How to Use Spy Camera App iPhone: the Best 10 Recommendations Here

Spying on other people is not a good idea always. But sometimes it is necessary to keep a record of your surrounding and what happens in the life of your family. I am sure you feel like you are a James Bond and is on some secret mission. There are many spy camera apps which anyone can use to satisfy their inner James bond. And if you are an iPhone user, then there are many specially designed spy camera apps for iPhone users.

What Can Spy Camera App iPhone Help You to do?

The biggest benefits which users can get from the use of spy camera app iPhone are:

  • Spy camera iOS helps you in streaming live videos on your iPhone with its advance features.
  • They have motion detector to detect and notification of all the activity on your phones.
  • Spy camera are best for parental control. With the use of spy camera parents can keep a record and track of the activities of their kids without notice of anyone.
  • Your iPhone spy camera takes the photos of surroundings to keep you updated regarding your kids’ activities.
  • It can take a backup of your photos regularly.
  • You can take videos and photos secretively.
  • Some investigators use spy camera apps during their important investigations.
  • Most of the spy camera provide all the real time information on your phones as what is happening in your surroundings.

Top 10 Spy Camera Apps iPhone

Here is a list of top ten spy camera apps iPhone:

1. Spyera

One of the best spy camera app iOS is Spyera. This is very simple to use spy app and it enables its users to perform many functions. Most attractive feature of the app is that it does not interfere with the functioning and performance of your mobile. Besides, no one can detect spyera with the use of task manager as it is hidden from the launcher.

spyera picture


  • App offers many features and functions to its users.
  • Users can also use app for secret recordings.
  • It does not drain much battery of mobile and use less space.


  • In comparison to its competitors spyera is expensive.

2. Secret Spy Camera Pro

The reason secret spy camera app successfully make it way in the list of best spy camera app iPhone is due to its amazing features. According to its high quality and excellent features, no one will notice that you are recording a video secretly. It looks like that you are just surfing through a website.

secret spy camera pro picture


  • You can make a video without being noticed.
  • It has a special spy mode which make it looks like you are using internet.
  • With its captured frequency feature users are free to create their own time lapse.


  • Person greater than 17 years of age are eligible to use this app.

3. SpyVid

Spyvid is another great iPhone compatible spy camera app which allows its users to record videos secretly. It has an additional features like Alibis and Swipe Transparency. With its Alibis feature you can upload all the screenshots and pictures which are hidden in order to record a video. Whereas transparency of the screen is maintained with swipe transparency feature.

spyvid picture


  • This app is only for 1 dollar and is very affordable.
  • It has a simple interface making it easy to use.
  • It is well hidden and a secretive app.


  • In difficult or challenging situation app performance is not satisfactory. Especially when you are using transparency feature.

4. Easy Calc

Easy Calc or you can simply say the camera eye can also make videos secretively. It has a tapping feature. And by a single tap on the screen users can take pictures. However, this is not the end the list goes on as it has motion detector that records all the videos and photos on the storage space. Detector sensitivity also comes with the customized option where you can adjust it accordingly.

easy calc picture


  • When you are making a video its flash will automatically deactivate.
  • It has a secret pin code to make sure high security of the app.
  • Camera brightness can be adjusted manually to make a clear video.


  • If there is not enough space in your iPhone than it is difficult to use app as it can constantly crash.
  • Front camera cannot make a clear video.

5. Spy Recorder

Spy recorder not only records videos but is also great when it comes to recording audio. Users can set their own reminders for making video on the app. Notification will be generated by the app to make a video. Moreover, video will start recording once you tab on the notification screen.

Other way is to save location. And when you are at the place spy recorder automatically start recording video. Video can be recorded at different intervals with the use of pause button.

spy recorder picture


  • Videos can be sent through email along with the location of the video.
  • With tab option video will start recording.


  • It is a quite expensive app.

6. Highster Mobile

Another great spy camera app iPhone is Highster Mobile. This app comes with many advance features and functions for its users. While you are making a secret video its camera flash and shutter will automatically deactivate so no one will know that you are making a video.

highster mobile picture


  • There are no monthly or yearly subscription charges. You have to pay for once only.
  • It comes with wide range of functions and features.
  • This app is easily track able.


  • This app has no parental control.
  • Its functions are limited.

7. Security Cam

The next name in the list is security cam. Basically these apps are designed for crowded places and roads to keep an eye on the safety of the public. Users can use this app to get maximum benefit from it. However, company claimed that this app is used by investigator during their investigation. It has many great features and users can shoot photos and video with ease.

security cam picture


  • It has many great features.
  • This software is easy to use and start.


  • To get maximum benefits of the app use customization feature and make some settings in the app otherwise its performance is just average.

8. Secret Camera

As the name indicate secret camera is a spy app which can take photos and make videos without being noticed. This secret camera app iPhone has no sound which make it easy to take photos without came in the eyes of anyone. The App enables its user to set photos in no preview mode. Or they can use spy mode if you are interested in the preview of the photos. Furthermore, you can use pin code for protection of the photos. And if any photo is accidently deleted, you can recover it through recovery mode.

secret camera picture


  • It has recovery mode for deleted photos.
  • It has no shutter sound


  • It is quite messy to use.

9. Presence: Video Security

Quick camera recorder is yet another great spy camera app with one of the best features. It is famous for its ability to provide real time information in case of anything bad happens. With timer option users can set time when they want to record a video.

video security picture


  • It is a best way to make use of your old tablets or iPhone and keep an eye on your homes.
  • It has many advance features.
  • It provides real time information.


  • Its premium version is little expensive.

10. Alfred security Camera

The last name in the list and one of the most downloaded spy camera app iPhone is Alfred security camera. You can make video whenever and wherever you want and in case of any emergency as its motion sensor will alert you in advance. This software is compatible with all apple devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad and even work on android.

alfred security camera picture


  • It has a rating of 4 plus.
  • Provides in-app purchase option.
  • It work perfectly both on iPhone and android.


  • It works only on iOS 8 and above.

Tips for Using Spy Camera App for iPhone

Anyone is free to use spy camera apps but there are certain limitations which you must follow. To avoid any unfortunate event make sure to follow followings tips on the use of spy camera apps. These are:

  1. First and the foremost thing to understand before using a spy camera app is that you are not violating privacy of anyone. You are liable to strict legal action in case you are found guilty of invasion of someone privacy.
  2. Understand privacy laws of your country first as these laws vary from country to country.
  3. These spy camera apps should only be used for monitoring but not for some other purposes.
  4. Carefully read and follow all the spy camera app terms and conditions.
  5. Make sure you have a complete understanding of all the spy camera app features before using it.

Wrap It Up

Dynamics of the world are changing drastically and it requires from you to keep monitor activities of the people around you. There are many great spy camera apps for all the iPhone users. Read carefully all the tips and precautions before using these spy camera apps. And make sure you have all the required information of spy camera app features to use it.

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