How to Track an iPhone from an Android Phone (5 Best Solutions)

Have you lost or lost your iPhone someplace and don’t recall where precisely you had lost it? Or are you trying to find the person who stole your iPhone? That must be disturbing. But don’t stress for too long, simply read through to learn how to track an iPhone from an Android phone using these methods.

Is It Possible to Track iPhone From Android?

Find My iPhone is a great App for finding a missing iOS gadget using another Apple device, however, if you don’t own another Apple device, don’t lose hope because it’s still possible to track your iPhone using an Android.

Finding an iPhone on Android is genuinely simple, however, iPhone users may need to enable proper settings first. Read on to figure out how to track an iPhone with an Android phone.

How to Track an iPhone with an Android

 1. Use Find My iPhone on an Android Browser

If you have enabled the Find my iPhone App, you can easily track the iPhone by signing into your iCloud account and delete personal content or lock the phone remotely. However, you can use this choice only if you have another iOS gadget using the same iCloud account. Furthermore, you can’t sign in to your account from another gadget without the authentication code and you can’t track the phone if you don’t have the account name and password for the iCloud account. So how will you get the code if the only Apple product you had has been lost?

If you have the Find My iPhone feature enabled on the iOS gadget, you can easily sign in to with your Apple ID and access the Find My iPhone application from your account. You can do this from any browser, including Google Chrome.

Unfortunately, Android browsers don’t support However, if you are using the Google Chrome, you can get to the site by selecting the three-dot settings menu at the upper right of your screen and select “Request Desktop site”. This will show the site as though it were on a PC.  

android browser

When you’re signed in to your iCloud account you can get to the Find My iPhone application to do a couple of things:

  • Play a sound, like a music so you find your phone.
  • Enable Lost Mode to keep someone from hacking your device.
  • Erase your iPhone remotely.

Note: Use the “incognito mode” in the Android browser so none of your data is stored on a device that you don’t own. Make sure to log out from every account and close the incognito mode when you are done.

2. Use Google Trusted Contacts

Google has made it easier to track your phone using its Trusted Contacts. This application can track your iPhone from an Android. It can locate a friend and can be an alternate for the Find My Friends application on iOS. Other applications also exist for tracking your phone but this app works with your current account of Google. Having different users to connect is simpler because they might already have a current Google account or other Google-based accounts. Utilizing an alternate third-party application means every user will have to sign up for another record to enter a tracking.

trust contacts

Tracking someone else’s phone should be authorized and considering the users’ privacy is essential. Trusted Contacts is a great option since it asks for the approval of users to allow tracking. Users sometimes might not remember to turn off this feature and you shouldn’t track them without their approval. You can always text or give a phone call to ask for their permission. Additionally, secure your privacy and turn off the tracking feature when you don’t want to be tracked.

3. How to Track an iPhone from an Android Using a Google Account

Regardless of whether you possess an iPhone, There’s a good chance you already own a Gmail account or have Google applications or services that need Google login certifications. In case your already signed in, you’re lucky enough to track your iPhone easily.

Here are some steps to how you can do that:

google account

  1. Open an incognito tab in the browser of an Android and sign in to your Google account using your Google email and password.
  2. Select Sign-in and Security, Find your phone or open go to the main page and click on Find your phone. Every cell phone associated with your Google record will be present in this section including your iPhone.
  3. Select the iPhone you wish to track and enter the Google password one more time. This is for additional verification.
  4. The info page will include details such as when you previously synced your Google account to your iPhone and the latest sign-in information. If you feel something looks suspicious you can select the Something looks wrong option so you could change your password.

You can choose from different options depending on your situation such as “Find and lock your iPhone” (you will require your iCloud credentials), Sign out of your iPhone, “Try calling your iPhone”, and “Reach out to your carrier”.

4. How to Track iPhone from Android With Google Maps

Tracking your iPhone through Google Maps might be somewhat old, but it can be helpful when there’s no other option. This technique can enable you to recall where you travelled and identify where you might have forgotten your iPhone.

For this strategy to function, Google Maps should be downloaded on your phone and Google location history must be allowed.

google map

  1. Go to the settings in Google Maps and go to Google location settings.
  2. Then click on Google location history. And select the On option.
  3. Sign into your Google location history using the incognito mode on an Android.
  4. Select when you lost your phone and review areas you traveled on that day.

If you captured photographs the same day and happen to use Google Photos, all the pictures will appear of that day and indicate the location where you must have lost your phone.

5. Tracking Apps to help you Track an iPhone from an Android

Whether you need to track your companion’s lost iPhone to help him find it using the Find My iPhone App or use another application like Trusted Contacts to demand your companion’s area, you can follow the iPhone from an Android telephone. Applications, for example, Find My Friends for Android phones don’t have iOS, so imaginative measures are expected to find the location of your phone. Sharing a static area is the most straightforward strategy for voluntary tracking, however, any hands-on tracking requires application help.

Utilizing a GPS tracking application is a good choice for finding a lost or stolen iPhone; in any case, the user must already have the application downloaded before the phone is lost. For a safety measure, select and install a GPS tracking application in your iPhone that is compatible with both iOS and Android. GPS Tracker by Life 360 can prove to be a good option. The application comes in free and paid premium versions which include a phone tracking feature.

life 360 picture

  • Make sure to have a friend install the same app and use it to locate your misplaced phone.
  • On the other hand, you can sign in to your Life360 account from the incognito tab to track your iPhone.

Numerous other following applications will work along these lines such as Glympse, Cerberus anti-theft, etc.


Use Find My iPhone, Google Trust Contacts, Google Account, Google Map and tracking app are useful ways and we have described these methods in details. If you are one of the person who need to track your iPhone from Android, then don’t hesitate to try them and tell us your opinion. We will always be your side and provide efficient solutions.

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