[Must Read] How to Find Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number

Cell phones have become the need of the people in the modern day world. You will barely see someone without a cell phone. The development in technology and social media has made people get more attracted towards the cell phones.

“How to find someone’s location by cell phone number” is not a difficult question today. Whether it is your child or spouse, you can track the location through the use of certain tools and techniques using the cell phone.

Can I Track a Cell Phone Location by Number?

It is possible to track location by phone number. Modern technology enables you to track all the activities of the target and location is one of such features offered by the tracking tools.

Many tools are available online which allow the user to know the exact current location of the target person. This tracking can be done for good purposes as well as for harmful intent.

How to Find Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number

The question that strikes the mind right away is that how someone’s location can be tracked using merely a cell phone number. All this can be done using the location tracking tools which are available online. Some of these tools are free of cost, while others charge some amount of money to offer the tracking services. Following tools can be helpful in finding location by phone number:

1. Spyic

When you talk about the best tracking apps available online, Spyic comes to the mind right away. It is a very popular monitoring app which is known for its wide range of features. It allows the user to retrieve all the messages and call log of the target person.

  • The location tracking feature of this app allows the user to trace the exact location of the target person through the phone number.
  • You can use this app to find your misplaced phone.
  • You can also view the past locations of the target device using this app.
  • Route history can be seen by the user to keep a track of the path followed to reach a certain location.
  • This app leaves no clue or alert for the target person, thus ensuring safe tracking.

spyic app

As there be be risks with this kind of website, sometimes it cannot be visited, you can choose to use others.

2. Phone tracker-geek

If you are looking for an online location tracker tool which does not require any installation, then this tool is the best in this regard.

  • Phone tracker-geek is the location tracking tool which provides you a search engine to enter the target phone number.
  • If the phone number is correct, you can easily know the location of the device.
  • The phone numbers entered on this platform are not stored in the database to avoid any privacy issues.

phone tracker geek picture

3. Buddy Locator

Buddy locator is another online location tracker tool that allows you to enter the desired number and find the current location right away. This tool is free of cost and does not include other tracking features. It is solely developed for location tracking purpose. If you want to track the location, then follow these steps:

  1. One the home page, look for the Location of cell phone panel.
  2. Enter the country of the target phone.
  3. Enter the phone number afterwards.
  4. Click on the “Locate cell phone” button.
  5. After processing, you will have the location of the target person on the map.

buddy locator picture

What Other Things Can be Tracked by Cell Phone Number?

Cell phone numbers can be used to track the location of someone you want to follow or for any other reasons. But, this tracking does not end here. Phone numbers can be used for other tracking purposes also. Following things can also be tracked using merely contact number:

1. Call log

If you are concerned about the safety of your kids, or want to keep an eye on your spouse, then using a proper tracking tool will enable you to gather the entire details about the call log. Most of these tracking tools are paid ones. After purchasing them, some of them just require the phone number of the target person.

call log

2. Text Messages

Text messages are one of the most common ways to communicate with others. You might be wondering whether the phone numbers can be used to get all the private messages of others or not. Phone numbers can be used to retrieve the entire list of messages of the target person. All it takes is a functional tracking tool and the phone number of the target person to track all the text messages.

text message

3. Passwords

Passwords ensure the safety of the accounts of all kinds. If your password is known to others, then there is no privacy left between you and them. Phone numbers can be used to hack the passwords of the target person.

You first need to download a suitable mobile tracking app. These apps enable you to install the key logger into the desired device without the target person knowing about the hack. Once the key logger gets installed, all the login information can be received by you. These apps demand only the phone number of the device to be tracked. With a mere phone number, you can snatch the privacy of others.


4. Call Recordings

What can be more intriguing than hacking the call recordings of someone? Many tools are available are available online which require only the phone number of the target device to track all the call recordings right away. These call recordings are tracked by the tools. All you have to do is to follow the steps and provide the phone number.

call record

Other Useful Ways to Find Someone’s Location

You don’t need to stick to the location tracking method using a phone number. Apart from using the phone number of the target person, you can also track the location of someone through other ways. Listed below are the useful ways to accurately find the location of the person to be tracked:

1. Location Tracking Tools

There are a large number of tracking tools available online which do not require the phone number of the target device. These tools are available for Android as well as iOS platforms. Some of these tools require physical access to the target device while others do not. They can track the location of the person without any alert.

location track tool

2. Android Device Manager

If your phone has been stolen or has misplaced, then you can easily track its location using Android Device Manager. All you need to do is to visit the website link of the Android Device Manager and log into the Google account which is linked to the phone. After the access, you can know the location of the phone and can also make the phone ring as well.

android device manager

3. Find My iPhone

If your iPhone needs to be tracked, then you can go to the iCloud and log in with the same Apple ID as that of the target phone. Choosing “Find iPhone” option will enable you to track the location of the iPhone.

find my iphone

4. GPS Tracking Apps

One of the most efficient ways to track someone’s location is by using GPS Tracking apps, which use WhatsApp messages or text messages to first detect the number. After finding the number, these apps track the exact location of the person.

gpd tracking app

5. Using Social Media

You can track the location of the person using through their social media accounts. People post check-ins on Facebook and this can prove to be quite handy in order to find the location for person.

social media

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