How to Block Apps on iPad

Are you a concerned parent asking how do I block apps on my child’s iPad? Or do you want to understand all that is there to know on how to restrict apps on iPad? Blocking specific apps and sites on your Apple iPad is a skill at various points of your life. Regardless of whether you have kids or not, learning some basics on how to block certain apps on iPad is essential for anyone who owns an iPad or plans on getting one anytime soon.

Regardless of the model of your iPad, you can easily block some apps on it using several simple methods. Some of these methods are also discussed in this guide.

Part 1: How to Block Apps on iPad Using Parental Controls

Using Apple’s awesome parental control features, you can easily monitor and control another user’s activity on any Apple device, including the iPad. Our article aims at being brief and clear without sounding boring. Hence, we will just be sharing with you some of the most useful parental control features for your iPad here below:

1. How to Restrict Apps on iPad

Knowing how to block apps from iPad lets you easily hide some specific apps from your iPad’s screen for time being. When restricted, these apps cannot be launched on the iPad, and no one can use them unless you unblock them again.

  • Open your iPad’s settings and tap on “Screen Time”.
  • Then open the option titled “Content and Privacy Restrictions”. Tapping on this option, enter your 4-digit passcode and then confirm it.
  • Next, turn on “Content and Privacy”.
  • Tap on “Allowed Apps”. You would be taken to a list of all the apps present on your iPad. Depending on which apps you would or would not like your child to use, disable and enable the selected apps.
  • Once done, only the apps that you have enabled would be available for use on the iPad. The rest of the apps will stay unblocked for as long as you don’t enable them back.

2.How To Block In-App Purchases On iPad

Knowing how to block purchases on iPad is a way to have some degree of control over your device and how it can be used.

  • From settings, turn on your “Screen Time” option.
  • Go to “Content and Privacy Restrictions” and turn it on.
  • Tap “iTunes & App Store Purchases”.
  • Then go to “In-app purchases”. You’d get two options, select “Don’t Allow” and your in-App purchases will be blocked.

3.How To Block Games On iPad

Are you sick of your children playing games on your iPad all the time? Don’t worry, here are two solutions on how to block games on iPad:

  • Blocking Games From App Control

    Most games on your iPad are downloaded as apps. To block any game, simply follow the same method as you’d follow when blocking an app. Disable all those games that you don’t want your child to play on the iPad.

  • Putting Restrictions On Game Center

    Instead of blocking the entire game, you can simply customize its settings in a way to let a user play the game on the device but with several features blocked.

    From Settings, go to Screen Time and choose Content and Privacy Restrictions.

    Then select Content Restrictions and go down to Game Center.

    Tapping on Game Center will take you to several options. From these options, you can easily set features like multiplayer options, connecting with friends, and more just how you like.

How To Set Screen Limits On iPad

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to set screen time on iPad:

  • Go to settings and tap on Screen Time.
  • The tap on Turn on Screen Time and choose “This is My Child’s iPad”.
  • You’d be given an option to set the downtime for the device. Select the hours that you want your device to stay inactive. You can also set different downtimes for different categories of apps.
  • Once you set all the time limits, add a passcode that will later let you change and manage these screen time settings.


Part 2: Use Third-party Apps to Monitor iPad

Other than setting it all up on your own, you can also use third-party apps like the ones below to monitor and control apps on your iPad:


Qustodio lets you oversee your child’s usage of a digital device like their phone or iPad. Using this app, you can easily keep an eye on your child’s usage of their device. Further, you can also set time limits or block apps and content remotely.

The application also allows you to set downtime and other such time restrictions on an iPad and gives you a real-time estimate of where your child is taking along the iPad.

  • Go to Qustodio’s site and sign up for an account.
  • Then choose to download the app on the iPad you want to track with your Qustodio’s account.
  • Download the parent’s app or go to the website to get started!


Another amazing app that lets your control your iPad’s working is this iPad Spy app that tracks your iPad’s activity and location from a remote distance. Using this app, you can access an iPad’s microphone, check its social media activity, and record the calls made. You can also access an iPad’s history and other browsing activities using this app – all of this while being at a distance from the device itself.

  • Go to the Spyera website and create an account.
  • Download the app on your child’s iPad and let it run.
  • Log in to your account on the website and start right away!


Similar to the apps discussed above, this one also lets you spy on an iPad’s activity. Using this app, you can easily access the gallery, microphone, camera, and browsing activity of the iPad alongside controlling several other iPad settings.


Here comes the end to our guide on how to block apps on iPad. We tried our best to focus on only the most authentic and easiest options that aren’t too complicated. Knowing how to block apps on the iPad lets the parents control their kids’ usage of the device. Here’s to hoping that our guide helps you control your iPads without making you lose any essential features of your device.

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