How to Screenshot on Snapchat without Them Knowing? 8 Methods Here!

Over the past few years, Snapchat has turned out to be the most popular as well as greatly favored platforms of Social Media. It allows you to display 10-second snippets of your everyday life with your friends, followers as well as family members. From selfies to capturing images and videos of food, holiday adventures to late-night driving, Snapchat has got Social Media fans perfectly covered.

In fact, Snapchat has been designed to ensure that the images one share on the app are unstorable without notifying the sender. Hence, if a user attempt of saving an image by taking a screenshot, the app ensures alerting users after the image is captured. In other words, once you have capture a screenshot, Snapchat will notify both you and your friend about taking of a screenshot. Well, that can be embarrassing at times!

Do you really wish to take those memorable screenshots without facing this embarrassment? Looking for legit ways of accomplishing this purpose? Here’s how to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing:

How to Screenshot on Snapchat without Them Knowing

Below are the best 8 ways to help you know how to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing:

1. Use Another Phone

This non-technical way makes taking a screenshot without alerting a breeze. All you need is having another smartphone to get that much-wanted picture saved.

use another phone

How To
  1. Simply use another phone or even a tablet and open its camera to take that Snapchat picture. Or
  2. Start recording through the camera for making this method even more effortless.

Key Takeaway: Make sure to begin recording prior to tapping on the snap for opening it for capturing the whole thing.


  • This method is totally risk-free.
  • It requires minimal or no effort.
  • A fool-proof and reliable way of saving those precious moments.


  • The quality of the image/video you captured or recorded may not be that good.

2. Use Airplane Mode

Nowadays, many apps require turning the internet on for working. Thus, turning off the internet connectivity by switching to the Airplane mode can help you screenshot Snapchat without notification.

use airplane mode

How To
  1. Initially, open Snapchat and view the story you want capturing.
  2. The next step is scrolling the notification bar and switching on your phone’s airplane mode.
  3. After making sure that you are offline now, go into the snapchat.
  4. For a few seconds, hold onto the power button and home button for taking the desired screenshot.
  5. Now, you need to logging out of your Snapchat account.
  6. The next step is closing the app from recent applications.
  7. Then, turn the airplane mode off.
  8. Log into the Snapchat without notifying regarding the screenshot.


  • This process is perhaps the simplest of all.


  • Not making certain that the screenshot doesn’t say screenshot next to it can lead to notify the sender when you log into it again.
  • If you don’t make sure turning the internet connectivity off, this approach can go wrong.

3. Uninstall And Reinstall After Screenshot

Here, we’ve brought you another legit way of taking those dearies Snapchat screenshots without letting them know.

uninstall and reinstall

How To
  1. Log into your Snapchat account and open the snap you want to screenshot.
  2. Wait while the snap gets fully loaded.
  3. Subsequently, turn off internet connection as well as Bluetooth and screenshot away.
  4. The next step is closing Snapchat and uninstalling it completely.
  5. Then, restart your device, and go for reinstalling Snapchat.


  • It’s a fool-proof approach.


  • Installing and reinstalling the app can be tedious.

4. Use Google Assistant

This is another easiest as well as a smart way of how to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing.

use google assistant

How To
  1. Firstly, go into your Snapchat for accessing the image(s) that you want to take a screenshot of.
  2. Next, call the Google Assistant by holding the home button down or by saying, “Ok Google.”
  3. Then say “Take a screenshot” to enable the Google Assistant for taking a screenshot. Aside from using your voice, you can even accomplish this by typing it out.


  • It’s a simple, effortless, and quick method.
  • Does not require installing any third-party app.


  • Doesn’t offer the direct-saving option of the screenshot to the gallery.

5. Delay The Screenshot Notification

This approach is a great one for screenshot Snapchat without notification.

delay notification

How To
  1. Firstly, on your device, load the Snapchat app.
  2. Go to that picture you wish to open/record and make sure that it’s loaded completely.
  3. Then, turn off WiFi/Mobile and Data Bluetooth.
  4. Turn the Airplane Mode on.
  5. Then comes opening the picture and taking your screenshot.
  6. You can turn back all your connections on after waiting for around 30 seconds.


  • This approach works for taking a screenshot of pictures from the posters that are possibly a bit unobservant with regard to checking their Snapchat notifications.


  • Some posters may detect this approach of screenshotting, and they probably avoid sharing their snaps and videos with you.

6. Use A Screen Recording App

You can also take advantage of various screen recorder apps claiming to aid you in recording the happenings on your screen while you use Snapchat.

use recording app

How To
  1. From the Play Store, get a reliable screen recording app.
  2. Go into Snapchat and initiate recording your screen.
  3. At the time of recording, view, or open the stories or images which you want to take the screenshots off.
  4. Stop the recording when you are done.
  5. View your file manager or gallery and open up the video that you recorded. From the screen recording which is playing, you can get as many screenshots as you want.


  • You can do it live even at the time of chatting.
  • This approach is a perfect one if you want to take screenshots of multiple pictures/stories.
  • You can also capture videos through this method.


  • It needs considerable storage amount, in particular for longer recordings.
  • Recording the screen and then again, screenshotting can be a bit arduous.

7. Clearing App Data

When Snapchat loads the story or snap, turn your WiFi/mobile data off, and capture a screenshot. Now, prior to Snapchat notifying the poster, you clear the data as well as app cache from settings.

clear app data

How To
  1. Go into Snapchat and ensure that the desired image has been loaded completely.
  2. Then, turn your internet connection off or just switch to airplane mode and then open up the picture.
  3. The next step is taking that screenshot without turning back on your internet connectivity yet.
  4. After that, go to System Settings > Apps > Snapchat > Storage > Clear Cache and Clear Data.


  • It doesn’t require installing any type of third-party apps on your phone.


  • This process is a little tedious.
  • Require logging in after every time.

8. Use An App Like Snapsaver

Google Play Store offers an app which enables the users to take a Snapchat picture’s screenshot secretly named as SnapSaver.

use snapsaver

How To
  1. Initially, Launch the SnapSaver app and begin a session.
  2. Next, choose your required option from Screenshot, Integrated Burst Screenshot, and Screen Recording.
  3. Then, log into Snapchat and open up your desired pictures for saving.
  4. The next step is clicking on your screen’s pop-up camera icon for taking a screenshot.
  5. Lastly, go back into the app to end the session.


  • It’s an Easy-breezy and simple method.
  • You can have the screenshot, Video, and Burst Screenshot through this.
  • It comes with an in-built gallery.


  • The free version comes with annoying ads.


So, these were some of the approaches presented with pros and cons for taking Snapchat screenshot without notifying the poster. Let us know in the comment section which technique worked for you.

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