How to Find the Samsung Location of Your Lost Devices

Today, the most essential part of our lives is a cell phone. We can not go anywhere without it and it is becoming the reason for our entertainment, saving time, and most importantly it acquires the qualities of different gadgets. But what if you lose such an important device in which you have all your data stored? Either confidential or common.

In the 21st century, there is no such thing which is impossible. Every problem has a solution already and if not, the work is started to get that mark. You can track your Samsung location, lock your phone, back up all the stored data, block Samsung payment, and even delete your data remotely.

Part 1: 3 Useful Ways to Find Samsung Location

1. How to Find Samsung Location: the Official Way

Find My Mobile is an official way to locate your phone and secure your data. You also can unlock your phone of you forget the PIN or password you entered.

Key Features:

  • This service allows you to locate the missing device by using Find My Mobile Web service.
  • You can manage and control your device remotely after locating it.
  • You can remotely lock screen, lock the power button and lock Samsung pay service so that no one can access any of these in your phone.
  • Your device will ring for a whole minute with maximum volume if it is nearby so that you can find it out without any hurdle.
  • Your device data can be backed up to the Cloud server and there will be no data loss.

find my mobile

Steps to Find Samsung Location:

  1. First set up the Samsung account on your device.
  2. Allow Google location service to collect your information.
  3. Give approval to the terms and conditions of “Use wireless networks”.

Your device will automatically be connected to the mobile network which leads to additional charges.

2. How to Find Samsung Location: Using Google

Google Find My Device Feature is helping in locating the lost devices, lock those devices and even delete whole data from the devices so that no one can use your data. You just have to link your device with your Google account.

  1. Open your browser, type and log into your Google account.
  2. If the location services of your device are on Find My Device locate it and will tell where your device is by showing location with a pin in the map.
  3. On the left side, the bar shows all the devices connected to your Google account.
  4. There are mention details of every device with the time it was last located and the remaining battery.

find my device

Whenever you use Find My Device app, your device will get an alert that it has been located. If you are not using Find My Device services and still getting these alerts it means someone else is trying to track you. Don’t worry, just change your password and apply some more security features on your device.

3. How to Find Samsung Location: Using IMEI

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is your phone’s identity authorized by GSMA. It is a 15-digit unique code given to your phone. This identification number is tracked on every phone call or message it receives or sends so that the concerned authorities can check if the person’s activities are susceptible.

Get the IMEI number First

The easiest way to get your phone’s IMEI number is to dial *06#.

get imei

You can get also get the IMEI number by tapping the “About Phone” section in your phone’s settings.

get imei

Find Your Phone using IMEI

There are ways for you to track your phone using your IMEI number. IMEI tracker app is one of those methods that helps you in finding your phone on the go. Here’s how you can find your phone through IMEI app:

Step 1: Search the “IMEI tracker” app in your phone’s “Play Store” or “Google Play”. Your phone must run Android 4.4 or higher version. Install the app.

install imei tracker

Step 2: After installing, run the application. Agree with the permissions the app wants to continue. This is an important step to track your app.

allow the permission

Step 3: First there you have to see a commercial, click continue after watching it. These ads are sometimes annoying and you cannot skip them but the overall app works great in serving the purpose.

Step 4: Enter the IMEI code of your lost phone and click on the “Track” button. A window will appear with a list of nearby locations in your phone where your lost phone is residing.

enter imei code

Moreover, this app has some anti-theft functions to protect your device for further theft activity. You just have to set a PIN number, and this helps in controlling your device by sending codes, alarms and SMS to find out the current location.

set pin number

Part 2: 4 Best Samsung Phone Locator Apps

What if the above-mentioned ways are not working in your case or you are not getting the above information? There are some easy Samsung phone locator apps which help you in locating your phones remotely. Some of them are stated below:

1. Spyic

Remote tracking app Spyic
helps in monitoring the activities performed from your phone. It is compatible with all Samsung Galaxy devices.

spyic app

Key Features:

  • Spyic use Samsung Galaxy Tracking Software for monitoring calls.
  • It reads the text messages either received or send.
  • It provides internet monitoring services.
  • It tracks your phone completely in a secret mode.

Downloading Link:, if you cannot open this link due to uncertain reasons, please just try the others.

2. Samsung Activity Tracker

Despite tracking, this app is providing other features like how many steps you walked and how many calories you have burned. This feature helps your app in identifying your habits and routines.

samsung activity tracker

Key Features:

  • Your everyday activities are recorded.
  • This app sense your every move, your sleep patterns, the steps you have taken, etc.
  • If the device is moved 10 meters away from you, you will be notified by the app immediately.

Downloading Link:

3. mSpy

One of the best apps in securing the data and the device itself. mSpy helps you in monitoring the targeted device around the city. The app is easy-to-use with having a user-friendly interface. Besides, mSpy trace out the actions performed by your children on the targeted devices with evidence.

mspy picture

Key Features:

  • This free tracking app for Samsung users track the messages on all messaging apps to track the device.
  • It provides the feature of storing, backing up and exporting the data.

Downloading Link:

4. Flexispy

Flexispy helps store the data and the monitoring of the data in all devices (PC, cell phones, MAC, etc). Customer service is working who fetch the overall activities of your device and send it to your web account. You can record and listen to the calls made on your devices through Flexispy.

flexispy picture

Key Features:

  • You can track the messages with the content and time when sent or received.
  • This tracker monitors all the data with a good speed than other apps.
  • You can record calls by the feature VOIP.

Downloading Link:


Cell phones can be misplaced or misused by people to get information like money, pictures or any other sensitive information. To save your devices from any theft activity you can track your phones in multiple ways. You can track your phone by the features available in your device or from Google account. You also can use your phone’s IMEI number to find your Samsung location. If all of these methods are failed, then there are a lot of apps for you to choose from them and get along other security measures.

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