[Solved] How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software

There are many reasons for tracking a cell phone location. For parents and guardians, ensuring the safety and security of their children is their number one priority. For authorities, these mobile tracking programs provide them easier access to solving criminal incidents. Whatever the reason may be, technology has made it possible to help you know how to track a cell phone location without installing software.

Is It Legal to Track a Cell Phone Location?

The first question that’s boggling your mind may be related to the legalities of tracking a cell phone location. The answer is simple: no. It is definitely not legal to track cell phone locations outside the owner or user’s consent and knowledge.

However, special cases are often granted permission. Authorities such as particular federal government agencies are allowed to do so, provided they have a warrant. Some states or locations in the United States also allow individuals to track whereabouts depending on their rules.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software

There are numerous ways to secretly track cell phone without installing software. Take a look at the extensive options you have on hand.

Free Solutions for How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Installing Software

1. Find My iPhone

Apple users may easily find the position of their desired user or account through the Find My iPhone app. This allows you to keep track of your device location via the iCloud system. You may also download the app to help you find another device.

find my iphone

To use this, simply key in your iCloud credentials on the platform or through the Find My iPhone app. Upon activation, you will see your device on a map and be able to track its current position.

2. Google Find My Device

Google’s Find My Device program allows you to pinpoint positions without being required to download a mobile application. You may simply sign in with your Gmail account then go to Google Find My Device.

find my device

You will be directed to a page which displays the name of your device, the network your smartphone is connected to, the carrier, and its approximate location on the map. However, this will also require an internet connection.

3. Samsung Find My Mobile

Last but certainly not least, Samsung has provided its loyal following that allows them to check the current position of their phone. To enable this, you are required to set up your Samsung account and accept the collection location information. However, if you do not have an account yet, do this by going to Security Setting, click the ‘Find My Mobile’ option, and add your account.

find my mobile

Afterwards, proceed with tracing your phone location in the Find My Mobile page. Just key in your Samsung account credentials and you will immediately see your device location.

Paid Solutions for How to Track a Cell Phone Without Installing Software

1. mSpy

For only $29.99 per month for the basic kit, mSpy provides access to mobile phone location alongside other features. It takes five minutes to install, making for hassle-free usage.

mspy picture


  • The great thing about mSpy is that it provides users with a host of features from any web browser.
  • This provides message tracking, monitoring browsing history and internet use, as well as controlling mobile applications.


  • However, the downside is that mSpy may only support Android and Apple devices.
  • This means that users of BlackBerry and Nokia phones will not be supported.
  • There are also some features that require set up before using.

2. iKeyMonitor

The full range of iKeyMonitor features will be made available to you for only $59.99 per month. This includes phone monitoring properties such as access to GPS locations, geofencing capabilities, WiFi history, and many more.

ikeymonitor picture


  • iKeyMonitor allows users to find specific locations without needing to use jailbreak facilities.
  • It also provides facilities to help users listen to surroundings, access social media platforms, and remotely view logs.


  • Some of the negative aspects concerning these include the lack of remote control feature, which means controlling the phone in another location may be challenging.
  • Android devices may also be required to be jailbroken.

3. FlexiSPY

FlexiSpy is geared towards parental control and employee monitoring services from just $68 per month. Its GPS-tracking abilities allow you to export coordinates as well as see a record of all the locations the device has been in.

flexispy picture


  • The accurate locations are raved about by its current users.
  • Besides this, the application also gives users location alerts, security reports, and access to a basic monitoring solution.


  • The hefty price tag may be a deterrent to some individuals.
  • It may also require root access depending on the device.

4. Spyic

Spyic provides real-time location tracking for Android and iPhone devices starting from $29.99 per month. Like other programs, this provides user access to basic information-related services, such as messages, photos, contacts, keylogger, and more.

spyic app


  • What sets this app apart is its capacity to run in stealth mode, meaning the device in question will not know another individual is tracking its activity.
  • It also has a web-based interfaced that can be accessed remotely.


  • Unlike other apps on the market, Spyic does not give access to social media platforms of the target account.

Warning: don’t worry if you find that you cannot get into this site as it may be forbidden by Google, just try other methods.


An all-in-one parental and employee monitoring software, XNSPY gives users real-time activities of both children and employees. Compatible with both Android and Apple users, this software gives users complete logs of WiFi networks used by the monitored device.

xnspy picture


  • XNSPY provides the cheapest and most affordable tracking actions among the choices on the market.
  • At a minimum of $4.99 per month, you can already view the location history.
  • The premium option at $7.49 a month already offers real-time tracking.


  • WhatsApp monitoring services on iOs require rooting using this program.

6. TheTruthSpy

One of the most affordable of the bunch starting at $21.99, TheTruthSpy takes pride in its GPS tracking location feature. Upon opening the program, you can immediately see the GPS location from the user control panel.

thetruthspy picture


  • Social media chats monitoring is included, so this is a plus.
  • Aside from WhatsApp, this also provides access to Snapchat messages, as well as Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Instagram messages.


  • The claims of this app do not necessarily live up to expectations. According to users, there are features that do not come with standard offerings.
  • TheTruthSpy also requires rooting for it to work on some devices.

7. Highster Mobile

With a one-time fee of $69.99, you can use Highster Mobile on any device you are targeting. It allows installation without permission, giving you the ultimate stealth mode. This app works for both Android and iPhones, giving you access to almost all mobile devices.

highster mobile picture


  • This app is very affordable, especially as it charges only a one-time fee.
  • It also offers a convenient and intuitive interface, making it easy to use.
  • Because it does not require permission, it is very easy to install.
  • Lastly, it is undetectable, allowing you to spy on your target phone without worries.


  • Most of the apps covered in this article has advanced features.
  • Highster Mobiles does not have such functions, giving you limited usage.
  • It also reportedly has less than optimal tech support.

8. MobiStealth

For those looking to remotely monitor mobile devices and personal computers, MobiStealth is another app you should check out. It allows you to access phone call logs, chats, messages and even media files. This app is also available for Android and iPhone devices for $16.66 per month day.

mobistealth picture


  • MobiStealth prides itself in being undetectable.
  • It also offers more advanced features, allowing you to do more.
  • It is also tamper-proof to help prevent accidental uninstallation.
  • As this does not require jailbreaking or rooting the device, it is much easier to use.


  • The app does not support blocking websites or contacts.
  • Moreover, it does not have keyword notifications. These limits what users can do using the app.

Warnings When Tracking Cell Phone Locations

Tracking cell phone locations may be helpful and insightful for a lot of individuals. However, using a variety of programs may also put some harm to your device. Here are some warnings you should heed.

1.There May Be Unwanted Ads and Apps

Some of these applications and programs blast ads for their users. At times, these ads and apps pose dangers since these can be infected with malware or other malicious viruses. Prevent this from happening by installing or using a strong antivirus system.

2.Cell Phone Tracking Can Increase Mobile Data Usage

Sure, spying and tracking locations can promote an increased sense of wellness. However, this can also increase mobile data usage over time, especially when you get carried away. When this happens, this can lead to higher monthly payments on top of the program you’re already paying for.

3.You May Encounter Phone Performance Issues

As you consume more data on your phone or your chosen device, the more chances your phone may encounter general performance issues. This can either slow down the performance of your device, lead you to experience lags, or even affect battery usage.

Sum Up

Whether you intend to ensure the safety of your family or simply want to recover your stolen device, these tracking programs and methods will certainly help you in times of need. Check these out and you’ll find one that addresses all your concerns.

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