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In a digital world, individuals are now more attached to their devices. From doing work to connecting via the Internet and even gaming, it comes as no surprise that many people today have cultivated a mobile phone addiction. The apps themselves are of no help, especially as these are designed to feed interaction and to be constantly be given attention.

As a result, constant mobile phone use tends to alienate users from the world around them. To truly disconnect to connect and gauge how much you truly use your smartphone, enlisting the help of a phone usage tracker is essential.

What’s the Use of App Usage Tracker?

When it comes to tracking your phone and application use, you might be wondering how these can help you in your daily life. Let’s take a look.

1. Track Time Spent on Phone

First and foremost, these particular programs allow you to track time spent on your phone. Through these apps, you get to see how much you spend using your device and particular programs in question, such as Facebook and other social media platforms. Upon learning how much time you spend using these, you might be able to reduce your screen time and spend time with people or things that matter.

2. Boost Productivity

These days, too much time spent on browsing social media networks or even mindlessly scrolling can take a toll on your productivity. With the aid of apps that track your phone usage, you can boost your productivity and make your time more worthwhile. Whether it’s doing work-related activities or simply enabling full relaxation without the pesky interruptions, these applications save you from wasted time.

3. Enact Safety and Protection Features

If you have children or family members, monitoring their app usage allows you to ascertain their well-being. Not only can you protect them from predators and bullies, but you can also greatly limit their screen time to allow them more access to physical and mental activities that stimulate their bodies and minds.

The Best App to Track Phone Usage

Now that you know the benefits that come with a phone usage tracker, it’s time to see the best apps to use for both Android and iOS users. Check these out.

Part 1: App Usage Tracker Android

1. Quality Time

Considered as one of the most effective and efficient time trackers Quality Time provides in-depth insights on the period of app usage as well as the frequency of launching the said program. It also allows users to limit the use of distracting applications.

quality time


  • The great thing about Quality Time is that it provides alerts and warnings when individiuals have used their device for a long period.
  • Moreover, it gives users access to limit app usage on their device.
  • While the app is free for both Android and iPhone users, developers have also released a premium version.
  • This already comes with an ad-free experience and the capability to export history to your Excel file and even back-up data.

Cons: The only downside is that it comes with a one-time fee of $9.99 or a discounted fee of $7.49.

2. App Usage

Similar to Quality Time, this particular program sheds insights on app use and your smartphone use habits. It also clocks in the number of counts you have checked your device while giving you an activity history from the time you opened and used your programs.

app usage


  • The main standout for this app is its option to keep a counter on at all times.
  • It also tracks the apps you install and uninstall on your device, reminding you of what programs you may want to bring back.

Cons: Despite its similarities with Quality Time, App Usage presents fewer ways of managing or controlling app usage.

3. RescueTime

Need rescuing from your excessive screen time? RescueTime is your answer. Designed for invisible productivity, this app usage tracker Android gives users the freedom to set their screen time and control their phone usage without intruding in your day to day activities.

rescue time

Pros: Beyond the usual tracking and time-measuring features, RescueTime allows you to log your offline activities, thereby getting you to see the bigger picture of what you can do with minimal screen time.

Cons: Although the app is free for Android users, the premium upgrade will cost users $72 per year or $9 per month. Premium features include more comprehensive reports and real-time notifications on your activities.

4. Instant

Instant is another screen time tracker that is available on both iOS and Android, making it easy to track phone and app use across these devices.

instant app


  • This particular feature makes it stand out as people with different devices can easily shift from one gadget to another.
  • Instant does the basics of phone and app tracking, but it can also shed insights on your sleeping patterns as well as the places you visit.
  • It also keeps track of your health and the number of steps you got per day.

Cons: The caveat? The subscription requires you to pay $2 per month and it can only track total phone usage per day as opposed to app use on iOS devices.

5. Stay Focused

Last but not least is Stay Focused. True to its name, Stay Focused makes users attentive to their more pressing needs by automatically hindering device access once the maximum time allotted has been used up.

stay focused


  • In particular, the Offtime Feature keeps you from gaining access to selected apps, such as social media platforms which can be distracting.
  • As with other phone usage tracker programs, this application bears the capacity to block applications as well as keeping your phone access minimal by setting a time limit for apps.

Cons: However, if you have weaker self-control, you might find the ‘strict mode’ too restricting, especially with its expiry and QR code feature.

Part 2: iPhone App Usage Trackers

1. Moment

Since iOS is quite strict with programs monitoring app usage due to their strict privacy policies, Moment gives you the chance to go around this issue by letting you take screenshots of your iOS battery screen use.

moment app


  • As with other offerings, Moment provides excellent monitoring for phone use.
  • Not to mention, it keeps track of your family members and their respective devices as well as a Phone Coach features which coaxes people to minimize their screen time.

Cons: For the parental control feature, Moment charges extra as it is part of the premium setting.

2. Hold

Perfect for students and learners, Hold is designed to track how much time people spend elsewhere rather than being preoccupied with their device. As a motivating factor, the application allows users to earn and collect points for not using their device.

hold app


  • These points can be redeemed through the host of rewards being offered by the app.
  • From entertainment to charity donations, there are tons of rewards to choose from. Of course, the app makes unplugging and disconnecting more exciting with competitions with friends.
  • Users can also see their statistics and performance.

Cons: However, individuals might be discouraged from using this as acquiring points can take a long time.

3. Space

Space is an app to track time spent on iPhone. It allows you and other phone-consumed individuals to take control of their lives and fully understanding their current smartphone habits.

space app


  • Space permits users to set goals and track their progress every day.
  • The app also gives notifications to users to keep them focused.
  • Moreover, it gives users the chance to gauge their discipline by comparing it with other friends and users around the globe.

Cons: Account holders may upgrade their subscription for a fee to gain access to these features.

4. Mute

One of the best iPhone app usage tracker is Mute. It limits screen time while celebrating these social media and Internet detoxes in the best way possible. By breaking down daily phone usage, Mute intends individuals to be more mindful of how they spend their time.

mute app


  • To provide more motivation, Mute gives account holder their stats and giving them access to look back through weeks and months’ worth of information.
  • It also sends words of encouragement to keep users going.

Cons: Though the app limits screen time, it cannot detect what programs are running on the background, making it disadvantageous for those who listen to music or even podcasts.

5. Forest

Forest actually curbs phone usage and addition through its unique motivating factors – such as keeping a virtual plant seed alive and flourishing with less phone use. Over time, users of this program can build a forest, provided they stay focused on their tasks. This is available on Android and iOS.

forest app


  • What makes Forest different from the rest is that it partners with tree-planting organizations.
  • Besides this, the app acts like a phone game which urges users to stay focused and goal-oriented.
  • It also permits users to add or subtract apps from the block list.

Cons: However, unlike other programs, Forest does not come with a ‘pause’ button, so accessing your device will make your tree or plant wither.


With almost everyone glued to their mobile devices, using these helpful phone user tracker services are certainly essential. From helping lessen screen time to making more formidable and live-changing choices, these apps serve as guides for just about anyone who has become addicted to their screens. From these programs, which do you think is the best app to track phone usage?

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