4 Best Instagram Private Account Viewers [Must-Read]

Are you searching for apps that let you access private Instagram profiles? In this article, you will learn about the best 5 Instagram private account viewer apps.


Phoebe Channing   Updated on 2023-12-29 11:45:35  to  Spy Instagram

Finding out someone has kept Instagram accounts private makes many people anxious. As a result, it's essential to have a private Instagram viewer free apps that allow you to view private Instagram accounts can be used to access someone else's profile.

People typically maintain their account information discreetly, and you cannot see them on social media because of the growing importance of privacy and the necessity to secure data. Using an Instagram private account viewer can save us the trouble of sending a follow request, which is quite beneficial for our Instagram journey.

Part 1: What Can You View with Instagram Private Account Viewers?

Viewing someone's story or post requires clicking on their profile and scrolling through it. However, in this instance, it is only possible if you follow the person. Instagram private profile viewer was developed in response to this problem and to help users learn what is happening on a person's profile.

  • You can access private Instagram accounts' photographs, stories, and other activities using the private Instagram story viewer.
  • Unfollowed or blocked users can use this tool to get back into their accounts.
  • You can also view the Instagram posts and activity of the target user, regardless of whether they have banned you or declined your follow request.

Part 2: View Private Instagram Accounts Without Sending a Follow Request

If you want to see a person's personal Instagram profile, you can use one of the following private Instagram viewers without human verification.

1. Glassagram

Glassgram is one of the best tools for viewing Instagram's private accounts. Using this app, you won't need to go through any human verification or survey participation process. Therefore, using this app is easy while staying anonymous to check private Instagram profiles.

  • You will remain anonymous.
  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • Data synchronization is an easy process.
  • Features available on the base plan are minimal.
  • Only the iOS platform can access certain functions.

2. Gwaa

Gwaa is one of the best Insta Stalker App to view private Instagram account anonymously. Using the Gwaa app, all you need to do is click on the private Instagram icon. After that, you must enter the user's name you want to stalk. After completing a short survey on the next page, you will be able to see all of the posts privately.

  • You can use this platform free of cost.
  • It is a safe tool as it works autonomously.
  • View complete required details in one place.
  • You don't get many advanced features.
  • Customer service may be ineffective.

3. Instalooker

Instalooker is a quick tool for viewing Instagram's private accounts. You can use this resource free of cost while ensuring your safety. Since the signup process of this app is easier, it takes little time to access private accounts.

  • Stalk private accounts within three minutes.
  • Comprises cutting-edge security features.
  • Get 24/7 customer support and updates.
  • You don't get sophisticated spying features.

4. Privateinsta

By using Privateinsta, you can view the private content of any Instagram user easily. Just enter an account username, and their private photos will be available. By using this site, you won't be breaking any terms of the services of Instagram.

  • No human verification required.
  • Stay anonymous to stalk private accounts.
  • View every single content of private profiles.
  • You can't access private accounts without their username.

Besides these four amazing tools to view private Instagram accounts, some online resources recommend another three tools (EyeZy, mSpy, UMobix). However, these tools will not allow you to view complete private Instagram account content compared to the four tools mentioned above. You can, however, view chats on Instagram using these tools.

Part 3: Send A Follow Request to View Instagram Private Account

The most straightforward approach to accessing someone's content on an Instagram account that is private is to send a follow request to them. You can view their profile, posts, and stories if they permit it. You won't need to be concerned about malware or phishing attacks if you use this strategy.

There is no violation of any legal requirements or Instagram's terms of service. In essence, it is the only rational choice. Before requesting to be followed, it might be in your best interest to reconsider how important it is to view that person's content first.

This strategy has one disadvantage: it is doubtful that your following request will be accepted. It's also possible to disregard or deny your request.


FAQs: More about Instagram Private Account Viewers

1. Are Instagram Private Account Viewers safe?

In some cases, there might be certain risks while browsing some private Instagram account viewers. However, when you use a legitimate tool for this purpose, such as the one from our list, you can rest assured about maintaining your privacy and security.

2. Is Using a Private Instagram Viewer Ethical?

There are always positives and negatives to everything. Therefore, the intention of using these tools determines whether using them is ethical or not. This practice will be unethical if you are trying to breach someone's privacy using these resources. However, using these tools is ethical if you are trying to check someone's activities for their safety concern only.

Bonus Tip: Monitor Your Kid's Instagram Activity Without Them Knowing

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  • Step 2 Install on the monitored device: Download the FamiKeep app on your targeted device, and provide the required data access and other permissions. You will have to sign up using the account details you created in the first step. Also, you have to provide All file access to start tracking the activities of a device.

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  • Step 3 Start monitoring: View all Instagram activity on the web dashboard without the phone owners knowing. FamiKeep will help you view and track everything on the targeted device, including top contacts, calls, and other basic details.


There is a solution if you're annoyed that Instagram won't let you visit a private account. It's now easier than ever to keep an eye on your friend's and family's Instagram activities. The easiest way to get the access you need right now is to download one of the top Instagram private account viewers without verification listed in this article.