Complete Tutorial: How to Block Games on Computer

How to block games on computer? Well, parents are always looking for ways to block games from their child’s computer and free up time for useful activities. Different software and tools can help you with this. Technology has made things easier for people and with the help of the right tools and techniques one can get the desire results in no time.

Why You Want to Block Games on Computer?

The majority of the parents face a similar inquiry about whether they should block games on the web or not? The appropriate response is unquestionable YES. If you do not block internet games, your child plays them ceaselessly. This will cause a lot of negative effects on your child’s overall health.

You may get an uncertainty, how games influence your children? On approaching games, kids play them fretfully; it will influence their physical and emotional well-being. We as a whole know the high utilization of portable and PCs have symptoms to grown-ups, so kids are no special case to it. On the off chance that we broadly expound, the electronic gadgets cause significantly more harm to the children as they are still in the developing stage. Parents must watch out for their children’s activities on gadgets like smartphones and PC. It is better to block games for kids if they are addicted to them.

How to Block Online Games on Your Computer?

There are three methods of blocking online games on a computer. These are through some third-party application, through system settings, or via extensions and add-ons. Let’s discuss each of these methods in detail.

Method 1: Using Apps

How to block game sites on computer? Well, different applications can help you in blocking games on your PC. Some of the popular ones are FocusME, HomeGuard Program Blocker, and HT Parental Controls. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to make the job done.

  1. First of all, download the desired application on your child’s computer.
  2. After this tap on application blocking.
  3. After this click the add button and select the game which you want to block.
  4. Add all the offline or online games which you want to disable.

block online games on computer

Pros and Cons of using FocusME


  • The application helps in blocking different online gaming sites on laptops and computers.
  • The application contains a simple interface that makes it easy to use and understand.

Cons: It is expensive and involves payment plans.

Pros and Cons of using HomeGuard Program Blocker


  • It is easy to set up and install
  • It is cost-effective

Cons: There are no such disadvantages to using this application.

Pros and Cons of using HT Parental Controls


  • It is easy to setup
  • It is cost-effective
  • It helps in blocking all kinds of inappropriate sites based upon keywords


  • The installation process is very clumsy
  • It fails to block some of the foreign websites

Method 2: Block Games through System Settings

How to block games on your computer? One can easily block the games on the computer by using system settings.

  1. First of all, move to and login to the account.
  2. After this select the kid’s name and select the content restrictions.
  3. After this move towards the media section and block the games which you no longer want your child to play.

content restrictions

Method 3: Using Extensions and Add-ons

A simple blocker is an Add-on or extension in Google Chrome which helps you to block online gaming websites. You can obstruct the whole sites or sub-areas utilizing this augmentation. There is a rest clock alternative to square sites for a particular time. You can bolt the straightforward blocker menu with a password to evade others to make changes to it. You can square boundless pages, sub-areas, and sites utilizing this straightforward interface augmentation.

  1. First of all click here to navigate to the extension.
  2. After this complete the installation process by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. After this, you will see the extension next to the address bar. Simply click on it and set a passcode of your choice. After this follow the instructions one by one to block the unwanted gaming sites.

simple blocker

How to Play Games on a Blocked Computer?

You can only play the games by unblocking the websites that are blocked by your parents or administrator.

  • First of all click on start and select “control panel”. After this click on “Family account and Safety”.
  • Now after this, click on the change password option. From the given list of options, select “remove password” and enter your password to make this done.
  • After you input your password and proceed, a message will appear on your computer screen saying “Are you sure you want to remove your password”? Simply click on the confirm button. After this restart your computer to see the changes.


This article contains information about how to block games on your child’s computer. The articles provide complete detail and guidance for achieving the desire results. The methods are easy to follow. However, to block internet games and to assist your children with focusing more on considers and other physical exercises you need all-out security from all over and that incorporates the PC also.

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