How to Track Instagram Followers [Free Apps/Websites]

Looking for the best apps and websites to track Instagram followers? Look no further! We've compiled a list of the 11 top-rated options to help you monitor your Instagram growth and engagement.


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Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, with millions of users sharing photos and videos daily. For influencers, businesses, or anyone trying to grow their following on the platform, tracking their Instagram followers can be an essential part of their social media strategy.

While Instagram does not provide its users with a built-in feature to track their followers, several free apps and websites can help users monitor their follower count, track their growth over time, and even provide insights into their audience demographics. This article will explore some of the best free apps and websites for tracking Instagram followers.

Part 1. What Does Instagram Follower Tracker Do?

There are a few different methods for tracking your Instagram followers. You can do it manually by monitoring who follows and unfollows you closely. However, this can be a tedious process, and it can be challenging to identify who has unfollowed you.

Alternatively, you can track your followers using a third-party app or service. A valuable tool for this purpose is an Instagram follower tracker. Here are the common features of Instagram follower trackers:

  • Keep track of accounts that have followed and unfollowed you.
  • Identify ghost followers.
  • Identify users who did not follow you back.
  • See who viewed your story without following.
  • Track who has viewed your story the most.

Part 2. Top 11 Apps/Websites to Track Instagram Followers

Instagram has transformed into a digital representation of individuals’ lives, transitioning from personal use to professional and business utilization. With the abundance of Instagram activity trackers available, it can be challenging to determine the most suitable option for your specific requirements.

To assist you in making an informed decision, we have created a list of the best Instagram follower tracker apps based on feedback from real users.

1. Instagram Followers Tracker Apps for iOS

With the rise of social media and the importance of maintaining a strong online presence, Instagram followers tracker online apps have become increasingly popular among iOS users. These apps allow you to monitor your follower count easily, see who’s unfollowed you, and track engagement metrics.

Unfollowers & Followers Report:

This app offers a comprehensive and efficient analysis tool to identify your blocked and unfollowed followers, track your photo and video likes, and discover your hidden fans, admirers, and top followers.

unfollowers and followers report
  • It receives the most comprehensive reports on your Instagram profile.
  • Access various analytics for your multiple Instagram account.
  • Get complete information on your followers and unfollowers.
  • You need to have a pro version to use all the features.


Followmeter is a tracking app to track Instagram followers & unfollowers. It provides you with customized follower analytics. You can also analyze your friends’ profiles with Reports.

  • It is possible to track which accounts have blocked you.
  • There is a separate activity meter that monitors your account's engagement.
  • Keep track of accounts that have unfollowed you or are not following you back.
  • Allows you to track who has viewed your story the most.
  • The app charges for every item differently.

Reports for Followers:

Reports Followers is a professional tool for analyzing and one of the best apps tracking Instagram followers. This app lets you easily access detailed information about any Instagram account' s followers and track changes to the account' s follower count from anywhere.

reports for followers
  • Keep track of lost followers and provides reminders for those who previously liked and commented on their posts.
  • Allows users to identify those who haven’t followed back.
  • Keep track of accounts that have unfollowed you or are not following you back.
  • Analyze the view times, likes, and comments.
  • You have to subscribe to the pro version to use all the app's features and content offered for purchase.

Followers Insights tracker:

Followers Insights tracker is a professional tool for analyzing and tracking Instagram followers that provides in-depth data on your account. It is recognized for its accuracy, speed, and reliability, making it the ideal choice for analyzing your Instagram account.

followers insights tracker
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your Instagram account with this application.
  • Identify users who did not follow you back.
  • It shows false information about followers and unfollowers.

2. Instagram Followers Tracker Apps for Android

Whether you're a social media manager or an avid Instagram user, these apps will help you take your Instagram game to the next level. These apps offer a range of features to help you monitor your Instagram followers, including follower growth trends, engagement rates, and more.


InStalker is among the top-rated applications on the Google Play Store. It’s designed for Android devices and offers a comprehensive insight into various aspects of your Instagram account.

  • See who is secretly watching your profile without following.
  • Watch and download stories without being detected.
  • Access to recent followers and unfollowers.
  • Complete profile analysis including most liked, most commented and least engaged posts.
  • It has some sketchy and annoying in-app purchases.


InstaFollow is a mobile application designed for Instagram analysis, allowing you to view information about your followers, unfollowers, fans, and more. Additionally, the app allows you to view your friends' stories anonymously.

  • The app can be used freely to obtain information about Instagram followers.
  • One of the fastest and most accurate tool for analyzing Instagram followers.
  • Find out who unfollowed you on Instagram.
  • Detect blockers who have blocked you on Instagram.
  • The quality of followers is not defined. It means the Followers who provide this app may be fake or real.
  • Some users are dissatisfied with the customer service.

3. Instagram Followers Tracker Apps Websites

Instagram is an ideal platform for businesses and individuals to promote their brands and connect with their audiences. As a result, many people are constantly looking for ways to increase their Instagram followers and engagement. This is where Instagram followers tracker apps and websites come in handy and help users keep track of their follower count, engagement rate, and other important metrics that are crucial for creating a successful Instagram presence.

Union Metrics:

Union Metrics provides a web-based tool that allows users to obtain statistics and data about their Instagram accounts in as little as two minutes.

  • Union Metrics offers a free monthly Instagram checkup.
  • The checkup provides information on which hashtags will increase your engagement, which posts resonate best with your audience, and what time your followers use the app.
  • It doesn't provide its Instagram Analytics tool for free.


Crowdfire allows you to gain Instagram followers, increase user engagement, and stay informed about trending posts and hashtags. You can use it to uncover information about your new followers, unfollowers, recently unfollowed accounts, inactive users, and more. Crowdfire is equipped with numerous features that perfectly complement your Instagram account.

  • The app suggests audience-specific images and information to interest users
  • You can schedule posts in advance to never miss peak time.
  • The app charges monthly/ yearly fees for usage.


Iconosquare is primarily designed for brands and companies aiming to enhance their marketing on Instagram and gain more followers. Moreover, it enables you to handle multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously.

  • The tool has an embed feature to display an Instagram photo gallery on a website.
  • It lets users add a custom Instagram tab to their Facebook pages to boost cross-channel engagemen.
  • The desktop app provides both high-level and in-depth analytics.


GhostHunter keeps a tab on your followers and eliminates inactive accounts, ghosts, and commercial accounts. This results in an increase in your Instagram reach and engagement. With GhostHunter, you can easily rid your account of spam or ghosts, and rest assured that your account is protected for good.

  • Protects your account from spam or phishing accounts.
  • Customizable security settings.
  • Can set security settings to be strict or lenient.
  • It's easy to use.
  • Only the analysis is free; otherwise, you have to pay to use other features like cleaning.

Data Jam:

Data Jam offers an intriguing feature that allows you to view other users' Instagram stories anonymously. You can browse their likes, followers, comments, and posts without having to follow them. This app lets you discover who follows whom on Instagram and how frequently they engage with that account's content.

data jam
  • Access the full text of a person's comments and their deleted comments.
  • Monitor who your target audience has recently followed and unfollowed.
  • Watch any story from any user, even if it has been deleted up to 24 hours after.
  • View people who have liked a particular profile but haven't followed it yet.

Bonus Tip. Track Someone Else’s Instagram Activity [Quick & Easy]

Tracking Instagram activity can be perceived as challenging by many individuals. However, this perception can be altered with the use of FamiKeep for Instagram. It allows you to easily monitor other's Instagram activity within three minutes, without being detected by the monitored phone user.


  • FamiKeep utilizes advanced technology to discreetly monitor Instagram activity without alerting the target individuals.
  • FamiKeep guarantees that the data collected from the monitored devices will solely be presented to you and not utilized for any other purposes.
  • You can find out right away about anything that happens on Instagram.

Here is how you can get started with FamiKeep for Instagram:

  • Step 1 Visit the official FamiKeep website to create a new account.

  • sign-up
  • Step 2On the target device, navigate to and then slide right to download FamiKeep. After completing the installation, you need to set up the target device. FamiKeep will guide you through the complete procedure.

  • install-famikeep
  • Step 3 After completing the device setup, tap on the “Got it” option and you can view all Instagram activity on the online dashboard.

  • famikeep dashboard

FAQs about Instagram Followers Trackers

1. How do you see your ghost followers on Instagram?

You can see your ghost followers on Instagram using a third-party IG follower tracker app or website that analyzes your followers' activity and identifies inactive accounts or not engaging with your content.

2. Can I see who unfollowed me on Instagram?

No, Instagram does not provide an official feature to see who unfollowed you on the platform. However, some third-party apps claim to offer this functionality.


Tracking your Instagram followers is essential to managing your account and staying engaged with your audience. Various tools and Instagram follower tracker free apps are available; you can easily monitor your followers' growth, engagement rate, and demographics. To ensure the most straightforward, quickest, and most trustworthy experience, Feemikeep for Instagram is the ideal solution.