3.Cell Phone Shows Signs of Activity in Standby Mode

Apart from the messages, calls, and other activity that puts your phone in standby mode, phone tracking can also put your phone in standby mode. When your phone is being tracked, there will be unexpected noises or sounds that ring alarm bells.

4.Unexpected Reboot

This is another clear indication that your phone is being tracked. You will notice that your cell phone reboot for no major purpose. Most times, it will reboot without your consent. This implies that someone has already had remote access to your device.

5.Unexpected Text Messages

If you receive a message that contains a variety of weird symbols, or even random numeric sequences, there is a great possibility of a potential spy on your device. This shows that someone is secretly using your phone.

6.Increased Shut Down Duration

This phenomenon is much similar to how a PC shuts down. Normally, your cell phone closes all of its active processes before it shuts down completely. If your phone shut down within 1 minute and it’s been prolonged now, it means your phone is being accessed by another person.

7.Your Cell Phone is Growing Increasingly Slower

The newest cell phones are equipped with powerful hardware and software. Your phone should be able to run many different apps at the same time. If you feel like your cell phone suddenly shows signs of a significant drop in speed, it’s potentially being remotely controlled and monitored.

8.Increasing Battery Temperature in Idle Mode.

This is not a common sign that your phone is being tracked. Your phone battery temperature can be caused by several technical issues.

9.​Difficulty Shutting Down Your Device

If you’re experiencing difficulties while trying to shut down your device, your phone likely has been compromised. That’s because the tracker keeps running some apps in the background. This will definitely prevent you from shutting down your device completely.

10. There can be odd Sounds during Calls

In time past, phone lines are not always stable. However, today’s networks now have a strong and stable signal. When you hear odd clicking sounds or distant voices interrupting your conversations, know that your phone is under monitoring.

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