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Before We Start, Talk Something about Facebook Profile

Social media, like Facebook, is an essential part of our lives. We spent a considerable amount of time on Facebook and shared our experiences and information here. However, the problem is anyone can view our profile without our knowledge.

As a result of which it gives rise to numerous concerns in people, and they are trying to find whether there is any way to see who visited your profile or not.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss in detail whether Facebook gives profile tracking information or not. And is there any other way to track visitors’ activity on your profile.

Why Do People Want to Use Facebook Profile View Tracker?

We understand the fact the many people have visited our profile every day without our knowledge. And usually, we have no idea who visited our Facebook. But sometimes people want to take help from Facebook visitor tracker to keep a record of who has visited their profile.

However, there are not many people who are convinced about the idea of using Facebook profile trackers. Therefore, in this section, we will state the main reasons due to which people decided to use the Facebook profile tracker. These includes:

  1. One of the main reasons for using the Facebook profile tracker is due to security reasons.
  2. Sometimes people secretly stalk you on Facebook. Therefore, they want to know whether anyone stalks them or not.
  3. To prevent any unethical or inappropriate activity from your profile.

Useful Facebook Profile Tracker Apps

Due to the increase in the breach of digital security and hackers’ attack, people have become very conscious about their social media usage. They want to keep track of everyone who visited their Facebook profiles.

There are numerous apps that you can use to find who visited your Facebook profile secretly. Here is a list of top 5 useful Facebook profile view tracker:

1. The Profiler

The profiler is one of the best FB profile tracker app. It will give you complete statistics about who has visited your profile secretly. Moreover, it will also let you know about your most viewed posts as well.

It will give you a list of everyone who has visited your profile. By clicking on their names, you can see their complete information. The best part about using the profiler is that it has a simple and easy interface.

the profiler app

Downloading Address: You can download this app from


  • It will let you know you have followed your profile secretly.
  • It enables you to see the list of people who follow your profile.
  • Advertisements appear at the start of the application, and they will not bother yours later.

Cons: It works very slowly

2. Social Detective

Another excellent app on our list is the social detective. This application can allow you to find out you follow your profile on social media like Facebook and Instagram. To use this application, you have to register on it once you are done with downloading it.

Due to the presence of smart algorithms, it can generate an exact result of who visited your profile and how many times. At the start of the list, you will see the names of people you followed than comes those people who secretly followed your profile.

social deactive app

Downloading Address: You can download this app from


  • It follows a proper procedure that one must follow if they want to use this application.
  • This app is free.

Cons: It doesn’t have protection from any web and is only backed by a phone number.

3. Follow Analyzer Insight

Follow analyzer insight is one of the highly used apps to keep track of traffic coming on your Facebook profile. Moreover, unlike the above apps, this app can also protect your mobile against theft.

It not only keeps a record of who follows your profile, but it also helps to track various activities on your Facebook. Besides, after using this app, you can also send your feedback to the owner if you want. There is no doubt that you will fall in love with this app once you use it.

follow analyzer app

Downloading Address: You can download this app from


  • One of the simple and easiest application to track Facebook movement.
  • There is no geographic limitation on it, and you can use it from anywhere in the world.

Cons: This app does not show any cutting edge observing highlights.

4. Social View

The next name on the list is the social view. Download this app if you want to keep a record of who follows your Facebook profile. This application is highly famous among users of social media.

Like the apps above, it will also let you know who visited your profile secretly so that you will be able to learn about your secret admirer. There is a guest tab on the app by clicking on it; you will learn about everyone who visited your Facebook profile.

social view app

Downloading Address: You can download this app from


  • This app is free.
  • Let you know about the most active visitor on your profile.
  • It gives statistics about who leaves the best comments on the page when they visited your profile.

Cons: It is a bit difficult to use.

5. The Profile Tracker

The last app in our list of best Facebook views tracker app is the profile tracker. There is no doubt in the effectiveness of the profile tracker. It is one of the best apps to know about visitors on your Facebook.

This app is readily available on the play store as well as on the Apple store. This app will enable you to know who has visited your profile recently. This app is definitely a yes and is worth trying.

profiler tracker app

Downloading Address: You can download this app from


  • It provides help to its users through email.
  • One of the most useful apps which let you know almost about everyone who has visited your profile.


  • Unlike some other apps, this is not free, and it requires payment or investment from users.
  • It causes a device to lag a little in which it is downloading.

How about Facebook Tell about These Facebook Views Tracker

In the section mentioned above, we have explained in detail the best profile tracker Facebook apps. However, for many people, it’s a hassle to download different apps even if they are free to track the activity on their profiles.

Therefore, they usually ask a question whether Facebook gives any information related to the visitor on your profile. Or does Facebook has its own view tracking application like some of its other features?

However, unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t provide these kinds of features to let you know about visitors on your profile. And there is no definite answer to why Facebook does not give you any information in this regard. Maybe it’s because of the large amount of data they handle each day.


Nowadays, more and more people are interested in finding out who has visited their profile. However, Facebook does not provide any information in this regard and has no feature to let you know about it. But don’t worry, certain apps can give you a complete record of who has visited your profile. In this article, we have mentioned the five best Facebook profile tracking apps.

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