Unique Lock Screen Apps? Best 10 Recommended!

Unique lock screen apps available on the play store, are you looking for them? Each application is different from others in terms of its functionality and usage. Some of the best lock screen apps that will make unlocking your smartphone more convenient and amusing are as follows:

1. AcDisplay

AcDisplay is a unique pattern lock screen. It allows you to handle notification in a new way in your android smartphone. It contains a simple and easy interface. The application provides strong security and customization options.


  • The application contains great design and provides awesome performance.
  • It provides absurd levels of stability.
  • The prominent features of this app i.e. dynamic background, blacklist, and low-priority notifications make it popular among people.

Cons: For downloading the app you need to get the device administrator permission.

2. Screen Lock

Screen Lock application is used to secure your smartphone from a third party. The application contains an amazing interface and is easy to use. One can easily select the on/off lock screen with a single click.


  • One can select the on/off lock screen by using Screen Lock application.
  • The application provides a wide range of wallpapers.
  • You can create shortcuts on your lock screen.

Cons: The application sometimes contain update issues.

3. Canyon

The canyon is one of the best and most popular lock screen application. Some of the prominent features of canyon application are notification status, health and sports indicators, remote location tracking, and much more.


  • It provides a large number of themes and customization options.
  • It is free of cost.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It enables you to have unique lock screen wallpaper.

Cons: The application contains bugs.

4. Hi Locker

Hi locker provides you an option to modify and get total control over your lock screen. One can easily set the protection type, background image, and notification status according to their choice and requirement.


  • It contains an amazing user interface.
  • It provides smooth performance.
  • It contains a vast range of lock screen themes.
  • It provides a large variety of unique lock screen wallpaper HD.


  • The application contains limited features.
  • It does not offer a wide range of customization options.

5. LokLok

LokLok sells itself as an associated lock-screen that is a consistently in-a state of harmony with you and your preferred gathering of individuals. You can draw, compose messages, or add photographs to your screen, and it appears on your companions’ screens – all without leaving the lock screen. This could be a single person or an entire gathering.


  • It is free of cost.
  • It works like a whiteboard. You can add and erase stuff on it without unlocking the phone.
  • It provides a great feel and looks to your smartphone.

Cons: The application does not work with all android devices.

6. Ava Lock screen

This unique lock screen app enables you to customize your clock, notification style, shortcuts, and wallpaper on your smartphone. This application provides you an opportunity to select the best iOS and Android features on your lock screen.


  • It provides different custom wallpaper options.
  • It provides you to create custom shortcuts.
  • It does not contain any annoying ads.
  • It provides smart notification grouping.
  • Cons: There are no major disadvantages of using this application.

    7. CM Locker

    CM locker is one of the best lock screen app. By using this application, you can select the theme, wallpaper, and type of protection of your choice. The application also contains an anti-theft feature which helps you in locating your lost phone. The Intruder Selfie function of this application captures a picture of intruders who enters the wrong password. 


    • It provides an Intruder Selfie option.
    • The application provides anti-theft protection.
    • One can access to new message instantly on the lock screen.
    • It provides strong security and protection to your smartphone.

    Cons: The application contains update issues and becomes redundant

    8. Pre-made KLCK themes

    It is one of the best lock screen application. The awesome WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor enables you to create your designs and display the information of your choice by using wonderful animation.


    • It provides you an option to display your text using different colors, sizes, styles, and shapes.
    • It also provides gradients, tiling, color filters, and shadows.
    • It provides PNG, JPG, SVG, and WEBp Image support with built-in picture scalar.
    • It also provides google fitness support.
    • It contains different animation options such as scaling, scrolling, and fading, based on-screen position, touch, accelerometer, and events.


    • It can sometimes provide configuration issues.
    • The application contains update issues.

    9. C-Locker

    C-Locker application is popular among people because of its top-quality features. It provides volume rocker control, locker screen sliding gesture actions with up, down, left, right X 2 fingers directions, long press to play or skip music, security PIN for shortcuts and unlock, disable status bar alerts, hide the navigation bar, hide status bar clock and icons, RSS update interval and other settings.


    • It contains a simple interface.
    • It provides complete security and protection.

    Cons: The free version does not contain a lot of functionalities

    10. Solo Locker (DIY Locker)

    Solo Locker (DIY Locker) provides its customers with tremendous lock screen themes and wallpapers with exclusive unlocking styles. It also provides the functionality of creating application shortcuts which make it easy for a person to use their phone.


    • It is easy to use.
    • You can set the wallpaper and unlocking style according to your choice.

    Cons: The application contains a lot of ads which sometimes annoy the user.


    The protection of a smartphone is very important. There are a large number of unique lock screen apps that provide protection to your phone along with amazing functionalities and features. In this article, you will get to know about the 10 best lock screen applications to protect your smartphone. These applications are easy to set up and use.

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