The Complete Reviews of Spyzie – Is It Really Work?

Have you ever thought of spying on your kids’ online or digital behavior? One may get concerned what the child is doing over his/her phone if you are a strict and caring parent. The concern doubles when you are a working person and can’t give enough time to the kids for having a bustling week days. One of the vital apps that can provide help in such scenario is Spyzie. But just naming it here is not enough. You must need a detailed view on it. And that is why we write Spyzie reviews here. In this post, we will share you the nitty-gritty of this app so that you will yourself figure out the importance and worth of it. Please scroll down and get more knowledge.

What is Spyzie?

Spyzie is a monitoring program allowing people to supervise target person no matter they are employees, kids or older person. It is a product by SuperSoft Limited. With this app, one can easily monitor Android and iOS systems. If talked about monitoring market, this app excels from others in many ways.

Spyzie offers 3 versions for Android which differs in price and functionalities. These are Basic, Pro and Ultimate versions. On the other hand, for iOS, it offers 2 versions namely Pro and Ultimate. The pricing plans for each platform are as below:

  • Basic Version (For Android Only) – $29.99 for 1 month, $39.99 for 3 months and $89.99 for 1 year.
  • Pro Version (For Android and iOS) – $39.99 for 1 month, $59.99 for 3 months and $99.99 for 1 year.
  • Ultimate Version (For Android and iOS) – $49.99 for 1 month, $69.99 for 3 months and $119.99 for 1 year.
Key Features:
  • Phone Call Monitoring: You can easily monitor the call logs along with date and time. With the call activity logs in your hand, you can identify what contacts should be restricted or blocked.
  • Text Message/Chat App Monitoring: Social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram can easily be accessed by the parents and they can know what their children are up to by supervising the chat history. Moreover, the inbox can also be viewed by this app.
  • Location Monitoring: Spyzie allows the users to track the location of the target person. You can have the knowledge on date and time on the visited location. Also, geo-fencing support is also available which means you can set the boundaries for your kids. When they cross the limited boundary, you will get the alerts.
  • Photos and Videos: Accessing media files like photos or videos have become easy with Spyzie. You can have the view and then analyze if your kids are not getting any inappropriate content whether from friends or internet.
  • SIM Card Alert: If the SIM is removed from the target device, Spyzie will detect it. You can take the suitable actions.
  • Internet Use Monitoring: You can stop the internet usage if you want. Moreover, there is provision to block certain websites if you don’t want your kids to access it.
  • Keylogging: Spyzie keeps track of all the inputs done by the target user on their device.
  1. No root is required to work with the tool
  2. Shows great compatibility with latest Android and iOS versions.
  1. Group chats cannot be accessed
  2. Takes time to respond sometimes

Why People Need Spyzie?

We come across terms like cyberbullying or pornography, which are indeed harmful for us especially if the user is a kid. More of the times, there are lots of inappropriate content available online and one can easily fall prey to it by simply clicking a single link. To protect the target person from all these, it becomes necessary to use apps like Spyzie. As the app provides features like viewing chats, browsing activities and more, you can easily save your loved ones from being victimized from any wrong content.

How People Tell about Spyzie?

Good Spyzie reviews:

  • “Really like the Spyzie monitoring solution. With it my employees and I have better understanding of the work.”
  • “Spyzie helps me protect my kids and that’s most important.”

Bad Spyzie reviews:

  • “I actually didn’t enjoy using Spyzie because it didn’t work as expected.”
  • “Paid $50 only to find it doesnt work if you cant switch off two factor authentication. Emailed every day for a refund or a confirmation that they wont continue to take money. Only automated responses. Beware any company that doesnt have a phone number. Now I have to cancel my credit card.”


How to Use Spyzie

In this section, we will introduce you how you can use the program to monitor the target person’s activities. Please follow the steps carefully according to the OS of your device if you are satisfied with the Spyzie reviews.
Step 1: Register the Account

spyzie reviews picture 1

In order to begin, you need to look through the pricing plans to choose a subscription. When done, you can create a Spyzie account. Make sure to enter the valid email address and the necessary credentials when asked.

Step 2: Complete Installation and Setup Process

Now, you need to install the app on the target device. Ensure to add the details like name and age of the target person. Followed by this, you need to choose the OS of the target device between iOS and Android.

If it is an Android device:
  1. Go to “Settings” on the device and enable “Unknown Sources”.
  2. Next, on the Setup-Wizard page, find the link and download the app from there. You can now see the apk file from the Downloads folder.
  3. Lastly, launch the app and then sign in using the Spyzie account details. Hit on “Start” and allow the permissions. Once you do this, the app will go in stealth mode and the target person will not be able to have an indication about it.
If it is an iOS device: You need to put the iCloud ID and password and hit on “Verify”. Please note that the iCloud backup and syncing service is activated on iPhone.

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Step 3: Monitor the Target Device

Return to your device or PC and access the Control Panel. You can now get all the details from the dashboard. The latest data will be displayed every time you log in to the account. However, if the target device is not connected to the internet, Spyzie will not push new data to the dashboard.

spyzie reviews picture 3

What If I No Longer Need Spyzie?

You can simply uninstall the Spyzie app in case you don’t want it any longer. Here is how you can uninstall it. There are two scenarios for uninstalling the app. If you have chosen to show the icon on the target device, you can simply tap the icon and uninstall it. In case the app was in stealth mode on the target device, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Open “Settings” and choose “Security”.
  2. Go to “Device Administrators” > “System update service” > Deactivate”.
  3. Open “Settings” again and choose “Apps” followed by “System Update Service”. Tap “Uninstall”.

Note: you can use Spyzie if you have already installed it on your device, but we find that it cannot be visited recently, the reason is not very clear, please be careful before using it.


In a nutshell, Spyzie is one of the considerable apps to work with in case you need to spy on others. We have provided you the whole review on Spyzie. You can now examine every single detail, the goods and the bads and then decide if you want to use it. For more such topics, stay tuned with us.

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