How to Track Phone without Them Knowing?

Do you know the app to track phone without them knowing? This post will tell you the most recommended free and paid tracking apps.


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Are you looking some technological wonder that can help you track anyone you desire? You might be wondering whether an app to track phone without them knowing exists or not. People often want to track the phone without them knowing about it.

Mobile tracking is all about identifying the location of the phone. It doesn’t matter whether the target person is moving or not.

Part 1: Does App to Track Phone without Them Knowing Exist?

There are many phone tracking apps available online to help you track the target person. You no longer need to worry about tracking any phone. If you are thinking that the other person will know instantly that the phone is being tracked, then that is not the case here.

These apps are specially designed for the purpose of tracking the target phone without creating the doubt of any suspicious activity in the mind of the target person. All you have to do is to find the suitable app according to your needs and buy the package that suits you the best and you can begin tracking.

Part 2: Free App to Track Phone without Them Knowing

Now that it is clear app to track phone without them knowing exist and they are in a huge number. You have to opt for the one which suits your requirements. Following is the list of a few recommended free phone tracking apps for your use:

1. FamiSafe

If you are looking for the coolest phone tracking features without any cost, then FamiSafe is a good choice for you.

track phone without knowing
  • It is a free phone tracking app available online for parents to keep an eye on their kids.
  • It allows you to have a dashboard where you can view all the activities and also track the location of your kids.
  • You will have 24/7 access to the location of your kids.
  • You can also have a location history for your future use.
  • Another amazing feature of this app is that it allows you to set the boundary on the map which is meant for your kids. If your kids go out of that boundary, then you will be notified right away. In this way, you will have a complete control over your kids even if they are not around you.

2. Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile tracker free is another amazing phone tracking app which is free of cost.

track phone without knowing free
  • It allows you to ensure the safety of your children by tracking their location.
  • It also maintains the backup of the data for your ease.
  • It costs nothing to use this app.

All you have to do is to create an account and install the app. After the successful creation of the account, you are ready to start and can track the location of your kids at any time.

3. Number Locator

Among one of the most easy to use apps to track phone without them knowing is the Number Locator app.

number locator
  • This app has phone tracking feature which allows you to stay updated about the location of the target phone.
  • It has a cool interface which makes it easy to use.
  • You don’t need to worry about the internet connection. This app works both online as well as offline.
  • This app has an auto update system, relieving you from the worries of installing the updates.

The issue with this app is that it does not track the location of Android phones. It is specially designed for the iPhone and iPad.

3. Paid App to Track Phone without Them Knowing

If you are looking to get top-notch features and want to get an in-depth access to all the location details, then you should opt for the paid phone tracking devices. They offer a wide range of features to give you a more profound access to each and everything on the target phone.

1. SpyEra

You must have heard about the Spyera while searching for the spying apps. It is a very popular app which offers mobile monitoring features.

  • Its phone tracking feature is exceptional by all means.
  • The packages of SpyEra are not much expensive.
  • They offer 10 days money back guarantee. You can check if the app meets your requirements or not.
  • This app offers undetectable phone tracking feature leaving the target unknown about the fact that the phone is being tracked.

2. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is the forefront of the mobile spying technology. It is available for both Android and iPhone.

  •  It doesn’t matter if you are a parent and want to monitor your kids, or you are a manager and want to track the location of your employees to ensure smooth working, this app has the best phone tracking feature.
  • It uses a GPS navigation system to locate the location of your device. You won’t find any phone tracking bug at all and will have a complete location tracking control.

This app comes in mainly two packages which include PREMIUM and EXTREME packages. PREMIUM costs $99 for 3 months and EXTREME costs $199 for 3 months. Both packages differ in the amount of features they offer.

3. mSpy

Among one of the most easy to use apps to track phone without them knowing is mSpy Number Locator app.

mspy review
  • It is a parental control app that allows the parents to track the location of their kids no matter where they are.
  • It also has a mobile monitoring feature, but its location track feature is stands out from the other ones.

All you have to do is to buy mSpy and install it onto your kid’s mobile. Once installation is successful, you can access the location without any worries. It is available in multi-language support.

Part 4: Is It Legit to Use Tracking App?

It is absolutely legit to use such mobile tracking apps. Parents always demand the safety of their kids. Managers always want to keep an eye on their employees. All this is not possible without the use of these phone tracking apps.

If you are a parent and want to ensure that your children never go to any unsafe place, then these apps will relieve you from all such worries. It may be the case that you run a firm and want to ensure that the employees are at the right place and doing their assigned job. All these worries have a simple solution which is the use of these phone tracking apps.

Part 5: Tips to Use Phone Tracking Apps

Opt for the Right App

You will many such apps online which claim to have phone tracking features. But, they turn out to be nothing more than a scam. You should look for the credible apps before start tracking the phone.

Follow Proper Instructions before Using the App

All these apps provide clear instructions and guide about the use of the app. You should view the demo before using these apps. If you will not use these apps properly, then this may lead the monitored person to get an alert that the phone is being tracked.


If you want to acquire the features of phone tracking and use them for some good reason, then there are many apps available on the internet, which enable phone tracking. Phone tracking apps are legitimate to use as long as you use them for ethical reasons. Some apps are free of cost while others are paid. It is up to your desire and requirements which app you select for this purpose.