How to Record Cell Phone Calls for Android and iPhone Devices

Smartphones are powerful devices that let you do a lot of things. Of the many functions and features of mobile phones, a feature that let you record phone calls is not included. This is because the feature can be a security precaution that causes liability for phone makers. However, there are valid reasons to record cell phone calls, especially if there is consent from the other party.

If you want to record a phone call, know that this is possible with the help of mobile applications and tools. It is perfectly legal to record your conversation with another individual, as long as there is consent. Now, here are the easiest ways you can record cell phone calls for Android and iPhone devices.

Reasons to Record Phone Conversations

Recording phone calls can help you keep valuable evidence for personal and business transactions and a lot more. Nowadays, technology can help secure transactions, especially when valuable deals are involved.

1. Serve as evidence

You can use the recorded phone call as evidence to verbal abuse and even serve as verbal contract. If you are away with another individual and you need to get their approval regarding an important matter, then you need evidence.

2. Resolve dispute

Disputes can be resolved with the help of an evidence. It’s easy to end the arguments if you can show a piece of evidence. This is the reason why some companies ask for consent in recording conversations over mobile phones. It provides protection for both parties involved.

3. Review conversation

Getting instructions over the phone can be confusing, especially if the information is overflowing. When you record a phone call, you can review the conversation and pick up the significant details. This will save you a lot of time remembering the information you need.

How to Record Cell Phone Calls

How to Record Cell Phone conversation for Android

1. Use Google Voice

Google Voice lets you record phone calls for free as long as you will set up an account on Google Voice’s website. After registering an account, you can enable the feature to your Android device.

google voice

  1. Go to Settings on Google Voice homepage and click on the Calls tab.
  2. Under Call Options, click on Enable Recording then switch to Conference options on inbound calls. Whenever you make a phone call on your phone, you can tap the number 4 to allow recording.

2. Automatic Call Recorder Pro (ACR)

Unlike Google Voice which still needs to tap a number to record a phone call, the ACR automatically records phone conversations as soon as it started. The best thing about this app is, the other user won’t be notified once the call is being recorded.

automatic call recorder pro

To get use this app, you need to:

  1. Download the app and allow contacts sync.
  2. Allow microphone and storage access.
  3. A push notification will pop up that asks you whether to enable recording automatically. Click on the box.
  4. Click on Menu, then scroll down to see Start Recording and change it to Auto.

3. TapeACall Pro

This application makes it incredibly easy to record calls. The free version only lets you record and save the first 60 seconds of the call, therefore, you need the pro version for $20 a year billing.


  1. Download the app then register an account.
  2. Choose the pro version and enter payment information.
  3. Once done, whenever you make a call, you can press the big record button on the app then press call. Tap the ‘merge calls’ option to join the conference call between you, the TapeACall recording line, and the individual you are calling.
  4. Recordings are accessed on the app, under the TapeACall red record button or the Play button.

4. Olympus Telephone Recording Device

Aside from a mobile app or software, you can also use an old-school trick to record calls. The Olympus Telephone Recording device lets you plug the digital recorder to your phone for access.

olympus telephone recording device

  1. Buy the device for $14 online or in selected stores.
  2. Plug the microphone jack on the recorder and the earpiece gets to record both sides of the conversation.

5. Cube Call Recorder

This app is one of the cutting-edge technology for recording inbound and outgoing calls on your mobile phone. It also records calls from Skype, WhatsApp, Hangouts, WeChat, and more.

cube call recorder

  1. Download the app then launch.
  2. Accept all terms and allow automatic recording feature.

Phone Voice Recorder for iPhone

1. Call Recorder

If you want to get secure a high-quality copy of the phone call recording, the Call Recorder Lite is the best mobile application to get. It’s free, however, certain features are only available for the pro version.

call recorder

  1. Download the app on the App store then register an account. If you want to test how the app works, just choose the 7-day free trial. Upgrade to paid version soon after.
  2. Tap on the Record button in the app. Two small buttons will pop up: Keypad and Contacts. You can choose between the two to make a call.
  3. Tap on the Call button to connect to a recording service.
  4. Click on the Merge Calls button to start recording a conversation.

2. Recorder Pro

Another way to record a phone call is by using the Recorder Pro app available on the App Store for free. This app allows free trial but after this period, you need to upgrade to the paid version.

recorder pro

  1. Download the app and confirm the paid version after the 1 week trial.
  2. Validate phone number and you’re all set.
  3. Click on the Rec button to starting recording the call. You have different options for getting a copy of the phone call. You can directly save the file to your iPhone or via Dropbox.

3. Automatic Call Recorder

This is a top-of-the-line phone call recorder app that uses the speech-to-text recording in 50 languages. It lets you record incoming and outgoing calls even without an internet connection.

automatic call recorder

  1. Download the app for free then choose the subscription options you want to get.
  2. After installation, click on the Record button, then select Keypad or Contact to make a call.
  3. Tap Merge Calls on the screen to start recording the conversation.

4. Call Recorder for Phone Calls

Have the ability to record calls automatically with the Call Recorder for Phone Calls app. It is free but there is a subscription to enjoy the service.

call recorder for phone calls

  1. Download the application and select the subscription you prefer.
  2. Tap on Record and call Service Number then choose between a Contact or Keypad.
  3. Select the Merge Calls option to record the call.
  4. Manage files on the app. Edit the clips and you are good to go.

5. Call Recorder by Yulta LTD

Enjoy an easy and fast phone call recording with this mobile app. As soon as the call ended, you can already access the files you need. For safe storage, you can use cloud and save files easily.

call recorder by yulta

  1. Get the app for free at the App Store.
  2. Start subscription then verify our phone number.
  3. Choose a contact to call then tap on the Merge Calls button on the screen.
  4. Access the files at the Call Records tab on the lower right part of the app.


Recording phone calls is easier with a mobile app and online tools. With a few taps, you can already get a copy of the conversation soon after the call ended. Use the apps stated above for high-quality recording on Android and iOS devices. Make sure to get consent from the person on the other line to prevent legal issues.

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