How to Use Hulu Parental Controls (with Detailed Steps and Pictures)

These days, streaming services are a major source of entertainment. They now compete with movie studios for the attention of audiences worldwide. One of those streaming services is Hulu. Hulu is a subscription-based service that lets you stream movies and tv shows. You can access Hulu through the web browser, a native app for your smartphone or through other media devices like game consoles, smart TVs TV boxes and so on.

With the variety and multitude of choice now available, kids are now more likely to stumble upon inappropriate content. parents have the option of using Hulu’s parental control features to prevent their kids from watching what they are not supposed to. In this article, I will be telling you why Hulu parental controls is important, how to set up Hulu parental controls, and some alternatives to Hulu parental controls. Let’s get started.

Is there Hulu Parental Controls?

Like most streaming services, Hulu does offer parental control options. Allowing parents to restrict their kids’ access to certain content. to utilize the parental control features, you will need to set up a separate account for your kids. So long as they don’t log out of that account, they won’t be able to access the restricted content.

According to Hulu, anyone who is 17 and older should be able to watch mature content. But as a parent, you can adjust the age of your kids even when they are over 17, so they don’t watch mature content. It’s all up to you. But if you ask me, I would say you let them grow up, overly protecting kids from the realities of life does more harm than good.

As a parent, you can create a separate account for your kids either through the Hulu app, a web browser or through any other means you access Hulu.

When Will Parents Need to Use Hulu Parental Controls?

There are so many reasons why as a parent, you should use parental controls on your kids’ devices. Here are a few.

1. To prevent exposure to inappropriate content

Depending on the age of your children, it is your responsibility as a parent to guide them. Parental control features can help you monitor and restrict what your kids access. For example, Google’s SafeSearch lets parents block explicit images, videos and search results from showing up when your kids use Google Search.

2. It helps your kids establish good cyber habits

Most people on the internet are quick to leave rude comments anytime they don’t like something. You can use parental control to prevent your kids from using derogatory words. This trains them to be more polite and less likely to say the wrong things online. There is also the issue of safety. If given free rein, kids are more likely to disclose sensitive information that can put them and you at risk. Parental controls help you keep track of who your kids talk to, and what they share.

3. Digital wellbeing

Most people spend too much time in front of screens these days, causing them to neglect the important stuff. The best time for anyone to learn how to disconnect from the digital world and connect with the real world is when they are a kid and still developing. Parental control helps you limit how much screen time your kids get.

How to Use Hulu Parental Controls

Hulu lets you create separate profiles for different users, this way, you can set up profiles for your kids and apply parental control on those profiles. Here is how to set up Hulu parental control:

1. Log into your Hulu account and click on “Add Profile”.

2. On the next screen, toggle on the “Kids” feature, enter a profile name and hit “Create Profile”.

hulu parental controls picture

You could also decide to set the “Kids” toggle to off and then enter specific information like your kid’s gender and birthday. That’s it. This will automatically create a profile that can only see kids’ friendly content.

Some Useful Apps with the Similar Features of Hulu Parental Controls

Sometimes, however, kids still find a way to see mature content. Either by using a friend’s account or their parent’s account. There are some other apps that can provide parental control and other useful features to prevent your kids from seeing what they are not supposed to. Here are some examples:

1. Qustodio Parental Control

The Qustodio parental control app comes highly recommended, is very configurable and works on windows, mac, iOS, and Android. It has a lot of parental control features that can be applied across various platforms on multiple devices.


  • Your parental control settings apply to all the browsers.
  • Settings can be applied across multiple devices.


  • The iOS version is limited in features.
  • Expensive.
  • Parents only get notified by email.

Setup Process

Depending on the device, there are different installation methods, but they are all pretty simple. Here’s how to go about installing Qustodio on Android.

  1. Download the Qustodio app from the Google Play Store. Install and open the app.
  2. Register for a Qustodio account or sign in if you already have an account.
  3. Choose whether the device will be used by a Parent or child device. And then proceed to enable all the permissions that will pop up (location, access to contacts, accessibility, access to media files and so on).
  4. qustodio picture

  5. When done with step 3, tap “Activate”. You are set. Be sure to disable any battery-saving features that may affect the Qustodio app.
  6. qustodio picture

2. Kaspersky Safekids

Kaspersky SafeKids is fully featured and lets you monitor multiple devices. The app gives parents the ability to restrict certain apps, set time limits and also control over notifications.


  • Fairly affordable.
  • There is no limit to the number of devices you can monitor.


  • Only filters content on certain browsers.
  • Limited social media support

Setup Process

  1. Download and install the Kaspersky SafeKids app from the play store.
  2. Open the app, login or sign up for a Kaspersky account.
  3. On the “Who uses this smartphone?” page, select “child”. When setting up your app for monitoring, select “parent”.
  4. kaspersky safekids picture

  5. Go to accessibility settings and enable the SafeKids app. Grant other required permissions.
  6. kaspersky safekids picture

  7. Tap “Get Started”. The phone is now ready to be used by a child.

3. Mobicip

Mobicip’s parental control features do a pretty good job. One noteworthy feature is the ability to remotely configure the parental control settings on the kid’s device.


  • Available for all the popular platforms.
  • Does a good job filtering web content.


  • Lacks real-time notifications.
  • Finicky installation process.

Setup Process

The process of installing the child and parent apps are pretty similar. Here is how to install the Mobicip app in Child Mode.

  1. Download Mobicip from the App Store.
  2. With the child’s device, scan the QR code from the Mobicip Portal, either from your computer or the Mobicip app in Parent Mode.
  3. mobicip picture

  4. Select the child who will be using the device, then just follow the prompts to complete the setup.

Wrap It Up

Now you know how Hulu parental control works and how limiting it can be in actually preventing your kids from viewing adult content. Anyone of the above alternatives you choose should provide the much-needed extra layer of security, helping you monitor and restrict what you kids see on the internet.

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