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With all the technological development, the internet today, is a basic necessity and most of the human population has access to it. With so many people utilizing the internet on a daily basis, it is important to ensure its safe usage. In the form of employee monitoring, internet monitoring software emerges as times, which is also compiled in documentation for analysis by company managers, human resources and administrators to resolve network use, staff efficiency, and improper utilization of the Internet in the office.

What is Internet Monitoring Software?

The process of analyzing and collecting data from the websites that have been viewed or visited is called internet monitoring and the medium through which this tracking takes place is known as internet monitoring software.

What Can Internet Monitoring Software Do?

There is a wide array of functions of the internet monitoring software but it is primarily used by organizations to monitor their employees and by parents to monitor their children. It is also used to see the proper functioning of various sites.

We have further enlisted the ways in which is proves to be helpful:

1. Enhancing Employee Productivity

Employee management program also provides solutions for tracking time spent on specific projects, apps or websites. The objective behind measuring efficiency is clear-you can’t enhance something you don’t calculate.

Employee Internet tracking reports offer a powerful data-driven framework for controlling employee efficiency by assessing job success and employee performance alongside changes in employee efficiency.

2. Effective Training and Supervision of Employees

Workplace Internet reporting results may serve as a valuable resource in combination with other measures to tackle employee engagement through coaching or performance evaluations.

If there is a significant drop in workplace participation or profitability, you should study their web data in order to detect patterns about how their Internet surfing behaviors have evolved and hold an open dialogue.

3. Keeping an Eye on How Employees Spend Their Time

In addition to knowing the non-work surfing patterns of the workers, workplace tracking tools will give you information on how the staff communicate with computers on the network through notifications not just for use on the Internet but also for use in mobile applications.

4. Balancing Employee Workloads

If the workplace reporting program provides user-based or device-based information, you can arrange the tracking data in offices or project teams and equate their usage of the Internet and framework with those of the other employees / offices and decide whether workloads need to be changed.

If the department is often an exceptional case for increased non-work use of the Internet, it may suggest that the department is either obstructed in its tasks or under-worked in contrast to the other departments.

5. Keeping a Check on Remote Employees

Remote employees may often have a tough time acknowledging their efforts and showing that they are performing to the degree that is required of them. Through tracking both the in-house and remote staff, you can accurately analyze the data from all sides of the company and insure they meet standards.

For remote employees who use a personal computer as a workstation, workplace tracking tools may be programmed to collect only different categories of data or to collect only data during operating hours, helping you to preserve the normal surveillance procedures while maintaining a privacy.

6. Allowing Parents to Keep an Eye on Their Kids

The internet is host to all sorts of material, some of which you would like your children to stay away from. Which is why internet monitoring software are widely used by parents to track their child’s online activities and keep tabs on what they view and like to help them make appropriate use of the internet.

Ten Recommended Internet Monitoring Software

Follwing are the top ten internet monitoring software:

1. ActivTrak Monitoring for Employee

ActivTrak is a program that is specifically developed to track the actions of the workers on a device. Cloud-based control software is simple to use and quick to update. This app software is unseen to the consumer, so no one will know that you have installed it on their pc.

activtrack soft

2. TeraMind Employee Monitoring

TeraMind is a common workplace tracking program available on the internet. This offers a user-centric protection solution to tracking employee conduct. Teramind is specifically intended to capture or classify employee data and to include complete information for potential usage.

teramind soft

3. Qustodio Monitoring for PC

Qustodio is one of the popular third-party control tools developed specifically for Windows, Linux, iOS and IOS operating systems. You can access it from their official website for free.

This consists of a number of apps that help you to track your employees’ actions on the internet and on the device. Qustodio consists of 26 filters that do not allow your employees from visiting certain restricted sites.

4.InterGuard PC Monitoring

InterGuard is a free workplace monitoring system that lets you know when the workplace is browsing the internet and the machine. This effective workplace tracking program provides workforce reporting, site scanning, computer loss protection and anti-theft laptop recovery.

interguard soft

5.Time Doctor for PC

Time Doctor is a SaaS time management and workplace tracking platform established by in 2012. This is an internet-based platform designed for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromium operating systems. It is also eligible for other software such as Linux and iOS.

timedoctor soft

6.VeriClock Monitoring Software

VeriClock is a cloud-based workplace tracking and reporting software. VeriClock is accessible on several common devices such as Windows, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems. Company owners and administrators should track their workers’ actions and have a comprehensive plan for the future.

verilock soft

7.Veriato 360 Monitoring

This is a global leader in workplace management technologies that allows company owners and managers to control their employees at work time.

veriato soft

8.StaffCop Employee PC Monitoring

StaffCop Company is a bundled service that keeps the business healthy and stable. This is a paid and unrestricted workplace tracking system to keep an eye on staff.

staffcop soft


Hubstaff is a time management app that works on your device and mobile operating Android and iOS. It’s really simple to build and use. Technical experience is not required to manage this.

hubstuff soft

10.Desk Time

Desk time is a powerful resource management device for people and workers. This consists of a number of apps that help you to know what your employee is doing on their personal device.

desktime soft

Final Verdict

Most of the human population has access to the internet now which is why it has become more important than ever to make sure that safe internet usage is being practiced widely. This goes for different organizations to personal computers at home.

The internet hosts a vast variety of different content, some of which can be very distracting, especially for employees working in different organizations. This is why the internet monitoring software are used to track down the employee activity and take note of their day to day performance.

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