How to Share Location Between iPhone and Android

How to share location between iPhone and Android? The absence of compatibility among iPhone and Android telephones can frequently be irritating. Furthermore, if you need to share your location across gadgets, you may believe it’s excessively complex— yet there’s a quick method to do it. Most present-day cell phone stages have tools that permit clients to impart their present location to other people. Google Maps permits you to connect the partition from iPhone to Android. You should simply share your area by sending a connection through instant messages.

Can You Share Location between Android and iPhone

As you probably are aware, the present cell phones have unlimited highlights and segments that permit us to perform tasks recently saved for explicit devices. Most of the present cell phones allow us to take excellent photographs, connect to the internet, and share the location among friends and family. There are many ways through which one can easily share their location among android and iPhone. One can share the location by using different applications or using Google Maps.

Best Way to Share Location between iPhone and Android

1. Using Apps

There are different applications used for sharing location among iPhone and Android. The few of them are FamiSafe, Mobile Spy, SpyBubble, etc.

1). FamiSafe

FamiSafe is an application that contains great functionality and exceptional customer service, accessible every minute of every day. It is good with both Android and iOS gadgets. Being an intense outsider parental application, FamiSafe continually grows the line of devices it bolsters, grows new, and propelled highlights for the portable observing framework. We can find our youngsters utilizing it.

famisafe app


  • The application helps in locating cell phones by GPS
  • The application can also be used to record and screen the program history on your child’s telephone
  • It also helps in monitoring your child activities on the internet


  • The locations are not updated frequently
  • You can’t alter the current geofence in time setting, name or range setting

2). Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is a covert operative cell with a tremendous client base because of its low costs. Its most impressive capacities are GPS following and amplifier enactment remotely. We can track and spare our youngsters in any event, sharing area among iPhone and Android effectively.

mobile spy app


  • It provides an option of GPS tracking among iPhone and Android
  • It helps you in keeping account of our child’s browsing history on the web


  • The application is not very efficient
  • It contains legal disadvantages

3). SpyBubble

SpyBubble is an excellent application to share locations between iPhone and Android. Today, alongside mobile spy, SpyBubble showcase driving versatile spying. It has capacities with which you can without much of a stretch track all the exercises that are helped out through a cell phone.

spybubble app


  • The application contains an easy interface
  • It helps in sharing location among android and iPhone smartphones
  • With the utilization of SpyBubble, you can ensure the security of your youngsters or other friends and family
  • Cons:

  • The application contains limitations
  • A person needs to upgrade the application frequently for taking extra services which make the application expensive

4). Find my Friends

It is one of the best applications used by most of the people for sharing location among iPhone users.

find my friends


  • It contains a user-friendly interface
  • It is inexpensive
  • This application has helped individuals to keep in contact and protect companions by uncovering their location


One of the biggest disadvantages of using this application is that one may get a request from strangers and individuals you would prefer not to approach your location.

It contains limitation

5). Glympse

Glympse is free and doesn’t require a signup process. Sharing your location among iPhone and Android takes seconds with a symbol speaking to your continuous area dropped on the guide for anybody you wish to impart it to. It’s even conceivable to impart areas to somebody through the web instead of an application, while as yet staying secure from outsiders.



  • The application is easy to use and manage
  • It helps in sharing location among Android and iPhone
  • It also helps in keeping account of other activities of your child on phone i.e. their search history, their online activities, etc
  • Cons

    • The application has limitations
    • One can only share the location for four hours

    2. Using Google Maps

    How to share location between android and iPhone? Google Maps offers a simple method to share your present location on iOS and Android gadgets. It’s particularly convenient because it’s an application the vast majority as of now has. It offers an extraordinarily straightforward path for the beneficiary of your message to get headings to your accurate area.

    1. First of all open Google Maps and sign in to your google account.
    2. After this tap the menu icon and select location sharing.
    3. After this select the timeframe.

    using google maps to share locaction between android and iphone


    Normally there are two ways of sharing the location among android and iPhone. One way is to share it by using a third party application and the second method is to share it through Goggle maps. If you want to get information about these ways then this article is for you.

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