Here to Know: How to Create a Gmail Account for a Child

If you’re struggling with how to create a Gmail account for a child, you need not worry about it. There are some notable techniques you can apply to attain your goal. They are made explicit in this article.

How Old Should a Child Be to Hava a Gmail Account?

One has to be of age 13 in order to use a Gmail account. So, far you’re a teenager, you can set up and manage your own Google accounts. It’s worthy to note that this minimum age restriction is in place because of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). It helps avoid the online services that collect personal information of users under the age of 13 without parental consent.

Know that you can’t bypass this age restriction stuff. Even if one’s parents trying to make the registration, Google will lock such an account. That’s not to say there is no way out. restrictions. Check the next section to learn more.

How to Create a Gmail Account for a Child?

There is a workaround on how to create a Gmail for my child under my account. Parents can create a Google account for someone under the age of 13 is via Family Link. This option lets you set up and manage a Google account for your kids. However, there will be a chance to set activity controls and content. It ensures you set parental control for Apps & Games, Music, Movies, TV, and Books your kid can view.

Kindly follow the procedures below to understand how to create a safe and secure Gmail account for your child to google play.

  1. Open the Family Link app. If you don’t have the Family Link app, visit the Family Link setup page to get started.
  2. In the top right, tap Create Create.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to create the account.
  4. When you’re done, a confirmation will show on the screen.

If you will be setting up the account on your android device, then you would need to follow the steps below :

  1. Turn on the new device and follow the instructions on the screen to set up the device.
  2. When you’re asked to sign in with your Google Account, tap Create a new account. If you don’t see “Create a new account,” tap More options first.
  3. Enter your child’s name, birthday, gender, email address, and password.
  4. Follow the instructions to sign in with your own Google Account, provide parental consent, and pick your child’s settings.

How Can I Access My Child’s Gmail Account?

There are special ways to access your child’s Gmail account. You can sign in to their Gmail account by simply using a web browser. Once you get to the homepage, kindly follow the steps below :

  1. Go to the Google sign-in page or sign in to a Google website like Gmail.
  2. Enter your child’s Google Account email address and password.
  3. Follow the instructions to finish signing your child in. You may need to enter your own Google Account password to give permission.
  4. If your child signs out of Google websites, they may need your permission to sign in again.

How to Better Protect and Know Children?

You can comfortably protect your child and know more about their activity when you use Spyic. Spyic is a reputable tool people often use to monitor the activities of their kids. The app is among the best phone monitoring tool in the world. It is used by millions of people across the world. It’s well known by parents, employers, people in relationships, as well as those involved in the cybersecurity world.

spyic picture

This app has several features. Among these features is the ability to do the following:

  • 1. Read messages: Spyic has great functionality for reading text messages. It can let you see iMessages that were sent out from the device or even received on it. It let you see every message based on the date and time log in which they are sent.
  • 2. Check call logs: This is another amazing feature of this app. It can let you track all calls made or received on your kids’ device. Just like the message, every call entry comes with a timestamp. That makes it easier for you to know when your kids receive a call in your absence.
  • 3. View social media activity: Spyic can also monitor a variety of popular social media apps. If your kids are on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Snapchat, you can comfortably check for what they are doing on the platform.
  • 4. Track locations: Spyic makes use of the phone’s built-in GPS to track its movements. Someone like you can view street names, buildings, and neighborhoods where your kids are located. You can use the software to know the real-time data of your kid’s location. Even when they lie to you, you will detect their pranks easily.
  • 5. Access web browser history: Another cool thing this tool does is the ability to access the device’s web browser history of your kids. When you use this tool, you will comfortably get a list of websites your kids visited while you’re not around. While you access history, you would be able to see the site descriptions and timestamps. That lets you know the nature of the site your kid enters.
  • 6. Download media files: If there are some nasty images and videos stored on your kids’ phone, Spyic will give you a peek at the photo gallery. You will easily spot them and get rid of them instantly.

You’re already getting excited by Spyic ,right? Great one ! Note that there are some pros and cons of this tool. They are highlighted below.

Pros of Spyic:

  1. It does not require phone rooting.
  2. It has a good support system.

Cons of Spyic:

  1. It’s expensive to acquire.
  2. It does not provide call recording or intercepting features


It’s not easy to monitor kids these days. They are becoming smart and aware of tricks to keep you away from their secret life. An app like Spyic will let you unveil every form of information they are hiding away from you.

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