[Step by Step] How to Use Windows Parental Controls for Windows 7/8/10

21st-century parents are raising a generation of kids that are more oriented towards technology. Today, children are using computers and laptops to watch their favorite cartoon on YouTube, connect on Skype, and browse the web, of course, full of dangers.

It is important to define boundaries when it comes to using computers and laptops. Some parents think that limiting their children’s access to the use of the computer or the internet would affect their capability of learning and developing. However, this also means leaving children vulnerable to inappropriate content or online threats, which most of the time will go beyond their capacity to handle.

The Purpose of Windows Parental Controls

Microsoft is a world-renowned company and today, we find the Windows operating system in every family computer. Microsoft offers parental controls, the purpose of which is to keep your children safe – while they use a computer.

  • Microsoft allows you to configure these controls, which will help you restrict certain types of applications, websites, as well as the time your children spend on the computer.
  • Once you set the parental control, you protect your child from using the computer inappropriately.
  • At the same time, you have the facility to monitor their activity and access the detailed report.

Parental control is a feature designed to enable parents to set the controls on computers for their children. The feature is located in the control panel of Windows. In order to use parental controls, it is important to set up a new user account. The feature or app will be associated with your user account and the same account will be used by your children to log on to the computer. Here are the features of Windows parental controls:

Time limits

Microsoft Windows Parental Controls offers significant features such as “Time limits,” which can be used to set a specific time to prevent logging on certain times of the day. Similarly, it offers you to block certain Gaming content. Here, you can set control and filter the options to set the content type and appropriate age levels.

Web Access

In addition, the “Web Access” feature allows you to restrict certain websites to avoid your children from visiting them.

Program-specific Controls

Another great feature of Windows parental control is “Program-specific Controls,” which allows you to constrain your kids from running specific apps or programs on the computer.

When Did Windows Parental Controls Feature Come Out

Since 2006, Microsoft is offering family safety features. In November 2007, the final version of OneCare Family safety was released. In the following year, Microsoft released an updated version of the software. Previously, Microsoft has released Web Filtering and Activity Reporting in Windows Vista Parental Controls.

In 2012, Microsoft announced Parental Controls for Windows Live, which would likewise be the part of Windows 8. In 2016, Microsoft added new features to Parental Controls of Windows 10 – allowing parents to manage to set for Windows 10 PC and Mobile.

Moreover, Microsoft incorporated a unified management center for browsing history, game purchasing, app downloading and purchasing, as well as allowing parents to track their children’s Windows 10 Phone.

How to Set up Parental Control Windows 7

Although in Windows 7, Parental Controls no longer check websites viewing by categories as well as the programs that are accessed by kids. Windows 7 Parental Controls offer three categories such as Time Limits, Game Content, and Block Programs. Let us tell you how to set up parental control in Windows 7.

Step 1: Go to Control Panel and locate the user accounts. Click on the safety section. Next, please select “Set up Parental Controls.”

Step 2: Click on the accounts that you want to limit or put a restriction on.

windows 7 parental controls

Remember that Windows 7 allows parents to set up Parental Controls for only one account at a time.

Step 3: Click to turn on the Parental Controls.

Step 4: You can choose categories upon which you want to set the limits.

  • Allow or Block Programs: This category allows you to block all programs which you don’t want your children to use. You can set certain programs active by selecting the boxes in the list.
  • Games: This category allows you to allow or block all games. At the same time, you can restrict access to certain games using the ESRB ratings.
  • Time Limits: The feature allows you to set specific times for children to use or restrict children from using the computer.

Step 5: Click “ok” to exit the Parental Controls from the Control Panel.

How to Set up Parental Control Windows 8

Parental Control is an excellent feature, which you can use to block access to applications or games. Your child will click the link the notification, requesting permission for accessing to a specific program or game.

You will have the authority to give access to your child for certain programs in a specific time period. So, how to set up parental control in windows 8? Let’s find out!

Step 1: Click on the “Settings” button and open control panel.

Step 2: Here, you need to look for Family safety, then click on “Set up Family Safety for any user” In addition, if the program asks you for administrator password, type in the password for confirmation.

windows 8 parental controls

Step 3: Click on the user account on which you want to set parental controls. Next, click “on” in order to enforce current settings.

Step 4: After turning on Parental controls for the user account of your child, you need to personalize the settings according to your needs. You can control Web filtering, Time Limits, Games, as well as block or allow specific Programs.

windows 8 parental controls

How to Set up Parental Control Windows 10

If you don’t know how to set up parental control in Windows 10, you are at the right place. In this section, we will tell you to step by step by how to set up Parental Controls. Read on!

Step 1: Go the system setting. Here, click on the “Accounts.” Remember, you must log in as an administrator.

Step 2: Go to the “Family & other people” from the left panel. Here, you need to add a family member.

family and other people

Step 3: Here, you have two options, i.e. you can choose to add a child or an adult account. Once done, click “Next.”

add child or adult

Step 4: Enter important details such as birth date, email id, and other credentials. Here, it is important to set up a password for the new account. Click Next and re-enter the password for confirmation.

creat account

Step 5: In the end, set up the Microsoft account online and select options about how you want the child to use this account.

Step 6: Complete the setup by clicking “Finish.”


Windows Parental Controls is one of the sophisticated feature offered by Microsoft to parents. You can use this feature to allow or restrict your children from using certain programs, websites, and games.

In this article, we have told you the advantages of Parental Controls, why you need to use this software, as well as the step-by-step procedure to set up Parental Controls in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Good Luck!

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