How to Block Apps on iPhone While Studying (Not Only Screen Time)

Studies are all about concentration and focus. If you have a mobile phone and you are studying, then surely there would be a lot of distraction for you to concentrate. Sometimes your friend texts you, or you receive a notification about something new posted on social media. Such distractions need to be blocked in an effective manner, so that you can focus on your work.

Therefore, we will describe how to block apps on iPhone while studying, not only to official way and also many useful methods.

The Reason to Block Apps on iPhone while Studying

Studying requires proper attention towards the content. You cannot study well if you have your iPhone beeping time and time again due to incoming messages and notifications. Following reasons may cause you need to learn how to block apps on iPhone while studying:

1. To Maintain Concentration

You can never keep your concentration on your studies while your iPhone apps are operative. You need to block them so that no notification or update causes you any distraction while you study.

2. To Save Time

If you will keep on looking on the notifications and messages on your iPhone during the study time, then you will surely lose your precious time. You can have a look at all such updates after you complete your studies. Such attention seeking apps must be blocked to save your time.

3. To Avoid Irritation

Ringing phones and incoming notifications can cause you a lot of irritation while studying. On one side you are trying to focus on your studies and on the other side you iPhone keeps on beeping. Such situations can sometimes give you headaches. To avoid such irritation, you need to block distraction causing apps.

How to Block Apps on iPhone while Studying (the Official Way)

To avoid such distractions to occur during studies, you can use an easy and free built-in feature of your iPhone. All you have to do is to follow the following steps to ensure a calm environment for studying:

  • Go to Settings >Screen Time.
  • Enable this function, then select “This is My iPhone”.
  • You will find four settings, select the second one “App Limits”.
  • app limits

  • Simplely tap on “Add Limit”, select the apps you want to block and then set up the time to use it.

App that Blocks Social Media while studying iPhone

Internet is full of such apps which enable you to keep the distracting iPhone apps blocked while you study. However, only a few of these apps actually turn out to work as desired. Following tools are the best apps that block social media while studying iPhone:

1. Freedom

Compatible with Windows as well as iOS platforms, this tool helps you to block apps and websites selected by you. Once the session starts, you can block your desired apps and focus on your studies without any possible distraction. You will receive no notifications until the session ends.

freedom picture

2. Offtime

This app is mainly to restrict the usage of the social media on your iPhone. You can also use this app to block the apps while you study. The time duration can be set for as long as you want. You can also view the phone usage on a daily basis to keep an analysis of your activities on the phone. This will enable you to plan your studying schedule well.

offtime picture

3. Netsanity

This tool can block more than 70 apps on your phone including many famous and distracting apps. All you have to do is to download this app and set the restrictions as you desire. You can have a 14 day free trial for your satisfaction. You can stay focused while you study by using this app.

netsanity picture

4. Parental Control App Blocker

If you are worried about the studies of your children and want to keep them concentrated on the studies, then this app is made for you. You can block the distraction causing apps through this app while your children study. You can grant the access back afterwards also.

parental control app blocker picture

5. Legacy 1Blocker

This app is available free of cost for the iPhone users. This will enable you to block the apps which may be causing distractions for you while you study. It contains the block list where you can add the apps which you intend to block. All it requires is a simple download to start using this app for free.

legacy 1blocker picture

6. FamilyTime

It is a very popular and easy to use app blocking tool available for iPhone users. It can block all the apps and websites to save you from any distraction. You can set the restrictions of the apps on this app for your children, so that they can focus fully on their studies.

familytime picture

7. FocusMe

Incoming notifications always cause distraction and decrease the productivity while you study. All you have to do is to download this app and block the distraction causing websites and apps for your ease. This app is available in various packages which you can choose based on your requirements. You can also opt for the lifetime plan to have this distraction removing app for the lifetime.

focusme picture

8. NetNanny

If you are seeking a parental control app which offers the ease of blocking the apps and website on the phone of your children, then NetNanny is the best solution. It offers complete parental control feature package.

netnanny picture

9. FamiSafe

One of the most notable and popular websites and app blocking tools is FamiSafe. It is known for its parental control and tracking features. You can set the restrictions on the websites and apps which you find distracting during the study time. It will not only give access to the phone device of your children, but will also save their time from getting wasted due to apps.

famisafe picture

10. Anti-Social

If you are constantly distracted by the social media notifications and messages, then this app will block all the distracting agents for your ease. It is available for Android as well. You are given 60 days money back guarantee for your satisfaction.

anti-social picture

What Else Can These Software Help You to Do?

You can utilize these software and tools to block the apps and websites which may be causing distraction to you. These tools also offer other features as well for the ease of the user:

1. Phone Lock

If you are a parent and want to lock the phone of your children for a certain period of time, then these apps blocking apps also offer this feature. You can lock their phones while they study. Once they are finished with the work, you can again grant them the access.

2. Device Access

You can get the access to the entire data on the device. You can even make calls and send messages through some of these apps. They get complete access of the target device and allow you to control it.

3. Device usage analytics

You can analyze the phone usage through the analytics feature of these apps. They show the exact duration and time span when a certain activity was done. This will enable you to keep a track of the phone usage.


Studying is not a task that can be done among the distractions and unpleasant environment. You need a proper environment in order to concentrate. However, your iPhone may cause a lot of distraction due to various apps. Such apps that blocks social media while studying iPhone available online. You just need to buy these tools and install them on the device. After complete installation, you can easily block the apps and websites of your choice.

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