Is It Possible to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free? Here is the Answer

The first question you may be asking is where or not tracking phone location free is possible. Well, the simple answer is yes. Keep in mind that your mobile device comes with a built-in global positioning system (GPS) receiver, making it open for various ways to locate it for free.

According to NASA, GPS is able to locate your phone with the help of navigation satellites. These satellites orbit the earth and send signals to GPS receivers such as the one your device has. Your mobile gadget calculates its place in relation to more than three satellites to pinpoint its location.

How You Can Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

Now that you have an idea as to how this technology works, you might want to try tracking the phones of your loved ones, as well as your own. There are two ways you can track a cell phone location for free: Built-in and third-party applications. Check out some of them:

Built-In Ways to Track Phone Location Free

Google Find My Device

Android devices come with a package of Google applications.

  • In fact, you need to set up of Google account before you can use a brand-new phone.
  • Once you sign in with a Gmail account, you can immediately use its locator service without downloading anything.
  • Simply log into your browser and go to the Google Find My Device.
  • This will display your device name, the name of the network it is connected to and even its battery percentage.

find my device

You can also pick among three options such as Play Sound, Secure Device and Erase Device.

Find My Mobile

Samsung users will be glad to know that they handhelds come with its own tracking service.

  • You only need to set up your Samsung account and give permission to collect location information.
  • To do so, simply go to settings and access your Lock screen and Security setting.
  • Then, tap the Find My Mobile option and add an account if you do not have one yet. Otherwise, simply login.

find my mobile

You can track your smartphone by going to the Find My Mobile webpage. Just log in to your Samsung account and you will be able to see your device’s location.

Find My iPhone

Just like Samsung and other Android devices, Apple also has a mechanism that allows you to locate your phone. The Find My iPhone feature allows you to keep tabs on your iPhone.

  • This is easily done by going to the iCloud settings, then entering the Find My iPhone option.
  • Then, simply enable this function and tap Send Last Location.

find my iPhone

Of course, you will need to set up your Apple ID and log into your account. The best thing about this is that your Apple Watch and AirPods will be automatically compatible with the service once you connect them to your device.

Using Free Applications to Track Phone Location Free

If you think that the methods mentioned above are not enough to help you track a cell phone for free, then you might want to download a third-party app. Here are some of the most reliable ones.

1. GPS Phone Tracker

This application is one of the best in terms of tracking phone location free. You can simply download this program and you will be guided through an account set-up process. You will need to provide your phone number, email, name and photo, then you are good to go! Just make sure that you enable GPS location services to allow the app to see where you are.

gps phone tracker

Keep in mind that you will need to join a circle or create one. Once you are all set up, you will be able to see your exact location on the map. This will also show your photo, battery level and approximate address.

To add your friends and family, simply tap on the Invite New Members option and send your code through various platforms.

2. Phone Tracker by Number

Next in our list is Phone Tracker by Number. This app also utilizes GPS to capture the exact place of you and your family’s devices. With almost 20 million users globally, you can definitely rely on this app for help. These totally free services allow you to use all of its features for free. Just like all the other examples, you just need to download the app and set up an account.

phone tracker by number

  • A great thing about it is that it also uses cell tracking to provide more precise details.
  • It also allows you to view a complete history without paying anything!
  • Aside from location, you can also see their battery level, place on the map and it even notifies you when your loved ones are near your place.
3. Mobile Tracker

While this application shows you the location of registered devices, one thing that stands out about it is that it offers a satellite map and street view. This more accurate depiction of your vicinity will allow you to clearly identify establishments.

mobile tracker

So, whether your phone was stolen or you simply want to know where your loved ones are, this is program can definitely help you.

4. Phone Tracker for iPhones: GPS

iPhone users have other options when it comes to phone locators. This program gives you the option to find and follow loved ones in your vicinity.

phone tracker for iphones

If you are worried about your privacy, you will be glad to know that this is permission-based, which means that you can allow or deny people from following you.

5. Chirp: Find Family & Friends

If you want to track you and your loved ones’ devices without installing this software on their phones, Chirp should be your go-to app. It offers realtime location, history, speed and GPS strength.

chirp app

What gives it an edge is that it offers various additional information such as distance, weather, altimeter, crime and regional information.

6. Track Your GPS Tracker – Free

Lastly, individuals who want a more customizable experience should opt for this program.

highster mobile picture

  • This allows you to track not only cell phones, but also other GPS-enabled devices such as your dog and car tracker.
  • This also offers an option to auto-track, show Geo-Fence and Movement Activities.

Whether you want to be prepared should your phone gets stolen or you simply want to make sure that your loved ones are safe, these different methods to track a cell phone location for free will definitely prove helpful. So, make sure to check out these applications and choose one that offers the best experience and peace of mind without any cost.

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