Mobile Tracker Free App: What You Want to Know is Here

What is the mobile tracker free app? Is mobile tracker free safe? How to use mobile tracker free app? Follow this guide to learn about everything about the mobile tracker free app.


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Our smartphones are an integral part of our lives. Imagine losing your phone one fine day, the frustration and anger of not being able to find it, the fear of someone using your number for unethical purposes, and what now! This unfortunate incident can happen, and it can happen to anyone!

Do you have young kids at home? Are you continually worried about their safety and protection? Do you see them glued to their social media platforms? Or are you a business owner and want to be sure that all your employees are paying attention to their assigned work and not mishandling your company data and assets? These are some of the most common fears that all of you go through. Besides, this is also the reason why we are going to talk about mobile tracker free review which will help you to keep an eye on anyone that you want to know. It lets you track anyone's mobile and stay connected with them anytime and anywhere.

What is the Mobile Tracker Free Application?

Tips: Mobile tracker free application is a free and high-quality monitoring application that lets you track your children, monitor your employees as well as back up your data. Having this application will offer many unique solutions.

To start using this application, you will first need to install this app on the device that you wish to monitor. Then download the application on your phone along with the target's mobile phone. It will hardly take five minutes to finish the installation process. After that, create an account, once you do, all the data even the ones which were deleted will be downloaded to the private account.

The Key Features of Mobile Tracker Free App:

  • 1. It helps you track all the messages and MMS's sent and received between the target's mobile phone and others.
  • 2. You can use this application to track, and monitor all the incoming and outgoing calls and also check the number of missed calls left.
  • 3. Get real-time location of all your employees and kids.
  • 4. Keep an eye on photos and images exchanged between the target and the other people. You can even recover all the deleted photos and files from the phone as well.
  • 5. Mobile tracker free application will allow you to track WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Now, you will be able to keep an eye on who your kids are talking to nonstop on these platforms.
  • 6. Remotely control your target's phone. Take a screenshot, record sounds, as well as take photos.

Is Mobile Tracker Free App Free?

If you are wondering whether the mobile tracker free app is free or not, then the good news is YES! You can download the app for free, start using it, and use all of its features for free too. However, there are a few plans available as well, which lets you store all the data for a longer time on their servers. Through these paid subscriptions, you can even get rid of advertisements as well. Let's give you detailed Mobile Tracker Free review information on all the subscriptions that you can take a look at:

1. Free subscription

Price: Free

free license


  • 1. Allows you to monitor one device.
  • 2. Contains advertisements.
  • 3. You will have to log in to your account weekly.
  • 4. It gives you three days of storage and displays limited to 15 data only.
  • 5. For calls, the number of listings is limited to 5 per day.
  • 6. You can take a screenshot for 2 hours.
  • 7. You get 5 daily live viewing sessions.
  • 8. You download 5 files per day, and the files can be 10 MB per file.
  • 9. Audio recording is limited to 2 minutes; you can recover data which is limited to 30, and the number of actions is limited to 10 per day.

2. Basic Plan

Price: 6€.

basic license


  • 1. Allows you to monitor one device.
  • 2. Free from advertisements.
  • 3. No weekly login required.
  • 4. It comes with 15 days of storage and is limited to 100 data display.
  • 5. You can monitor up to 50 calls per day.
  • 6. You can take a screenshot of a minimum every 30 minutes.
  • 7. You can download 50 files per day of 50 MB per file.
  • 8. Audio recording is limited to2 minutes, data recovery comes with a limitation of 30, and the number of actions is 100 per day.

3. Premium Plan

Price: 15€

premium license


  • 1. You can monitor unlimited phones.
  • 2. Free from advertisements.
  • 3. No weekly login required.
  • 4. You get an infinite display with 30 days of storage.
  • 5. You can monitor unlimited calls.
  • 6. Screenshot can be taken a minimum is every 5 minutes.
  • 7. 100 daily live viewing sessions.
  • 8. You can download unlimited files of 300 MB per file.
  • 9. Audio recording is limited to 20 minutes, data recovery is up to 10,000, and an unlimited number of actions.

Is Mobile Tracker Free App Safe to Use?

With the help of a mobile tracker free application, you can now track SMS/MMS, contact, call logs, record calls, monitor social media platforms, and more. Furthermore, this application is safe to use because it lets you protect your kids from dangers and bullies and also helps you identify loopholes in your business.

How to Use Mobile Tracker Free Application

Here's a step-by-step guide to using a mobile tracker free application.

  • Step 1: Create an account using a valid email address and get access to the target's smartphone and install it on their mobile phone and get permission.
  • Step 2: Enable the unknown source download feature. Once you click on mobile download tracker free, you will see a notification, and then you need to click on allow.
  • Step 3: Once you allow, you need to install the application. Check if the internet connection is on.
  • Step 4: Now, configure the application and click on login. Ensure that you have enabled the notification to let the app run in the background silently.
mobile tracker free

After you log in, you will now be able to start monitoring the device that you are targeting. Below is the official video for you to follow:

Are There Other Apy Apps Like Mobile Tracker Free?

There are other apps just like mobile tracker free apps which you can also take a look at.

1. mSpy Phone Tracker

mSpy app is available for both Android and iOS. You can use it to check the live location of your kids, employees, and anyone's mobile that you wish to track. It comes with Geofenced zones and alerts you when the target leaves a particular location. You can use it to read messages exchanged on a social media platform or from the number, check all the files, and more.

2. Flexispy Phone Tracker

FlexiSpy is another excellent mobile phone tracker application that you can use to track someone's phone. Read their messages and record their calls. Moreover, this one has a reliable GPS tracker and will let you track the current location of your targets.

3. iKeyMonitor

The next parental control app for you is iKeyMonitor. Using this application, you can track the GPS location, listen to the surrounding ambiance, and monitor calls. It also gives you an update about the target's location.


Mobile tracker free application is a reliable spying phone app that will help you to track the whereabouts of your kids. In this way, you will always know where your kids are and if they are safe. You can also use this application to target anyone's phone. Last but not least, it is safe to use and highly useful.

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