Want to Use Free Cell Phone Tracker? Here are the Best Suggestions

What is Cell Phone Tracker?

Cell phone tracker app is used to identify the location of one’s cell phone if lost or get robbed. A cell phone tracker gives you a chance to watch someone else’s telephone. You can watch the area live on a tracker and locate him/her whatever place the individual goes, continually knowing when they leave or touch base at a specific zone.

The thought behind a phone area tracker is to install software on the cell phone that sends its area back to you to screen so that you can locate. There are ways to track traditional phones, but this requires an alternate strategy including reaching the transporter.

The Right Use of Free Cell Phone Tracker

1. Parental Control

Cell phone tracker apps shield your youngsters from online danger by checking their cell phone activities like facebook and other social media apps.

2. Information Backup

Cell phone trackers help you in getting updates regarding constant information transferring and reinforcement.

3. Hostile to Theft

These trackers will save you from cell phone theft vulnerabilities.

The Most Recommended 10 Free Cell Phone Trackers

Subsequent to perusing the review of the top following application, you can choose which one you believe is the best.

Note: only part of the these cell phone trackers’ functions are free, if you want to get the full features of them, you need to purchase the paid version.

1. SpyEra

The most required tracking and spying highlighted features are presented by SpyEra.

spyera review picture

  • The All IN ONE license cost is $28.99 per month.
  • It is a productive and powerful application which you can without much of a stretch track someone else’s movement with.
  • Entrepreneurs can utilize this savvy wireless application to track and screen the online activities of their workers while they use organization devices.
  • It is significant in light of the fact that they can note whether representatives are revealing essential data outside.

2. MobileSpy

Mobile Spy will enable you to meet all your spying needs and keep a check on phones utilized by youngsters remotely.

mobilespy picture

  • This product is valued at $49.97 and its installation process is easy.
  • It helps parents who worried about their children and relatives’ wellbeing and connections with other individuals.
  • Most of them happen via web-based networking media locales like Facebook and their correspondence by means of SMS and calls may stress parents.

3. Hoverwatch

Another great free cell phone tracker that helps you in following a cell phone’s area, record calls and gain admittance to instant messages is Hoverwatch. It is just like a wide range of traded media by means of a cell phone or a PC.

hoverwatch picture

  • The application’s charges €24.95 every month and can be moved up to Pro and Business Plan types.
  • It permits tracking of web-based social networking applications, for example, Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram, Telegram, and so on.
  • The best element is that you can keep an eye on all the activities done on the internet without being recognized.
  • It likewise awards access to the rundown of contacts, calendar, and notes saved on the device.
  • It is good with all Android devices, Windows PC, and Mac OS.

4. iSpyoo

iSpyoo mobile tracker free can be utilized for expert purposes. Entrepreneurs can utilize iSpyoo to effortlessly screen worker’s cell phone movement.

ispyoo picture

  • This savvy mobile phone following application costs $22.99.
  • They can gain admittance to SMS and MMS broadcasting.
  • Also, this product tracks all incoming and outgoing calls. This guarantees workers don’t unveil secret activities.
  • It likewise awards access to the rundown of contacts, calendar, and notes saved on the device.
  • You can utilize this product to meet your spying needs since it enables clients to stay unknown while getting to the information.

5. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile gives an opportunity to track gadget’s action remotely. It is appropriate for iPhone/iPad, and Android embellishments.

highster mobile picture

  • Highster Mobile tracking software costs $29.99 every month for the basic version and $39.99 every month for the exceptional rendition.
  • They offer a no-escape answer for iPhones and the procedure of establishment isn’t entangled.
  • You need Highster Mobile telephone tracking app for the checking of your companion, kids or workers anonymously.
  • It is one of the top portable tracker applications available in the market.

6. Mobistealth

Another global free cell phone tracker software which will empower you to get to the device information remotely is Mobistealth. It has solid tracking features. If your gadget is lost or stolen, and if you can’t be able to distinguish the signals, this product can assist you with recouping it.

mobistealth picture

  • It costs $79.
  • The product will enable you to get data about any movement.
  • The primary features of the product are SMS logging and arrangements logging (T-Mobile and Verizon, AT&T), including logging of bookmarks; program history; calls history; messages.
  • You can utilize worldwide GPS tracking and survey contact subtleties spared inside focused mobile phones.

7. SpyBubble

SpyBubble is another versatile tracking application which is prescribed for parents and guarantees that their youngsters don’t stumble into hardship.

spybubble picture

  • The SpyBubble software costs $49.95 and fits most of the individuals.
  • By using the product, parents can view activities on their kids’ phone without knowing them. They can keep a check on SMS messages, calls, and social media usage, making parents have a sense of safety with data about their children’s connections.
  • SpyBubble cell tracker application has GPS area feature which permits seeing the area of the device for parents to comprehend where their kids are at some random minute without calling them.

8. FlexiSpy

One of the best free cell phone tracker among all that you are going to see below is FlexiSpy. You can utilize this cell tracker application with any sort of electronic contraption.

flexispy picture

  • This software is reasonable with a cost of $68 for a month.
  • FlexiSpy will dazzle you with its adequacy and give a pleasant encounter while spying and checking focused on gadgets easily.
  • It includes the capacity to catch: SMS, Photos, GPS tracking, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, and so forth.
  • With the Extreme rendition of FlexiSpy, you’ll likewise have the option to record and tune in on telephone calls, actuate and utilize the focused on the gadget’s built-in camera and receiver to screen environment.
  • This also includes a Password Cracker feature for recovering any required secret key from a telephone’s memory included with the Extreme form.
  • FlexiSpy offers a greater number of highlights than some other result of its sort.
  • FlexiSpy enables you to keep an eye on all gadgets for any of your parental control or worker checking needs!

9. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy phone tracker free cost is $16.99 and effectively uncovers reality behind the universe of compact devices.

thetruthspy picture

  • You can get insights regarding gadget utilization of the target cell phone.
  • TheTruthSpy is proper for Apple iPhones, Windows, Blackberry, and Android extras.

10. mSpy

mSpy is by all accounts the best free cell phone tracker; it has appealing and convenient highlights. It is an ideal mobile phone spy without access to the target cell phone.

mspy picture

  • mSpy software costs $16.66 every month.
  • Throughout the years, numerous individuals have wanted to utilize mSpy. This is because of its usefulness and tracking capability.
  • mSpy is perfect with a wide range of devices: Apple iPads, iPhones, and different contraptions.
  • It’s the most appropriate answer for guardians, experts, and people who need to remotely screen target devices.
  • You can get information about target device activities without the fear of getting caught.


Cell phone tracker app is an excellent creation as far as the well-being of children, security when doing employment and smart working. A ton of following applications are working which individuals are utilizing however occasionally abused by certain individuals. There is a superior method to utilize such applications, so individuals don’t get in trouble and the correct need is satisfied. These top applications are in low expenses and serving individuals in each field to track in the respected department.

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